Brendan Phillips Hitches a Ride on Sebastian Kross

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It might be the bike shop and not the freight dock, but one look at Brendan Phillips’ ass and Sebastian Kross sees the perfect spot for some midday unloading.

Sebastian’s balls are almost as bloated as his cock as he feeds Brendan’s hungry mouth while Brendan’s rock hard cock signals his approval. And anticipation.

After Sebastian first feasts on Brendan’s hole, he toys with it with a rubber bolt. Then he gets behind and starts pounding. Next, he fucks Brendan from underneath until it’s time to lay back and indulge one of Brendan’s things, getting on top of a big dick and riding himself into the pleasure zone.

[Watch Brendan Phillips & Sebastian Kross in “Ride It”] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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