You’ll Never Believe What Straight College Dudes Will Do For $100

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gay hoopla on nakedswordIn high school and college, I missed out on circle jerking with my buddies. It was a different time though, and back then I didn’t even know that dick-size contests or jack-off races were something you might do with a couple of buds. And I probably would have even gotten punched in the face for suggesting it. But the four guys in “Jerk-Off Race” don’t have a problem pulling out their dicks to see who can cum first, in fact Gay Hoopla pays them to do that very thing.

Hunter Gage, Seth Rose, Brad Spear, and Thomas Diaz are the four guys whacking off for an $100 prize in this contest. And it’s not only fun watching them, but I’m running yearbook faces through my mind and trying to figure out who I might have wanted to bone up with me in a side-by-side jack.

These four guys are each appealing in their own way. Seth Rose is on the far left, he’s dark-haired and handsome and he adds most of the comic relief to this session. Beside him is Brad Spear, probably the sexiest of the four with his wholesome good looks. Thomas Diaz is the leanest with a slender body and strong legs. Hunter Gage is the blond on the far right with big low hangers and thick thighs.

gayhoopla orgy

So who cums first and wins the $100? Head over to NakedSword and watch “Jerk-Off Race.” This is the sixth DVD from Gay Hoopla over there, so you’ll have plenty more hunky straight dudes to check out, including the monstrously hung Dmitry Dickov.

“Jerk Off Race” from Gay Hoopla, 2014. Starring Hunter Gage, Seth Rose, Brad Spear, Thomas Diaz, and Dimitry Dickov.

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