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Damien Crosse once told me that he got into porn because it was better than working. While I’m fairly sure the guns and piss and nightcams of a Staghomme shoot can be plenty of work, he never seems like he’s doing anything he doesn’t like. Same with Lucas’ The Last Day. After the jump, go behind the scenes with Damien and Rafael Carreras as they recreate the magic, with a little anal.

HARDCORE TRAILER: Damien Crosse Fucks Rafael Carreras (via Lucas Entertainment)


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  1. Master-P April 13th, 2012 at 8:54 PM

    I was a fan of Rafael-Carreras that was before one of those dis-gusting porn-graphic pictures of him fucking a woman surface recently.That turn me for-ever off he just became another one of those so call gay porn-stars who prove just how stupid they are or can be.Who can’t resist making a ass out of him-self I will add him to my list of porn star performers that I will no longer support are spend my money on ever again.Is he and other porn stars performing in gay porn giving aid and comforted to our enemies by making them very happy and proving to them they are right that gay can be cured.By having sex with women and a little of that old time religion and they will be able to pray away the gay because in my opinion their not helping the gay community.Acting like they have no brain in their heads at all by engaging in str8-4-pay bull shit because if they do or he do my fasination with him as just ended for good.


    • Rich April 21st, 2012 at 6:08 AM

      I feel for you man, but truth be told, the guys are all just actors. They are paid to fuck and act like they enjoy it. Who they fuck and how depends on who is paying them. If it is another guy or a girl is in the control of the one with the cash and also determined by the need of the actor. If a dude does gay porn and is gay and will only do guy on guy porn and has no financial issue that might require he do other types of “fuck-acting” then brovo. It’s all about fantasy and I see why you would react the way you did. Your fantasy was taken away.

      What bothers me is when you see a flick of two guys in bed and there is absolutly no attraction between the actors. It’s just mechanical. The turn on is when you can tell the couple or group is into one another. Even worse is when it is obvious that some guy is super into himself and looks like fucking the other actor is some kind of favor he is doing.
      There is too much porn these days, no good story lines to follow even if pretty much a joke as in the 70s and early 80s, and very few moments of real passion between guys anymore.



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