This Ginger Cump Dump Might Never Drink Again After This

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gay frat house bareback gangbangThis one wouldn’t shut up. So we tied his dumb ass to the bench press and duct taped his mouth shut. Dumped a bunch of cum in his hole and left him there.” ~text from Fratboy

gay frat house bareback gangbang18 year-old Mickey is having some rush week on campus. His potential frat bros ended up rushing his raw ass. Apparently, he wasn’t so drunk he forgot how to scream. That didn’t go over well.

gay frat house bareback gangbangBut since stoned frat boys can make a meal out of ketchup packets and government cheese, a whiny cum dump is nothing more than an excuse to take a cigarette break once his pie hole has been properly dealt with.

[Watch “Fratboy Tied Up” at Fraternity X] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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