Colt’s Gay Porn Gamble: Cigars with a Smile?

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Porn director John Rutherford is a helluva sweet guy. In his lengthy run as head of the Falcon Family of Companies (Falcon, Mustang, Jocks et. al.), Rutherford directed some of the top gay porn videos of the last decade, including some of my personal faves Big River, The Crush, Current Affairs and Red Alert.

When he left Falcon to reinvigorate vintage porn studio COLT, many were shocked. What would the man who helped elevate Falcon to what it is today be able to bring to Colt? And was it true — was Rutherford going to allow his models to (gasp!) smile on camera (have you ever seen a Falcon model smile?)

Just coming out of a rather nasty weekend myself, I thought I’d bone up on his latest release, the Edu Boxer starrer “Big N Plenty” and I came away more than pleased. Whether celebrating the muscle models of COLT’s print heyday (Reload) or pigging out with cigar-smoking bikers and glory hole grime ( HOG: The Leather File), he’s defty taken each of the original COLT standards and upped the ante.

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  1. jason luvver July 9th, 2005 at 12:57 AM

    IMHO the hottest porn star is Jason Ross, such a hot face, sweet dickand balls–on the thick side, topman, he does it all, always wants more, and he gets me off :)

    I have been trying to find out what he has been up to lately, and the only information I gleaned was that sort of “through the gay grapevine,” someone heard that he passed away of AIDS more than a couple of years ago. I am pretty sure the person who said this said he read it in one of the older gay mags like Mandate or something.

    If anyone knows anything about what is going on with Jason Ross nowadays, I’d love to know. Oh, and by the way, there have been more than 1 Jason Rosses in the gay porn industry; I am talking about the one who starred in “Bedroom Eyes”, etc.

    Thanks :)


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