They Spit-Roast Him Raw & Damien Slurps Their Loads

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“This kind of raw greed turns me on,” writes Tim Kruger. “When I get hard-ons while editing, I know it’s gonna be an epic scene.” And he’s right.

gay porn star damien crosse“Damien first worships the hell out of these two massive cocks. He’s gasping for air, choking on more cock.” And he was. I almost thought he was going to tap out there for a minute. But that only applied to his throat. The real endurance contest was about to begin down south.

gay porn star damien crosseA lesser bottom than Damien, which after this is just about every other man on the planet, would have run for hills in fear. The only thing Damien seemed afraid of is that the spit-roasting wouldn’t go on forever.

gay porn star damien crosseHard cocks don’t lie. And one thing you will not see today is a limp one. Not Devon’s. Not Koldo’s. And not Damien’s no matter how fast the train is running through him. What you will see is cum. Lots of it. Before Damien slurps it all down that is.

[Watch Damien, Devin, and Koldo in “Damien Crosse 3some” at Tim Tales] [Watch the trailer at The Sword]


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