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My favorite part of gay sex? When you bring someone home for the bar and you fumble around for their cock and out pops something that looks like Dylan Ayers, and my face looks like Julien Hussey:

Julien’s got good reason to smile. He’s getting his first crack at Dylan Ayers. Oh, to be the Bel Ami pass around party bottom. More sunny European perversion, after the jump.

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Dylan Ayers and Julien Hussey

Bel Ami released footage from Dylan’s first “training shoot” with Julien Hussey after his solo debut in 2012. (This may be confusing, as previous Bel Ami updates have highlighted Dylan — formerly Thomas — Ayers first time with other models). You know what they say about your first time? Well, forget it when you’re Dylan Ayers. You can have a new first time every time. And it comes to a spin on Julien Hussey — no one’s gonna play With or Without You in the background, or make you buy them dinner. It’s like a dream come true. More

WATCH TRAILER: Dylan Ayers and Julien Hussey (via Bel Ami)

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