Big Muscle Guys Pounding Slim Bottoms

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I have a huge fetish for Eastern European men, I think I’ve mentioned that before. Out of all the places in the world, just drop me in the middle of the Czech Republic and I’d be a happy man. Actually, I’d probably prefer Hungary where all the men seem to have huge, thick cocks, but anywhere between Russia and Germany would be fine.

Tomas Skala is a massive Czech hunk and he’s one of the more familiar faces in Eastern European porn. But you’ll be hard pressed to remember his name because he’s filmed under about six different aliases. I don’t know why, but the Eastern European studios seem to prefer their performers work under unique names, so it’s hard to keep track of them all.

I don’t know Petr Kolousek, but he’s also Czech. He’s a cute, slender guy and sports a pretty decent-sized dick. After some necking on the couch, the two head for the shower where they rub lather over each other and play with their soapy cocks. This sequence gives us a full appreciation for how massive Tomas is compared to Petr. It’s like David and Goliath except with more nudity and hard cocks.

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After their shower, the guys head into the bedroom and blow each other. But I’m most interested in seeing the fucking. How is a slim guy like Petr going to handle a man twice his weight pounding his ass? Petr gets down on all fours and arches his ass in the air. He’s smiling and moaning in anticipation as Tomas swirling his cock head teasingly around Petr’s butt hole.

Then Tomas slides his big dick inside Petr and the lad takes it easily. In fact, he pushes his ass back repeatedly grinding Tomas’s dick deeper in his ass. Petr flips over and Tomas drills him on his back. But my favourite sequence sees Petr riding the muscle hung. And the camera man thoughtfully gives us some great close-ups of Tomas’s huge dick disappearing in and out of Petr’s ass.

For the finale, Petr squats over Tomas who grabs the head board and thrusts hard up into the lad’s ass. Tomas drills his hole until Petr says, “I’m cumming” in Czech and Tomas offers his face for Petr’s big splash of watery cum. Then Petr lays his head on Tomas belly with his mouth an open bullseye, but Tomas completely misses his mark and blows a huge wad of thick jizz between Petr’s nose and upper lip.

The second scene features another slim-muscle pairing with Damien Diesel and Patrik Prikryl. You can watch both scenes of Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends at NakedSword.

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