Behind The Scenes: Collin O’Neal Shares His Secrets (Pt. 1 of 2)

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Collinoneal_gayporn_interview-sex.jpgBefore he announced that he was retiring from performing to focus on producing, I sat down (via email) with Collin O’Neal to get an idea what his mental process is like, as well as some of the hurdles he encounters, when he produces movies for his World Of Men Series and website. Below is part 1 of 2 of our conversation … it might be a bit long (for this site, at least) but it’s definitely worth a read for anyone who’s interested in knowing about how porn is made outside the studio system.

What are the biggest obstacles you face when making porn overseas?

When I first had the idea in my head of making porn in foreign countries with never-before-seen models I knew there would be some obstacles, but they can be filed into two categories: models and locations.

Let’s start with finding models: What are some of the problems you’ve encountered there?

pedro_daniel_gayporn31.jpgI always had a knack for finding models through a few different Internet sites, but pictures can sometimes not be 100% representative of the model, so when I discovered my models Pedro and Daniel [pictured above and right] on the Internet, I cashed in a few frequent flyer miles and was on a plane to Mexico the following day. They both knew exactly who I was and were interested in doing porn so after meeting them I flew them to London to film some scenes, then I used them again in Sao Paulo a few months later. Since Pedro and Daniel are true-life boyfriends the sex came naturally and they truly enjoyed the experience, but that is not the same with other models I discovered.


How did you find Francisco Rey? [pictured above and right]

francisco_rey_3.jpgMy exclusive, Francisco Rey, identified himself as straight to me from the beginning when he was sitting at the pool of Hotel Arcos in the Dominican Republic. I first asked him for a massage that turned into a sexual experience and then him cuddling up to my hairy chest. When he decided to do porn he needed a lot of instruction, but not nearly as much as other models I used in my Santo Domingo movie! The main problems I had with Dominicans are that they think porn should be shot in the same amount of time that it takes them to have sex in their personal life, so that means like 10 minutes, then they have a big problem with looking in the camera or giving weird looks, and finally, their attention span is short and they just walk off.

One issue I had with Francisco was in a gangbang scene with other Dominicans and he did not want the other guys to know he liked men. He was putting on this ultra macho facade and being a bit rough with the other models so I had to pull him aside and let him know that the other guys there did not care if he liked other men and they wouldnt be there if they did not have some interest in sex with men. Francisco went back in the room and asked each model one by one if they liked men and after each one agreed they did his mood changed and the scene went on.


How did some of your other discoveries find their way into your films?

I met Jacko from my Lebanon movie at a cafe in Aleppo in northern Syria. I took him back to Lebanon with me and then asked him to do porn and he was more than happy. Although he freely admitted that he is gay, he was a bit stale on film. It took a lot of time to get him to relax and not look at the camera and get into the mood while the camera was around.

said_world-of-porn_gay.jpgSaid, [pictured left] also from my movie, Lebanon, actually contacted me via the Internet and when we finally met in Jordan in person, he was more than excited to be part of a porn. I had no problems whatsoever with Said in either of the scenes he did for me and completely acted like a professional that had done several movies before. So when I find my guys I never know what kind of issues I may have, but now that I have been doing this for a while, well, I know kind of what to be prepared for.

You said locations were your other big obstacle. What are some of the issues around that?

The main issue I have filming in foreign locations and not having a set studio is securing a location to shoot. First, I have to resist from filming in hotel rooms or bland apartments. In Lebanon I was able to shoot outdoors in a canyon and a bombed-out building close to Beirut. My crew, models and I were detained by the Lebanese Secret Service while shooting non-sexual b-role around national monuments and when we filmed in the bombed out building we had to have a look out and there were a few times that we had to stop as some people came close. In Serbia, a club canceled on me the night before the shoot and I had to run out at midnight to take a look at another club. And if that isnt enough, I was electrocuted in Lebanon while fiddling with an electrical socket, have run out of light bulbs. One time I ran out of batteries in Spain on a Sunday … nothing is open in Spain on Sundays!

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  1. ChicagoCub July 31st, 2008 at 1:33 PM

    His work is very uneneven. Some scenes are hot, some not. Some shot well, some not. The direction/quality is not consistent at all.


  2. TwanAli August 19th, 2008 at 12:42 AM

    I saw Model Francisco in said movie “Santo Domingo” It was love at first sight! this man is God’s Gift to Man! He is perfect in every way. I have friends that make the trip, for the Men in Santo Domingo. After seeing this man I was ready to go… Seeing him on screen, You think how in the world, a Man this Fine could be Gay? But from his performance, you could never tell that he had some issues. He was totally into it. And he really, I mean really delivered.


  3. Persuadance May 12th, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    I have watch a lot of gay porn vds & l have found out that l’m gay l feel like l’m a woman but l have a dick & no one likes fucking a man so l decided to join you on your gay porn vds


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