Big Jack & Cassian’s Trip To Raunchy Town

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Jack and Cassian? I rolled my eyes too. And I was wrong. Cassian proved to be the catalyst Jack’s piggy dom side needed to be fully realized. Too bad the crew didn’t realize this was not a drill.

cassian jack bareback sean codyOpening yack yack on the basketball court then off to the mausoleum. They swap hummers then Jack mounts Cassian like the dog in heat he is. We see all of that from multiple angles then they seem to pull back to like, Cleveland, and we see virtually nothing. Until Jack stops mid-fuck, gets off the bed, has Cassian lick his dick, then goes back to drilling. Curious. But, OK. Jack, have at it.

cassian jack bareback sean codyUnfortunately, the technical tomfoolery rears its ugly head here in many ways. Jack pummels a heavy load out of Cassian but even with two cameras in the room, they miss the beginning of Cassian’s blast. Jack wipes some up, feeds it back to him then creams his hole. Jack finds some residual cum leaking from Cassian. He gives him another snack, felches out the rest, and ends the scene in a with a snowball kiss.

cassian jack bareback sean codyEven more unfortunately, we return the scene of the crime for round two. It begins with a well-captured lip lock, turned blow job, turned pick up the bottom and toss him on the bed, turned rim job of a tumbling run. Right into doggie and our luck is still holding out. Good views all around. Then the fuck train derails big time.

cassian jack bareback sean codyAfter an ATM, it’s onto to cowboy and Cassian is uncharacteristically soft – and remains so for the next few minutes. Things really get slap dash at this point. Rapid fire back and forth shots then Jack and Cassian end up in this odd double-jacker jack off where Jack ends up firing off another gusher on Cassian’s hole. This turns into a 69 where Jack felches out his load again and then an encore snowball.

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