Chasing Ray Dragon

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Sure, it’s a story we’ve all heard a million times:

Hot boy does a porno. Hot boy becomes a fashion designer. As the years pass, the hot boy becomes a hot daddy. Hot daddy starts doing porn again.

Yes, of course I’m talking about Ray Dragon, who did this amazing solo scene for Buckshot twelve years ago (under his real name) and then disappeared from porn to focus on building a faggy fashion empire.

He reemerged last year in Titan’s “Gorge,” and that was great (though I personally liked him as a young buck rather than a daddy). Given his recent success as porn star (and seeming unsuccess as a fashion designer?) he appears to be focusing more of his time on producing his own stuff and starring in more movies for Colt and Titan.

JackBut it was that solo scene for Minute Men that’s always really stood out in my mind.

So you could imagine my delight when yesterday I got an email from John Rutherford saying that somewhere in the dark, moist confines of the Colt archives, he found the missing sex scene between Ray Dragon and Filipe from 1992 to be released in the upcomming Jake Andrews’ comeback vehicle, “Couples II” . Hot. I’m psyched. Truly.

Until then, I have Minute Men and Reload.

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