Dominique Hansson Loves Caio Veyron’s Donkey Dick

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Dominique Hansson is a big hairy muscle hunk with an even bigger love of big dicks. That makes him perfect for TimTales who finds some of the biggest dicks around. Case in point, the donkey dick of Caio Veyron. The thing about Caio Veyron’s cock is from the side, the height top to bottom seems pretty normal. But check out the expanse from the top view: from one side to another, it’s wide enough to rest a “Big Gulp” on. Today, however, the big gulp is a verb.

[Watch Dominique Hansson Get Destroyed By Caio Veyron’s Monster Cock]

From TimTales:

We paired Ass Destroyer Caio Veyron and Big Muscle Hunk Dominique Hansson and what came out is a real rough ass fucking scene. Caio didn´t get intimidated by the much bigger Muscle Man, he just fucked him so fucking hard! Muscle Hunk destroyed by young Monstercock. If this sounds interesting for you, check this video.
[Watch this Scene]


About Tim Kruger:
Tim Kruger is clearly the Star of this site and a lot of the content focuses around him.
You will see him fucking all kinds of men on this site, cause one of the good things is, he is not limited to a certain type or preference, he likes all types of men, as long as they are hot. Another good thing about him, of course is, that he has a cock to die for and really really knows how to use it.
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