Francois Sagat: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

Posted October 8, 2005 9:22 AM by

gay-porn-pic-francois-sagat-02.jpgFor someone who describes himself as “too reserved,” Francois Sagat sure is captivating. The scalp-tattooed Parisian hates to cook, doesn’t like to leave his house and moons over straight men – j’adore his misanthropic nature! He’s also DAMN SEXY.

I came across Francois – pardon the unpardonably easy pun –- the other day while watching a sneak preview of Raging Stallion’s astonishing late winter release, Arabesque.

“Take a look at this one,” said studio chief Chris Ward, and slid me his picture across his desk. Look at him? I can’t take my eyes off him!

Where the hell is the Concorde when you need it?
Age? 26 (5 June 1979)

Day Job? Bartender

Hometown? Paris

Where do you live now? Paris

How can fans get in touch with you? I already have a website under construction, and I can get in touch by email,of course. Maybe some fans can see me sometimes on dating, chatting gay websites,and on Friendster, for example!

gay-porn-pic=francois-sagat-cock.jpgDoes your mother know? I let my mother understand what I am doing right now in this industry without saying the word “PORN”, but she’s not stupid and we’re too much close together. She’s known I’m gay since I’m 19 so it’s a kind of easier than I expected. She doesn’t wanna know more about my activity, but she accepts.

What’s up with your tattoos? I have a tattoo on my back — the star and the moon of the Arabic sign, the Muslim drawing. It’s not a religious signification for me, it’s just really beautiful. I love Arabian guys, that’s all.

I have this special “scalp tattoo” on my head. I was inspired by the thug, black & latino guys in USA — they cut every side of the front in an absolutely symmetrical way — I loved it. And it goes with my dark side.

How did you come up with your porn name? First I thought about just SAGAT as a porn name, and then Frank Sagat, but I was definitely turned on by my real name Francois Sagat, it sounds really good. Chris Ward had the same opinion about that and I wanted to do a wink on my Slovakian background. Sagat is a Slovakian name and also the name of the Street Fighter videogame hero.

gay-porn-pic-francois-sagat-01.jpgHow’d you get into porn? I’ve always wanted to do porn, I was just shy and not ready (physically as well as spiritually) to contact somebody few years ago. A French production contacted me on a gay website one year ago, then I had a meeting with them and I started very fast.

Favorite porn sex scene? I don’t really have favorite scenes, all scenes with Dred Scott I ever seen. But there’s one film with really hot scenes,it’s Manplay Extreme 1.

A sex act you haven’t tried? I never tried gang bang, it sounds really exciting but it is laborious to find the good ones and the good situation…

What’s your best asset? I try to be funny sometimes, and I’m not taking myself seriously. I’m not proud, I’m not snobbish…that’s my best asset

What is your worse asset? I think I’m too much reserved, and apparently cold. And also I’m never satisfied about myself.

Worst habit? Staying in front of my computer too much. By the way, I don’t go out really much, or hang out with friends…

gay-porn-pick-francois-sagat-lick-02.jpgCelebrity you’d most like to bed? Matthew MacConaughey — because he seems to be so distant, and bad tempered guy — I don’t know why. He’s really amazing with shaved head and facial hair!

Last concert? I went to [Madonna’s] Re-Invention Tour, the most beautiful thing I saw. The beauty of the Devil…

Secret fear? I hate big bugs, and I m especially afraid of the deep ocean.

Favorite magazine? V magazine New York (visionnaire new york), a really good support for beautiful images and articles.

Fav non-porn movie sex scene? The scene with one of the Wayans brothers with his girlfriend in US Footballer sportsuit in Scary Movie.

Fave album/CD to fuck to? The Golden Age Of Grostesque by Marylin Manson/Mobscene and also Be Aggressive by Faith No More.

Biggest Turn-On? Hairy faces and Rugbymen

Best Meal You Cook? Sorry, I hate cooking…

What’s next for you? I’m keeping working — and moving on and trying to give the better of me.