Max Sargent Turns Eric Nero Into A Fucking Mess

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Max Sargent has playing the lecherous dad down to a science. Today in the finale of “Blueprint” for TitanMen, he turns Eric Nero into a scientist. And a fucking mess.

Things start slow. Eric is really in the mood for some dick in his ass and the closer that gets to happening, the hotter things get. First thing he learns is getting his hole munched by Max has it’s up and downs.

The second thing he learns is that like Dirk Caber showed Adam Ramzi last week, Max too has been saving some moves for the right occasion. Like this combination giving his boy a helicopter ride while he licks the boy’s sweaty pits trick.

Eric has that kind of big meat that often looks a little spongy when in action. There are times today when he’s as hard as I have ever seen it. That phrase about getting fucked till your eyes roll back in your head. This is what that actually looks like.

The balls deep pounding continues until Eric is on his back, Max pumping away and as Eric starts firing jets of cum, at least once crash lands right on his lower lip. Then it’s Max’s turn. But almost as fast as he spills his load on Eric’s cock and balls, Eric scoops it up, gets a mouthful and shares it back with Max. That guys, is a “Blueprint” for how to clean up a fucking mess.

[Watch Eric Nero & Max Sargent in “Blueprint” scene 4] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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