Gabriel Cross Gets A Double Shot From Chris Bines

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Then again, the way Gabriel is looking these days, he’s more than worthy of two loads in one sitting.

chris bines gabriel cross hot houseWhile not coupled in real life, Chris and Gabriel sure liked each other plenty. The scene is filled with passionate lips locks before, after, and in between everything they do. That everything started with Chris’ expert hummer of Gabriel’s uncut dick. Then it’s Gabriel’s turn to play cocksmith. For his efforts, he gets a big, sloppy reward. No, that’s not paint his face in dripping in. And we’re far from done.

chris bines gabriel cross hot houseWith spit for lube from a deep rimming, Gabriel flips over and puts a leg over Chris’ shoulder for the kind of pounding that had Chris starting to sweat and Gabriel’s cock starting to leak.

chris bines gabriel cross hot houseJust look at Gabriel’s dick slicing through the air as he rides Chris. Jerking his cock while fully impaled, Gabriel shoots a massive load, then licks Chris’ hairy body while he jerks out a second huge cum shot. Indeed, that is some “Dirty Work”. And well done too.

[Watch Gabriel Cross and Chris Bines in “Dirty Work” scene two] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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