“The Walt Whitman of Gay Porn”

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Only a few months after Cockyboy Jett Blakk was exposed as a ballet star, and Edward Snowden outted as a potential Cockyboy, Salon.com has put up an expansive piece on director Jake Jaxson and a company that is attempting to redefine the gay porn industry. 

Salon’s Justin Abraham Linds explains it all:

The gay porn studio CockyBoys has just finished releasing a feature-length film that takes its title, “A Thing of Beauty,” from a John Keats poem.  Released as four episodes, the first opens with the two performers reciting the lines from Walt Whitman’s poem “We Two Boys Together Clinging” and the second  features an excerpt from John Keats’ “Endymion.” That episode’s opening is scored with the iconic Carl Orff piece used by Terrence Malick for the theme of his film “Badlands,” which is fitting because “A Thing of Beauty” possesses a Malickesque propensity for whispered dialogue, soft-focus close-ups of feet in the grass or hands trailing among flowers, and lingering shots of romanticized natural vistas.

There’s the requisite fucking, moaning and cum shots, let me be clear, but CockyBoys is up to something different.

This is where I’d mention Gabriel Clark’s cum eating prowess, or the fact that I once masturbated to Max Ryder driving a RV But this is Salon, and they want to talk about Walt Whitman, and cultural bankruptcy.

Jaxson is positive that the porn industry has languished in artistic bankruptcy and cultural irrelevance for years because filmmakers came to value profit above all else. “One of the reasons people talk down to porn is because for so long it looked like the people didn’t care about what they were making,” he says. “First they didn’t care about the people in it, but then they didn’t care about lighting it or writing it or stimulating viewers.” Now he is determined to make up for this decades-long disengagement, and he’ll bring everything he has …

To that end, Jaxson has released a documentary — with more than a little sex — from this summer’s “A Thing of Beauty.” There’s good reason to be rapt.

THE DOCUMENTARY (For you Walt Whitman lovers)


THE SEX (For the Culturally Bankrupt)

And in true Cockyboys fashion, any bit of press is a good excuse for a sale. It’s on again — 2 for 1.

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4 responses to “The Walt Whitman of Gay Porn”

  1. Casey September 5th, 2013 at 8:27 AM

    I think Cockyboys’ visual style is great, and their taste in performers is pretty solid. That said, so much time is spent on making the scenes look pretty that it seems to become unimportant if the scene has sexual heat. If the sex isn’t hot, it’s not successful porn, and this does plague a lot of “story porn” as well as classic porn. Production value and artistic intent is one thing, consistent sexual heat is another. Cockyboys is a site I regularly check out and am frequently impressed by…but it’s not redefining porn. Hell, Michael Zen and Peter de Rome did a lot of this already back in the FALCONHEAD days, and frequently much hotter.


    • Mike September 5th, 2013 at 8:35 AM

      Do you remember the Falconhead poem?


  2. DOUG September 5th, 2013 at 8:53 AM

    Guess I’m bankrupt- the only point to porn is to watch it- not listen to people talk about it….it would be cultural if maybe JD Salinger and Gore Vidal were having the discussion, but since they’re both dead- I’ll stick to watching.


  3. Jett Blakk September 5th, 2013 at 4:17 PM

    For the record, I was never a ballet star. But after a few cosmos, I’ve been known to throw a mean funky chicken.



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