Gay Porn Set: Lords of the Jungle Wraps

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gay-porn-pic-jay-black-on-back-top.jpgRaging Stallion’s Lords of the Jungle wrapped shooting yesterday and now the long march to DVD begins. Will it beat Raging Stallion’s previous records?

If Raging Stallion’s Lords of the Jungle is going to be the, uh, raging success that their Arabesque was earlier this year, it’s gonna have to hit on the key elements that made the Arab-themed film such a phenomenon. As with any good movie, the sex scenes need to be filled chemistry, sweat and lube: having been on-set I think I can vouch that that has been taken care of. But Raging Stallion’s secret — at least to me — is their rare ability to negotiate a multi-ethnic cast without succumbing to condescension or sterotype. Of course, it also helps that they keep me rock hard…gay-porn-pic-jay-black-oral-bamboo.jpgI hear complaints from readers and stars (particularly Latino and black perfomers) quite often: either studios deign to feature a singular non-white performer in their stable of stars or they frame their movie with racialist notions that went out of fashion after D.W. Griffith’s Birth of A Nation. There are notable exceptions — particularly Lucas Entertainment and Dark Alley Media — but it’s hardly the rule.

Most shoots featuring black, Latino or Asian actors aggressivly fetishize race in by playing to the lowest common denominator. While the politics of the bedroom are often off-limits, as a consumer I’m put off by the hackneyed references to “chocolate,” “spice,” “thug” that dominate “ethnic” (the catch-all gay porn industry term for anyone non-white) or “interracial” videos more reminiscent of Gone With the Wind than Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Since 2005’s Passport to Paradise, Raging Stallion has set itself apart by featuring (but not fetishizing) men of varied colors. Black men (like Jay Black) aren’t the stereotypical tops, though neither are they subjected to white-on-black revenge scenarios. The cast splits pretty evenly with black, Latino and white actors and it’s more fuckfest of variety than exploitation fantasy.

arab-gay-porn-pic-francois-sagat-remy.jpgAt a time when more and more gay porn studios spend more time polishing brands at the expense of actual production, it’s refreshing to see a studio that still enjoys the process of pornographing. Perhaps I’m biased, having been on what might easily be derided as a junket with Raging Stallion. But from the first time I met studio head Chris Ward, I’ve been impressed with his knowledge — and appreciation — of porn that he hasn’t made himself. In an industry where vanity can trump creativity, Ward isn’t afraid to discuss what he likes in gay porn from studios like Rascal, COLT, Falcon , Titan or Hot House. Of course, his biggest inspiration has been Kristen Bjorn — another director who looked outside the industry’s ivory casting tower.

Lords of the Jungle debuts in early December. In the meantime, here’s a you can get an advance eyeful of the hung, dark and handsome guys from Raging Stallion below.

Jay Black, on back, after getting plunged by Justin Christopher’s uncut Sparks twunk dick.

The aformentioned can of cock sandwiched between Jay’s ripe rump.

Raging Stallion exclusive Jake Deckard and Jay Black turn tables on Raging Stallion director Ben Leon on the set of Lords

Rambo (in black bandana, kissing Mario Cruz) started out as a dancer for women, but ended up having a lot more fun with guys. He kept proposing a nighttime version of hide and go seek that involves a blonde wig, but sadly we never got around to playing it.

I think it’s hard to capture the joy of rimming on camera unless you really dig in for close-up “in the pink” shots that are not my fave.

Newly signed Steve Cruz was compact, hairy and a little too horny. His scene got cancelled this day and he ended up fucking around on the couch with Mario Cruz while I tried to read The New Yorker on the opposite couch.

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6 responses to Gay Porn Set: Lords of the Jungle Wraps

  1. Tommy September 10th, 2006 at 7:47 AM

    Haha… poor Steve Cruz!! Just couldn’t control himself ;) If I would surrounded by hot fuckers I’d be pining for some dick constantly too!


  2. joshua September 11th, 2006 at 3:37 PM

    i love your guys movies


  3. Anonymous September 14th, 2006 at 3:27 AM

    I have to admit to really loving Raging Stallion.

    Although I thought _Hung_ by Scott Poulson-Bryant sucked after the first half, one of the bits of information he passed along was the idea that when people make porn — and especially when it comes to “interracial” porn — they are attending to their own fantasies, not the viewers which is why a bevy of racial stereotypes persist in porn, why porn actors of color are largely stuck… and, regretably, this becomes what we want for ourselves in our own porn (like Enrique Cruz or Latino Fan Club) — it’s really sick if you think about it. Told who you are through the lens of Eurocentric desire, internalized and then produced as “down” desire. Desire as simulacra is interesting cultural production, I think.

    Anyway, I loved Arabesque. It was beautiful although… well, I think I wanna watch it again with a more *ahem* distanced eye… and I look forward to this new work — although it isn’t quite as free since it is playing on “jungle fever” and then setting it in the jungle.


    Who can get it right?


  4. Marvin Amerson November 7th, 2006 at 2:56 PM

    When will I be able to get some of you alls men DICK!!!!!!!!!!!! because it looks so dams good


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