“I Love Gingers!”

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The only thing to cure David Benjamin’s fire-crotch fever today in “Silverlake” is an injection from Bennett Anthony.

If you have ever tried to carry a full glass of water up the stairs, you might be able to appreciate the finesse of the camera work by director Jasun Mark here – without so much as a bounce. Ditto for the 360 pans in the credits. And ditto for the way David Benjamin attacks Bennett Anthony’s dick.

“I love gingers” exclaims David as he buries his face in Bennet’s hairy ass. He was thinking the same when Bennett turned around. Only his mouth was too busy to speak.

Speaking of being steady in motion, David doesn’t just ride Bennett Anthony, he opens his cheeks and slides up and down with the precision of a diamond cutter but on something even harder.

Harder and rougher until David explodes with Bennet’s dick deep inside him. Then Bennet whips his dick out, straddles David’s body and blows his load right into David’s open mouth. He might not be thirsty anymore, but for David Benjamin, there’s still more to cum.

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