It’s Cauke-Us Day!

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cauke for presidentGiven that MSNBC doesn’t stand for Must See Notable Big Cocks, politics is not often the focus here at GayPornBlog. Until TitanMen changed that with the brilliant roll-out of Cauke for President three weeks ago. Part of that brilliance was timing. The first scene dropped today just as the first votes in Election 2016 will be dropped in a ballot box tonight in Iowa.

It’s no secret that profit margins in porn are a thin as the leads of the Presidential front-runners. That is part of what I think makes Cauke for President pretty special. Running two hours and forty-five minutes, it’s the kind of “big marquee” movie that very few have the time, budget, or vision to make anymore. “There is just soooo much bad cheap porn these days it makes me sad,” Vice President of TitanMen Keith Webb shared with me. “We are trying really hard to show that porn can be fun and exciting again.”

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Porn fun and exciting? Cauke for President is both. Between the social media, the campaign website, and most of all, the final product, this was something the cast and crew were clearly excited to be part of. And it shows. TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch makes his debut as the title character. That’s a lot riding on a newbie’s shoulders. However with a combination of Jasun Mark’s direction, having fellow exclusive Nick Prescott as a scene partner, and dare I say, some actual rehearsal, Matthew displayed right off the bat that very rare ability of keeping his body open to the camera while being seemingly unaware of its presence. Check mark in the talent box. Yes.

cauke for president
The second scene is an about-face with the older-younger dynamic of Like Father, Like Son, this time featuring campaign worker Luke Adams and reluctant voter Adam Ramzi. Granted, Luke has been making the rounds lately. But something about the way his perfect, tanned ass gets worked over here sets this performance apart. I think that something is his scene partner. I am renewing my membership in the Adam Ramzi fan club as soon as I finish this post.

cauke for president
The third scene is the most intense and in many ways, the most powerful. Making his debut as a TitanMen exclusive is David Benjamin against Tex Davidson in his TitanMen debut. Tex has just the kind of big dick and the fucking chops to go with it that makes David Benjamin oink. He delivers some well-earned squeals today with one amazing addition. He stays in his character of the career-driven campaign manager the entire time. He uses that to boost his performance, not detract from it. I know, it’s called acting. We don’t see a lot of that in porn and when we do, it usually stops when the fucking begins. Usually.

cauke for president
The final scene is again with Matthew Bosch where we learn the Senator has both a real-life and a sexual Svengali, perfectly embodied by TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele. Dallas’ scene with Diesel Washington in ICONS was not a fluke. Dallas delivers again. The scene itself also explores a dynamic seldom given screen time. That is that not every “boy” who needs a daddy is a young pup like Luke Adams. Sometimes a grown man never outgrows his need for the daily delivery of some daddy dick. Or those strong shoulders to lean on. It just takes a while for him to realize it. What better day to learn that then on Cauke-us Day?

[Watch the Cauke for President Premiere]

True, the more you are familiar with former Congressman and current closet case Aaron Schock, the more you will appreciate the nuances in Cauke for President. But even if you never heard of the guy. Or even if you don’t give a damn about politics, the movie stands on its own. The running time isn’t filled with plot. Nor are the sex scenes extended with multiple angles of the same position. There are four very different explorations of male sexuality against a topical background that never gets in the way.

Meet me back here Wednesday for a detailed look at the first scene. As for today, you don’t have to be an Iowan for it to be Cauke-Us day.

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