Cock the Vote!: Howard Dean’s Gay Porn Pics

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One could surmise that after reading Mike’s entry from last week, Howard Dean took the first ferry over for some firsthand Fire Island Cruising and just “ran into” the Porn Czar of New York somewhere in the Pines.

And if Dean was still in the running one could suspect this photo to be a right-wing Photoshop conspiracy.

But we’re not conspiracy theorists and we’d hate to spin a rumor like that based on our own lasciviously twisted fantasies (hey, I’d take Dean over Kerry any day … though Edwards would be a tough call) so we’ll believe his publicist when he says the picture is from a legit dem fundraiser (though did Howard Dean know he was posing with a real-life gay porn star? Is he *that* liberal? Doubt it.)

OMG, wait a minute, though .. where’s Judy!?!


I like that Howard Dean is cocking the vote, but what about the peeps in the background. Why are they hiding their faces with pieces of cardboard?


Uh, pixelation is mine … in case people in the background didn’t want to be associated with … the Democratic Party. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.


Bryan from Lucas Entertainment says that Michael Lucas is an athletic supporter of the Democratic party — I’m scanning his Lucas’ hit Love for Sale right now to see if I can find evidence of yet another gay porn political scandal!.

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