The Flip Of The Year Courtesy Of François Sagat & Johnny V

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In his interview about “Paris Perfect”, Francois said filming this scene with Johnny was about “the sex first.” Now we know why. The sparks flew immediately. They were ready to fuck the minute they met.

Dumped by his porn star cad of an ex, last week in “Paris Perfect” from NakedSword Originals, Colton Grey snagged the cad’s frequent flyer card, called up his pal Johnny V and the pair hightailed it to Paris.

A handsome Driver/Valet (Theo Ford) approaches Colton, addresses him as “Mr. Ferrand,” and explained that his limo is waiting to take them to his penthouse. Colton isn’t Mr. Ferrand but if playing along got him deluxe accommodations, well, “vive le France.”

francois sagat johnny v flip fuckMeanwhile, Johnny wasn’t going to waste a moment to find his first French connection. Other the other side of one fateful swipe was none other than François Sagat.

francois sagat johnny v flip fuckWhile that story begins to impart the French farce high jinx into the movie, the real story of this scene is François, Johnny, and the chemistry between them. François returned to gay porn as a conquering hero at the top of game. Johnny V has had a helluva hot year. And the two of them together make for a passionate and primal trade of the cocks that will end 2017 with a big, hot exclamation mark for everyboy.

francois sagat johnny v flip fuckBugles in both of their pants helped overcome one language problem. A coin toss took care of the other. François bent Johnny over right on the stairs and ate his hole like the last baguette in all of Paris. And while a baguette is an ideal ingredient in for stuffing a turkey, François used his for stuffing Johnny.

francois sagat johnny v flip fuckFrançois stopped to make a snack out of Johnny’s freshly fucked hole and by now, leaking cock. Hard and ready, François stood over Johnny, lowered himself on that hungry piece then treated them both to a long, deep ride.

francois sagat johnny v flip fuckFrançois’ dark fur is soon pelted with jizz as Johnny fucks him until his seemingly endless explosion covers his torso from pecs to pubes. Johnny licks up every drop and snowballs it back. Now, straddling François with François’ cum still on Johnny’s chin, Johnny busts like a fountain all over François and ices that dark beard with criss crosses of white.

Just proves the point once again: when you have this kind of French connection, everything is “Paris Perfect”.

[Watch François & Johnny in “Paris Perfect” scene two “An American In Francois” at NakedSword]

One of the things I am thankful for going into this Holiday weekend is this scene right here. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, guys!

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