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Cockyboys’ director Jake Jaxson came out today as Jason Buchtel — Emmy winning producer, tripartite lover and one-time business partner of Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the NSA spying story. The odd connection between the erotic filmmaker, the politico and the whistleblower, after the jump …






In a long confessional on his blog today, Cockyboys’ director Jake Jaxson outted himself as the former adult business partner of Glenn Greenwald, talks about his own subsequent stalking by the media, and explains why he’s finally ready to come clean.

I remember when I first started working with Glenn, we were both at a crossroads in our lives. It was clear he needed me and I needed him. When I asked him what he hoped to accomplish, he said without hesitation, “to change the world!”

Flash forward to the present, and this last week has been surreal and difficult – first being pursued and contacted by reporters “trying to connect the dots,” receiving creepy phone calls to a number very few people know, and most importantly, having to reconcile my past and present with my family who I excluded from my life for years because I didn’t want to reveal my “dirty little secret” – I’m an adult filmmaker.

Cockyboy's Jason Buchtel (aka Jake Jaxson)

Cockyboy’s Jason Buchtel

Buchtel and Greenwald operated Master Notions, Inc — an adult web company that owned sites like (now sadly defunct). But after Greenwald began publishing Edward Snowden’s dataleaks, the media pounced.

On Wednesday, the New York Daily News put out what can only be described as a “smear/hit piece” against my friend and one-time business partner Glenn Greenwald, the news reporter from The Guardian responsible for bringing to light the extent of the NSA mass surveillance programs via the whistleblower, Edward Snowden. That piece was quickly followed up by a slightly more balanced profile from BuzzFeed. Both stories revealed details regarding a small part of my relationship with Glenn while we were business partners over 6 years ago. One of those revelations was that our marketing company, Master Notions Inc., owned and operated several gay adult sites. Naturally, this revelation became fodder for many journalists and bloggers reporting on the story. I was asked and did not comment for either story.

Jason Buchtel with Adrian and Benny Morecock

Jason with lovers Adrian and Benny

As a result the award-winning Project Go Go Boy director says that things he tried to keep his adult side from his conservative parents, including his throuple relationship with partners Benny Morecock and RJ Sebastian. Now, he says, it’s time to come out about all of it — the porn site, the relationship, the whole shebang. (Presumably they knew about him producing the Andy Dick Show)


My plan, as bad as it sounds, was to let my parents pass away without them ever knowing this part of me, not only in fear of how it would hurt them, but also in fear their rejection. So to that end, I have worked very hard to protect their “good name” from something I know they do not approve of and consider sinful. As I previously wrote, the name I was given was a gift. This is why I now feel compelled to address this issue — not to feed the “news story,” but to once and for all stop hiding and lying from this AND address this on my own terms.

And while I am proud of the work I did with Glenn, including helping to launch, market, and manage his original blog Unclaimed Territory (the name inspired by our favorite show at the time, Deadwood), as well as his first two New York Times best-selling books, I am equally proud of the work I do now since our partnership ended. I am a filmmaker, artist, entrepreneur, and partner to two amazingly beautiful and special men.

The truth is out, the dots are connected, and exorcising it from my reality is like removing the rock off my back, the sand out of my eyes, and the pebbles from my shoes. I am free.

To which, we can only say: Congratulations, Jason. And well-said. Happy Independence Day.

Jake Jaxson and Cockyboy's Max Ryder and Jake Bass at the Grabbys

Jake Jaxson and Cockyboy’s Max Ryder and Jake Bass at the Grabbys

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