Clay Aiken Lover Films First Sex Scene

Posted February 14, 2006 6:36 PM by

clay-aiken-gay-lover.jpgIt’s really something out of a fairy tale. Ex-Green Beret meets young crooner and, after a flurry of romantic letters — er, IMs — meets with him in a North Carolina hotel room. While it sounds like a recipe for true love, John Paulus (right, on right) certainly found his experience with American Idol loser Clay Aiken sorely lacking. And not just cause Clay reputedly wanted to fist him. Despite letting Clay fuck him without a condom, Paulus couldn’t get the guy to return his phone calls.

Of course, there is an upside sordid tryst — complete with a DNA-soiled rag waiting to be entered into evidence — John Paulus is now a Lucas Entertainment exclusive. Yesterday, he filmed his first scene with Wilson Vasquez (of Fire Island Cruising fame). Porn impersario Michael Lucas confirms that Paulus’ scene with Vasquez went smoothly and, unlike when he was with Aiken, Paulus was able to stay erect. Happy Valentine’s Day.


P.S. For more info on John Paulus, Michael Lucas and Clay Aiken, check out for exhaustive coverage of the tawdry affair.

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