Folsom Street Fair

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Well, another Folsom Fair has come and gone. Spoke to my friend, Cedar in Portland, and out of the 20 years they have produced it, this is the first Folsom Fair he’s missed. I missed the very first one, but I’ve been to 19 of the 20. At prior Folsom Fairs, I have run my own booth a couple times, run booths for other organizations a couple times, videotaped the event several times, shot B-roll for a porno once, and threw 4 or 5 fan-tabulous after-parties.

Ran into Hot House porn star Corey Jay. He just moved back in town to go back to school (forgot what he is going to study…)

Had coffee with Drew Warner on Saturday, then ran into him on Sunday at the Fair hanging with Falcon’s Matthew Rush (sorry, no picture).

My red head pal, Brian Shawn, used to do movies for Al Parker (as Brain DePaul), Video 10, Redboard, and several others. I’ve known him for about 12 years, and he suddenly grew into this enormous muscle stud and now goes by the name Tom Lord. He wants do more movies, so I better grab him quick!

I also ran into those adorable Cornfed Boys, Matt and Nate, from Seattle. I would love to be the bologna in that sandwich! I told Matt that I wanted to steal his idea from their first movie where he jacked off under a black light with florescent paint.

Hot House had a big weekend, too. I ran into them at trade show on Friday morning, at the Castro Gulch while I was hanging with Drew, at the Folsom Fair, and even at the Falcon party on Friday night.

Oh, and before I forget (and before everyone forgets her) I got to meet Mary Carey on Friday, the porn star girl running for governor.

Speaking of the Falcon party, it was big bash for their new two-part release “Drenched”, shot in Hawaii, so naturally it was a Hawaiian theme with all the boys in loin cloths.

I flirted with Alex LeMonde, whom I met in Vegas back in January. Flawless abs, and that French accent makes me melt.

Chase Hunter, the star of Drenched, was featured in this movie, as it is his return to the business. Apparently, the only thing preventing him from doing movies all these years was a jealous boyfriend, which he no longer has to contend with.

Wow! What a weekend, and the Castro Street Fair is only a few days away!

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