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Posted December 2, 2015 9:20 AM by with 0 comments introduced Will Braun as their new exclusive last February and thirty-one scenes later, here is is breaking in new guy Jack Hunter, or rather, getting broken by the new guy.

This is Jack Hunter’s first scene and he has definitely has some big potential. How big you ask?
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This big. Eight inches according to the site and I don’t doubt this fat shlong is one centimeter less. Considering Will is fairly new to bottoming and Jack Hunter doesn’t have exactly what you would call a “starter” cock, true to form Will doesn’t bone up while he’s getting fucked. However, the minute the first drop of cum lands on Will’s mouth as Jack kneels over him, Will’s dick goes rock hard and his own load soon erupts. So, I think we learned something about the Will Braun today, guys. He might not be totally crazy about a big dick going into him yet … but he sure likes what cums of them.

[See Will Braun Take Newbie Jack Hunter’s Big Dick Like A Champ] Adds:

Will Braun has been evicted so he moves in to his neighbor’s place next door, except his neighbor has no idea! That is, until he walks in on Will just chilling naked on his bed. Luckily for Will, Jack Hunter is willing to overlook these circumstances if only he has the pleasure of drilling Will’s straight hole with his huge tool. His huge tool is the operative word and it sends Will to a huge orgasm himself before taking a huge load to the face from that huge tool.
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