Calvin Klein’s Designer Boy Toy

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74-year-old Calvin Klein is a designer with a brand new designer beau. This one has a twin. And just like the Rossi’s, these twins have a porn past too.

Calvin Klein had been spotted around Big Apple with model Kevin Baker. However, once they appeared on the red carpet at the American Ballet Theatre holding hands, their coupledom was pronounced official. And as our #CelebrityCock partners at Cocktails and Cocktalk uncovered, Kevin has a porn past. And ditto for twin-o.

calvin klein boyfriend kevin bakerBefore he was called Calvin’s Nick Gruber replacement Calvin’s boy toy, he was Kevin was known as Jacob Johnson n FlirtForFree.

calvin klein boyfriend kevin bakerWhile twin Joel jacked off logged on as Joel Jacobson.

calvin klein boyfriend kevin bakerOnce Kevin started making the news, it wasn’t long before news of his porn past surfaced.



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
calvin klein boyfriend kevin bakerOver 20,000 reasons why. And eight new ones every day!



calvin klein boyfriend kevin bakerAs you would expect with twins, Kevin and Joel are obviously very close.

calvin klein boyfriend kevin bakerAnd now we know what dick the designers are wearing this season.

calvin klein boyfriend kevin baker Click here to see the Mangiatti’s, the Russo’s, and especially Milo and Elijah Peters engaging in out and out gay twincest.

And remember guys, Awards season is just beginning …



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