Gangsta Porn, Sopranos Style

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Michael Lucas’s acclaimed New York gangster flick Vengeance series is not quite The Sopranos, but those of us seeking a more visceral climax tonight should check out the men of international, um, intrigue in this well-hung (Chad Hunt, anyone?), well-cast and er, well-executed mafia miniseries.

Short of Michael Imperioli, I can’t think of a sexier gangster. Mob rules!

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Tony Lattanzi, the tough-talking star of Hey Tony, What’s the Story? may have been from New York and not Jersey, but I’d take him over James Gandolfini any day.

Oh, and what about the eighties pre-condom crime thriller, Break In & Enter? (OK, I might be stretching with this one.)

But speaking of stretching, in honor of Johnny “Sack” Sacramoni’s indictment, do check out Extreme Cock’s Basketballs for some serious nutsack pumping.

Is this thing on?


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