Buckshot Slips Freudian With Beyond Perfect

Posted August 27, 2005 8:48 PM by

gay-porn-star-pic-brad-patton-3.jpgPeople often deride porn as flat medium with only lurid visual appeal — and with its graphic imagery, it’s easy to make that assumption. But we don’t have sex with our eyeballs — the hottest stuff takes place inside our heads (and hands).

A year ago COLT Studio Group President John Rutherford and screenwriter Jerry Douglas finished shooting the gay porn cowboy epic Buckleroos for the studio’s Buckshot Productions line. The film went on to take home top honors at both the GayVN Awards and the Grabbys, proving that the legendary COLT Studio had been revived and reinvigorated with a storyline that paid as much attention to emotion as it did motion. This year, the Rutherford/Douglas team is taking the heat from farm directly to the frontal lobe. Analysis will never be the same.
In the extra-uber-superlative Buckshot Production, Beyond Perfect, Brad Patton and Jason Kingsley play estranged lovers in (gay) marriage counseling. There’s a gag order on the production, but the final scene promises to be as explosive as Dean Phoenix‘s bottoming in Buckleroos. Knowing Jerry Douglas, a healthy dose of the Superego will be on hand balance out the porn industry’s usual fixation on the Id.