For Bob the Drag Queen, It’s “Boomer Time”

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On the 100th episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race last night, you got a chance to meet Bob the Drag Queen. But have you seen what happened when Bob met Boomer Banks’ dick?

The New York queens are in it to win it. None more so than Bob the Drag Queen. Last month, for her demonstration on how to put on a condom, when Bob couldn’t find an appropriately sized zucchini, she did what any enterprising career girl would do. She enlisted the help of the one of the biggest schlongs around. That of Falcon Studios Group exclusive Boomer Banks.

bob the drag queen
Last month? Don’t feel bad if you missed it. It went live on YouTube and lasted about as long there as would the last bootle of Grey Goose at a porn movie premiere. In other words, it was done for in a flash.

Boomer does love the lady boys. Here he is backstage at the Marco Marco LA fashion show last October with Sharon Needles, Alyssa Edwards, and Mayhem Miller.

And I do love me some Boomer. When I covered NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor’s #IDoPornAndImNotSorry response to the porn sadz of vlogger Calum McSwiggan, I included the trailer for his scene with Boomer in the finale of “Fame Game.” How could anyone put the words “porn” and “sadz” together after seeing that?

One of my other favorite Boomer Banks’ scenes was the return to porn vehicle for Logan McCree in the first scene from “Dick Moves” for Raging Stallion.

[Raging Stallion: Dick Moves, Scene 1]



Sonic Boomer in the house … and in the hole. What’s your favorite Boomer Banks movie?


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