Eddy CeeTee’s First Bottoming Scene Is Here

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Hairy & sexy Eddy CeeTee’s backdoor get’s paroled from his top-only status by Bruce Beckham’s big, fat dick.

bruce beckham fucks eddy ceetee titanmenWith their perp nowhere to be found, Bruce and Eddy practice their frisking technique on each other and quickly end up getting frisky from the frisking. Eddy licks down Bruce’s tight frame and starts slurping up the veiny shaft with skills he didn’t learn at the police academy. Or did he?

bruce beckham fucks eddy ceetee titanmenBruce’s turn as a sword swallower is abbreviated as Eddy lets his tongue travel down a familiar road. His dick soon follows. At ramming speed in hyper-drive.

bruce beckham fucks eddy ceetee titanmen“Oh yeah,” Eddy says when Bruce announces it’s his turn. Splayed out and ready, Bruce presses his cock into Eddy’s hole in one long steady push, not stopping till he’s buried to the balls. As his speed rises, so does Eddy’s cock. Eddy cums hard while Bruce is still ramming in and out. Soon after, Bruce’s load get paroled too.

[Watch Eddy CeeTee & Bruce Beckham in “Parole” scene two] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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