Mickey Taylor Gives Colton Grey A White Out

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There’s only one thing more pale than Colton Grey’s alabaster skin – and Mickey Taylor pumps it all over Colton’s face.

In the first scene from “The Layover” from NakedSword Originals, we learned our favorite Brit, Mickey Taylor, winged his way stateside to cram as much cramming his dick inside as many holes as possible.

While Jason Vario rocked the world, and the holes, of sky hoe Michael Roman last week, Mickey’s quest took him to California. The minute he landed, Colton wanted him. And he got him. The hard way.

mickey taylor fucks colton greyIn that debut scene, Mickey more than earned another merit badge giving Brian Bonds a 360° fuck any power top would be glad to claim as their own. Today he’s feeling cocky again. And Colton feels like some cock. There’s just one obstacle in the way.

mickey taylor fucks colton greyMickey looked up from his phone in time to see Colton biting his lip and leering at home. Boy meets boy. It’s on. But before they could get down, Mickey had to put his phone down. Colton’s hefty cock in Mickey’s face took care of that. And then Mickey bent Colton over and started taking care of him.

mickey taylor fucks colton greyA mid-fuck ATM gives Colton’s baby blues a close up of Mickey’s tatted, uncut dick. But once his ass started feeling lonely, he helped himself to ride.

mickey taylor fucks colton greyMickey flips Colton on his back and pummels away until Colton sprays his nut. Mickey scoops up a taste then licks his way down and cleans off Colton’s leaking cockhead. After sharing the taste with Colton, he straddles his face and fires his load all over Colton’s tongue and cheeks. Then his tongue returns to the scene of the crime. What surprises will “The Layover” reveal next time? Watch this blog.

[Watch Colton & Mickey in “Grey Skies Over L.A., scene three from “The Layover” at NakedSword]


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