Diesel Washington Makes Eric Nero Shoot One “Out” Of The Part

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Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that has the biggest impact on the screen. This second scene with Diesel Washington and Eric Nero from “Out” from TitanMen is one of those times.

out-sc1-rim-gpbBut even “Diesel Lite” is large and in charge. The things this man can do with that famous double-jointed sinewy pink tongue.

out-sc1-gpb-tsWhen it’s time to fuck, Diesel teases his partner’s desires until their bodies become a sexual violin. And then he plays it.

How did Eric Nero respond to “Diesel Lite?” With a very heavy load he shot out of the park.

[Watch Diesel Washing & Eric Nero in “Out” Scene Two from TitanMen] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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