Betting on Cody Cash

Posted May 9, 2004 12:44 AM by

Fresh off the boat from Worcester, (as in Woost-aah, yo) MA, this 23-year-old punk-turned-power bottom is about to take the porn world by storm. He’s already sat on two of the biggest cocks in the industry — Chad Donovan’s and Ken Ryker’s — in the upcoming “Man Handy” and “Jet Set Direct,” respectively. How you like DEM apples?

To tide you over until his movies come out, check out this interview with Cody by Mark Adams and this free Cody nude gallery.


After meeting Cody in LA last month, I was totally smitten. Jack had been raving about him after meeting him at the GayVNs in March but I had no idea how charming and entertaining the kid could be. After doing some research, I made a startling discovery — Worcester was also the birthplace of porn superstar Ryan Idol. Damn.