Would You Marry Anthony Rapp?

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“It’s a rare romantic comedy that introduces complex characters instead of idealistic ones, yet doesn’t shy away from the feeling of romantic happiness.” It’s even rarer when it centers on a gay couple.

“Do You Take This Man” debuts today on Qreel.com and is the inaugural selection of their “LGBTQ Stars Series” with Anthony Rapp as one of the grooms.

Rapp won critical acclaim for originating the role of Mark Cohen in the Broadway production of “Rent” in 1996 and can currently be seen on the small screen as Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets on the on Star Trek: Discovery.

do you take this man anthony rappThe other groom is played by actor Jonathon Bennet who counts 2004’s “Mean Girls”, “Cheaper by the Dozen 2”, “All My Children”, and the host of Food Network’s “Cake Wars” among his credits.


But the lion share of the credit is shared with the tenacity of writer/director Joshua Tunick who took to Kickstarter for his feature debut. 416 Backers who pledged a combined $38,087 enabled him to bring “Do You Take This Man” to reality.

“It’s so refreshing to see a drama made for the LGBT audience that depicts realistic characters, meaningful relationships and gay character that aren’t just interested in hook-ups with severe commitment issues.” ~Pip Ellwood Huges, Entertainment Focus

do you take this man anthony rapp“The day before they get married, Daniel (Anthony Rapp) and Christopher (Jonathan Bennett) hold a dinner for their family and friends to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

do you take this man anthony rapp“Earlier in the day Christopher’s friends Summer (Hutchi Hancock) and Bradley (Thomas Dekker) surprise him when they reveal that they’ve brought his former childhood best friend Emma (Alona Tal) to Los Angeles for the occasion. Emma’s arrival stirs up events in Christopher’s past and makes Daniel start to question how well he actually knows his soon-to-be husband.”

[Watch “Do You Take This Man” at Qreel.com]


“Writer-director Tunick uses an impending wedding as occasion for his characters to peel away well-manicured identities and confront the parts of their lives — and themselves — that aren’t Instagram-perfect.” ~Serena Donadoni, LAWeekly


From award-winning features to captivating documentaries and progressive short films, Qreel provides a vast and constantly expanding library of queer cinema with new additions every week.

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