Blonde Ambition

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In our latest episode, we took a bit of a departure. We reviewed a STRAIGHT porn video! I recently discovered a forgotten gem from the 70’s called Blonde Ambition. (Did Madonna steal the title for her tour, who can tell?) The movie is about two English sisters, named Sugar and Kandy Kane, with the world’s worst vaudeville act. They get discovered by a rich guy and get taken to New York. In a series of madcap misadventures involving a porn version of Gone With The Wind, an ice skating sequence (how many pornos have an indoor ice skating scene?) and a missing diamond. At the “climax”, the girls find themselves impersonating drag queens at a bar in Greenwich Village (“I hope her dick is as big as her tits!”). When the girls get up on stage and show their pussy, the nelly leather queens faint at the site. A riot ensues.

Blonde Ambition has almost no sex at all, but I think it deserves the term screwball comedy, in the tradition of Doris Day and Bob Hope movies. Invite some friends over and show it as a double feature with John Waters’ “Female Trouble”.

Click the photo of the porn version of Gone With The Wind scene (“…The Yankees are cumming, the Yankees are cumming!…”) to watch to watch the review. The DVD of Blonde Ambition is only available through, but our other movie, Constructing Porn (Factory Video) is available full length online.

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