Billy’s Tale: A Modern Day Fable (Falcon Studios)

Posted April 9, 2003 3:07 PM by

A new movie just got added to NakedSword called Billy’s Tale from Falcon Studios, and I’m proud to say that I’m in it!

The movie was shot sometime in the early 90’s when I had a friend named Miss P working at Falcon as a production assistant. I brought Miss P to party at a friend’s gorgeous designer house on Potrero Hill. Miss P convinced Randy to let them use the house for a Falcon shoot (so he could earn a little finder’s fee).

“Billy’s Tale” is a Cinderella story about a sullen, trod-upon little twink and his evil (yet incredibly hunky) step brothers. The brothers abuse the boy emotionally and physically by repeatedly plowing Billy’s “Tail”. Billy gets his revenge when he meets his Prince Charming.

They used the house for just an outdoor party scene and some still photography inside. Since I was also instrumental in getting the location, they called me to be an “extra” for the party scene. If you look closely about a third of the way into the movie, you’ll see the side of my head in the background standing around drinking wine and wearing suspenders.

Look Ma, I’m in a Falcon movie!

Since there was no sex scenes shot there, I didn’t get to see much. I recall the gossip of the day was that the original Prince Charming was a no-show, so they had to scramble for a replacement. Prince Charming 2 showed up looking like a lumberjack, but an hour later the hair and makeup department had done their magic. Fans of chest hair would have been absolutely shocked at the transformation after he got all his fur removed!

By the way, a ton of new Falcon movies just got added to NakedSword this week. If you’ve been waiting to join, now’s the time to do it!