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No, this was NOT from Miss Betty Bowers, but this is the type of site that Miss Bowers mimicks, because these are REAL women who are REALLY concerned about things. Click “continue” to read about how a reporter from “Concerned Women for America” viewed the Sister’s Parade Float!

(P.S. They are not kidding!)

Nudity, Crassness, Perversion on Display as San Francisco Celebrates Legal Sodomy     7/2/2003 By Allyson Smith

Anti-Catholic ‘Sisters’ group takes shot at Vice President Cheney

SAN FRANCISCO—Homosexuals were jubilant—and some naked—Sunday, June 29, as they celebrated last week’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Texas’ sodomy law during this city’s 33rd annual “gay pride” parade.

This writer witnessed no attempt by city police to arrest those who were publicly nude, and no attempts to urge revelers to cover their private parts.

The San Francisco “gay” celebration occurred just two days after President George W. Bush visited the city on a campaign stop to raise an estimated $5 million for his 2004 reelection campaign. Bush’s spokesman, Ari Fleisher, side-stepped any serious comment on the high court’s Lawrence v. Texas ruling by dismissing it as a state issue during a news conference following the decision.

Newsweek magazine, which ran a post-Lawrence cover story headlined, “Is Gay Marriage Next?,” reported:

Last week the White House — which decided not to file a brief in the case — was taking cover; White House spokesman Ari Fleischer defensively mumbled that gay rights were a matter for the states to decide. Bush’s political handlers were fearful of alienating either gay voters or the legion of Christian conservatives who provided Bush with his electoral base in 2000.

Lots of ‘diversity,’ no shame

If Mr. Bush and other Republican leaders had taken a detour on Sunday to Market Street in this “gay” mecca, they might have gotten a glimpse of what lies ahead if their party (or America) fully embraces homosexuality. A float from the anti-Catholic group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence took political crassness to a new level. The “Sisters”— men in drag who dress like nuns, with some sporting perverted names — paraded with their float titled “Weapons of [A–] Destruction [mocking ‘Mass Destruction’].” It contained a rocket with a phallic tip and the name “Cheney” painted on the side, pointing at the bulging rear end of a bent-over figure. A man sat astride the rocket simulating sex acts.

As the twisted “Sisters” float went by, onlookers took delight in the group’s campy display. The same troup that shocks and angers faithful Catholics and organizations like the Catholic League is widely adored by homosexuals and allies in San Francisco. The “Sisters,” with their painted faces and nun’s habits, frequently appear at events to raise money for AIDS and other causes.

Topless lesbians and a surprise for the kids

Hundreds of “Dykes on Bikes” led off the parade, which consisted of more than 180 contingents and lasted nearly four hours (there was a delay due to a fire incident in a building along the parade route). Some of the women celebrated “nipple freedom” by riding completely topless. Other marchers included men wearing nothing but shoes.

If you are trying to picture the spectacle, think of tough-looking lesbians revving their motorcycles for as far as the eye can see. Many of the “butch dykes” rode with their softer, more feminine partner behind them.

After the parade, the sightings that would be considered bizarre in most cities continued. A youth group called Bay Area Young Positives had a bowl of candy on its table to draw passers-by. Inside the bowl, someone had placed a large pink “dildo” (fake penis).

The Bay Area Young Positives says its mission is “to help young people living with HIV/AIDS live longer, happier, healthier, more productive and quality-filled lives.”

Such is life in San Francisco, the most “tolerant” city in America. Where else would you see bus shelter advertisements for a hardcore pornographic homosexual website (based in the city, of course)?

Numbers hype

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the city’s police claimed that up to 750,000 people attended the “pride” parade with its theme, “You’ve Gotta Give Them Hope,” borrowed from a quote by homosexual city supervisor Harvey Milk. (Milk was slain 25 years ago this November along with then-mayor George Moscone by disgruntled supervisor Dan White.) But that estimate appeared to vastly exceed the number of actual attendees, which I estimate, based on pro-life marches I have attended, did not exceed 150,000.

A major difference in this year’s parade was its political emphasis. Hundreds of marchers carried signs that said, “We All Deserve the Freedom to Marry” and “Support AB 205 Domestic Partner Rights” referring to California’s “gay marriage” equivalent bill, which is currently moving through Sacramento’s legislature toward Gov. Gray Davis’ desk.

Other signs said, “We had sodomy for breakfast” and “Sodomize me, it’s legal!” Many waved Texas state flags.

Typical was a man walked down the street with a teeshirt that read, “I [Love] My Penis.” Another teeshirt, sold by a vendor, proclaimed, “We don’t need Justice Kennedy to justify our sodomy.”

Major sponsors and advertisers

Principal sponsors were Anheuser Busch’s “Bud Light” beer, whose trademark red, white and blue logo was changed to rainbow hues for the occasion, and The San Francisco Chronicle, which had this parade slogan: “We come out every day.”

Other sponsors and advertisers included MasterCard, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Earthlink, Verizon, IBM, United Airlines, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, AAA Travel, Travelocity, and several liquor brands and HIV/AIDS drug manufacturers.

Among “safe sex” promoters were LifeStyles condoms, Elbow Grease personal lubricants, and a “MedicalToys” website, described on its website as “the originator, innovator and largest provider of medical toys, products and apparel for the medical fetish, nurse fetish and the medical BDSM [bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism] scene on the web and mailorder!” The sadistic-oriented “MedicalToys” site sponsored a full page ad in Inside Pride, the “official San Francisco pride guide.”

Youth focus strong

During the parade, a cacophony of revving chopper engines, drums and disco music echoed down Market Street, which was lined with huge rainbow flags rippling in the breeze.

Grand marshals included 15-year-old Marina Gatto, a “gay rights activist” who appeared on last year’s controversial Nickelodeon cable TV special My Family is Different with Rosie O’Donnell.

Many members of C.O.L.A.G.E. (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) took part. Homosexual couples marched bearing babes in arms, pushing toddlers in strollers, and holding the hands of tots waving rainbow flags.

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) was there with a large yellow school bus, while dozens of other young people in the “Gay-Straight Alliance” contingent marched bearing signs with the names of several California schools that have such clubs.

Several motorized cable cars rode in the parade, including one representing AFL-CIO’s “Pride at Work” homosexual group.

Other entrants included Starbucks Coffee, Altoids mints, Jewish Family and Children’s Services of San Francisco, Kaiser Permanente, and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), which sponsored a domestic partners registry at its vendor booth.

The Imperial Court of Outrageous S&M [sadomasochism] and Leather paraded with a black limousine draped with the S&M “leather pride” flag. The S&M flag is symbolized by black, blue and white stripes with a red heart in one corner.

Here come the ‘christians’

“Christian” organizations included Dolores Street Baptist Church, Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church, Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (a representative pitched the church as being made up “85 percent of fags and dykes”), More Light Presbyterians, and Dignity, a group that claims to be Catholic even as it condones homosexual behavior disapproved by the Vatican. One Dignity marcher wore the S&M flag as a cape. Another of the “Christian” floats had a sign that said “Christian + Gay = OK” with a huge rainbow-colored cross rising at the back.

The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals featured marchers leading dogs dressed rainbow attire.

Immigration Equality for Permanent Partners members chanted, “Lesbi, Bi, Gay or Straight, let my partner emigrate,” while ACLU marchers chanted, “A-C-L-U, we defend your right to screw.” Other marchers mocked President George W. Bush and John Ashcroft, depicting them wearing striped jail outfits with horns on their heads.

Elected officials plentiful

The official program booklet included a welcome message from embattled California Gov. Davis, who is currently facing a mounting recall effort, that listed his record as a homosexuality advocate. Among accomplishments he cited were:

Enacted the most comprehensive domestic partnership laws in the nation;

Enacted paid family and medical leave that includes domestic partners;

Banned discrimination on the basing [sic] of sexual orientation in housing and employment;

Enacted legislation to protect our schoolchildren from discrimination and harassment;

Ended the statewide ban on adoption by unmarried couples;

Appointed the most inclusive administration in California’s history.

Davis added, “[California is] a bright and shining light to the world not because we fear our differences, but because we embrace them.”

Other officials in the parade included:

San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown;

California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, who had a sign that said, “Secretary of State . . . proud home of domestic partners registry”;

Lesbian Carole Migden, chairwoman of the California State Board of Equalization;

State Sen. Jackie Speier of San Francisco, who sported a rainbow-feathered boa;

Homosexual Assemblyman Mark Leno, a member of the California legislature’s newly-formed “gay” caucus;

Assemblyman John Laird of Santa Cruz;

San Francisco District Attorney Terence Hallinan and City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

Representing Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual group, was San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, elected last November as the United States’ first openly “gay” D.A. Dumanis rode in a convertible with her sex partner, Denise Nelesen, who writes a regular column for The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The parade included San Francisco mayoral candidates Angela Alioto, daughter of former mayor Joseph Alioto, and Jim Reid, who is running as the first openly gay mayor of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police Department contingent included police officers in full uniform pushing baby strollers. San Francisco Fire Department engines also drove in the parade.

The final float depicted hell. It was decorated with tongues of fire while men dressed as black-winged devils cavorted around it in their leathers.

After the parade ended, street cleaners scrubbed tons of debris off Market Street and crews power-hosed trash from the sidewalks as participants and spectators flooded the vendor and entertainment area surrounding San Francisco City Hall.

There, children of all ages mingled freely with topless women, naked men, and leather and sadomasochism aficionados. This writer observed one lesbian couple changing an infant’s diapers just feet away from another lesbian pair lying on the grass engaging in foreplay.

At another booth featuring “leather” (S&M) implements, a woman wacked a series of other women on the behind with a paddle, after first putting a dog leash on each of the “wackees.”

At the “Stop AIDS” booth, a young man demonstrated how to put a condom on a lifelike model of the male sex organ while telling the crowd, “You know you’re all going to get laid tonight, so take home a condom.”

One observer of the parade wrote on an online Catholic discussion group:

After the parade there were four police officers on bikes at the Civic Center staring at a completely nude man 70 feet away, laughing at him and ignoring his five other amigos who were similarly attired in nothing but their birthday suits as they sauntered through the crowd all afternoon. We wondered what would constitute indecent exposure in the streets of San Francisco [Sunday]?

On a brighter note, Abiding Truth Ministries, working with Family Policy Network, sponsored an airplane towing a banner that said, “Jesus Christ: Hope for” The banner circled the Civic Center area for approximately a half-hour late Sunday afternoon. Concerned Women for America is a national sponsor of the “Hope for Homosexuals” campaign.

Peter LaBarbera, Culture & Family Report editor, also attended the “pride” parade and contributed to this article.

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