Drop the Soap! New Episodes of Wet Palms!

Posted November 21, 2005 7:32 AM by

gay-porn-pic-wet-palms-marcus-iron.jpgIt’s been a while since we last checked in on the soapy studs of Wet Palms — so long, in fact, that it’s hard to remember where we were in the episodic adventure. To catch you up to speed:

Intinerant loner (and secret Jett heir) Lucky Hanson (Gabriel Knight) was about to get signed for the Bubble Underwear contract, knocking Peter Dune (Jason Ridge) from his pumped pedestal. Dune flipped when he found lover Tucker Bang (Brad Benton) unfaithful and stormed off to take a runway job in Milan, but not before putting a damper on JP and Simon Jett’s (Zak Spears and Michael Soldier) take-over of Wet Palms.

Meanwhile, a growing scandal at Jett Setter magazine convinces publisher Simon Jett to move his office onto the Wet Palms property, to the chagrin of brother Randall (Gus Mattox). Most decrepit of all, poor excitable bathhouse manager Brady Littleton (Bret Wolfe) has gone down the stoney end — thanks to Simon Jett — with purloined and discontinued pharmaceuticals and, in a stunning porn first, discovers he’s pregnant with a baby. Yes, in his butt.

Can things get any worse? Check into our run-down little motel of filth — guest stars this episode include drool-worthy cocksman Marcus Iron — on NakedSword.com.

If you haven’t seen the first episode, you can do so here for free. Otherwise, get cracking! Sex and scandal awaits!