Damien Crosse’s Cyber-Monday Is Beck-oh-ning

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Figuring even the two-jack a day crowd is going to be distracted on this Cyber Monday, I have seen a lot of mediocre porn today. This is not case for “Truck Stop Part 2” with Dario Beck and Damien Crosse. Men.com didn’t slip in some filler fodder today by any stretch and bravo.

Men.com extracted Damien Crosse and Dario Beck from international porn world and the results are anything but filler fodder. Two hairy, horny studs, a white room, and a scaffold is all that is required. There is a hunger in Damien Crosse to get at, and into, every fur covered inch of Dario Beck and Dario Beck downright relishes every thick, uncut inch of Damien Crosse.

damien crosse facial

Just look as Dario Beck’s hairy ass as those bull balls swing back and forth like a punching bag after every thrust of Damien’s. There is a reason they look so full … just look at the load he fires on Damien after Damien fucks the cum out of him. Just for the record, this is 100% legit with no help from the “props” department when it comes to the amount of sperm he deposits on Damien Crosses’s handsome face. But if you know Damien Crosse, you better look fast … he makes that load disappear might fact. Delicious!

[Watch Damien Crosse Gets Nailed With a Facial From Dario Beck]

Men.com Adds:

damien crosse facial

“Truck Stop Part 2” from Men.com

Dario Beck has been on the road a while and needs a break. When he hears a fellow truck driver over the radio looking to pound some ass, he jumps on the opportunity to have his hole stretched. Damien Crosse jackhammers Dario’s sweet ass, giving the newcomer the proper welcome he deserves.
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