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Kennel Master the latest installment from Tony Buff's uber-edgy, envelope-pushing Rough Line, explores themes of bondage, pissing, hot wax and pup play. So care to hazard a guess as to who this puppy Tony Buff is about to give a bone to? Here's a hint: He used to be on national television.


The answer -- along with a free hardcore clip from the movie -- after the jump.

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After short porn stints at Lucas (Piss Sluts, The Bigger the Better), Titan, and Jet Set (Big Dick Society) and most recently topping Roman Heart in Falcon's Summer Heat, but I loved watching him get fucked by big dick lover Bentley Race's Ben. It might seem like a waste to have Tommy bottom since he's got the near perfect big dick for topping (it tapers at the base like a buttplug).

More pics after the jump.

marco_blaze-1.jpg Let this spectacular clip (after the jump) of TitanMan Marco Blaze getting the sweet bejezus fucked out of him from Flux be a lesson to any of you hold-out tops out there: It takes a real man to really take it like man (plus we all know how I feel about big-dicked bottoms). titan_flux_marco-blaze-1.jpg titan_flux_marco_blaze2.jpg
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Fetish demigod Tony Buff (above, in Folsom Undercover) gives us a preview of his new crazy-intense fetish line for Titan. Click continue if you dare (you've been warned) ...

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Since watching Asylum yesterday, all I've been able to think about this weekend is Leo Giamani's balls. Yesterday they were slapping Erik Rhodes' ass, and today Leed Scott is squeezing on them for dear life while taking a ride on Leo's thick stick in Titan's just-released Playbook. In the clip, Leo's just sort of sitting there -- as he's wont to do -- but that doesn't stop Leed from having the time of his life. God love a resourceful, hungry bottom.


Check out a free hardcore four minute clip from the scene and some more images of godlike Giamani after the jump ...

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The filth and the feculent of Folsom may be a nothing more than a nasty hangover for the lucky 400,000 or so who made it to SF last weekend for the fair, but for everyone else this is the Titan's newest Folsom-themed shock-and-awe flick Folsom Undercover.

For those afraid that they've already pushed that envelope over the fucking cliff by now ... don't worry; there's still plenty of terrifying new ground to be covered. Take Titus, for example who one-ups Francois Sagat's chicken-shit scalp tattoo by having practically his ENTIRE FACE tattooed:


Of course, we're just getting started ...

folsom_prison_box.jpgFolsom Prison, TitanMen's latest "Folsom" movie (the 5th in the series), will be released in on regular DVD and Blu-ray™ High Def at IML in Chicago on May 22nd.

We have the hardcore trailer for y'all after the jump ... before you click continue, does anyone care to hazard a guess how they're going to top the last four? You might be a little "shocked" is all I'm sayin' ...

dilon_faceshot.jpgI'm just mad for new TitanMan Exclusive Dillon Buck! Here's all I know: He's a Brit, comes across a bit goofy on his blog, and seems pretty open about the fact that he's for sale.

I'm digging the fact that he's got a "more natural" sort of body -- maybe this is a new "thing"? I'm also digging his massive, uncut dong! The only thing separating him from Aiden Shaw is like 20 volumes of really crappy poetry.

dillon_cockshot.jpgAlthough he's done some stuff for Alphamale and MenAtPlay, his four movies for Titan are what made me take notice. I'm especially fond of the part in Breakers where he peels off his wetsuit by the side of the highway while real traffic is driving by.

Free hardcore image gallery of Dillon and his cock after the jump ...

Titan sent over a picture of the Diesel Washington "footing" scene. Apparently Mr. Washington is a size 15. Also, Mr. Washington explains the bully to The Sword. Diesel posted this picture of "the bully" on his blog


Foot-fucking picture after the jump ...

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The fuel that powers the evolution of porn has always been the shock of the new. Once a year or so a movie comes along with an particularly innovative pairing of body part(s) to orifice(s) that leaves people scratching their heads wondering, "OK, how are they gonna top that?"

telescope_dvd_front.jpgThe newest entry into this "genre" (if you could call it that) would be Telescope, directed by Brian Mills for Titan (natch). Two scenes are particularly noteworthy:

In one, Diesel Washington fucks the living bejezus out of Steven Ponce in a position that Washington claims to have invented called "The Bully". It's hard to explain, and Titan hasn't released any images of it, but imagine Diesel standing with Steven in a full nelson while he's bouncing him on his cock. Helps that Steven is like half of Diesel's size, (as you can see here):


But wait, it gets crazier ...

kansas_city_trucking.jpgJoe Gage is one of my favorite directors who I don't spend enough time talking about on here. He helped invent gay porn in 1976 with Kansas City Trucking Co., which cost $10,000 to make and grossed over a million dollars. $10k came from a group big-name Hollywood actors and execs looking for small-time investments. He left gay porn in '81 to write hetero bodice-rippers and direct b-movies, many of which got heavy basic cable airplay in the late eighties/early nineties (Bad Girl's Dormitory, anyone?)

danny vox gay porn starWhen Kansas City was re-released on DVD in 2000 and became one of the year's top-sellers, Joe decided it was time to return to making porn. The first movie he did for Titan was Mens Room: Bakersfield Station which takes place entirely in a the bus station restroom and features lots and lots of pissing. The movie follows Danny Vox's sexual transformation from timid voyeur to sexual powerhouse. Its one of the only porn films I can think of with a legitimate character arc.

Mens Room II: Gale Force had the unfortunate timing of being released right after Katrina and being about a bunch of archetypes who get trapped in a warehouse during a hurricane. Despite this, it features everything that makes Joe Gage a great director: Long, tense build-ups, diverse casts of younger and older guys, and deconstructed sex scenes. The sex scenes meander, and their unpredictability adds erotic tension. I don't know why almost every other director in the industry is so terrified to stray from the strict "oral-anal-cumshot" structure.

The only element running through all three movies is an almost-endless stream of piss. In the third installment, the just-released Mens Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8, the men's room is an abandoned, outdoor trough that was shut down by the cops because of too much cruising. Shot all outdoors, the entire movie is damn good, but the strongest scene is a two-part three-way between two suited parole offers (Damien Crosse and Tyler Saint) transporting a young offender (Jesse Santana) to court. It starts with intense, piss-heavy blowjobs and ends with Tyler and Damien double-fucking Jesse in the back of their truck (What can I say? I'm a sucker for a twink who can take two dicks at once).

Free hardcore image gallery after the jump ...

titanmen exclusive damien crosse

Whose fat cock is insanely hot TitanMan Damien Crosse effortlessly deep-throating at the AEE Expo this past Friday?

Click continue to find out ...

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gunnery_sgt_mccool_box.jpgEveryone's favorite 'round the way boy Vinnie D'Angelo -- fresh out of his Hot House contract pre-his HH contract (see comments) -- plays the "Bad Lieutenant"-style Sergeant, who seems a bit more concerned with fucking and pissing on the Marines he's in charge of than doing whatever it is a Gunnery Sergeant is actually supposed to do all day. It's classic Joe Gage with plenty of long, tense glances, intensely loaded build-ups and even a father-son threeway thrown in for good measure.

Gunnery Sgt. McCool
Starring Andrew Justice, Brandon Monroe, Dean Flynn, Erik Hall, Jason Reynolds, Jason Ridge, Jean Paul Roccard, Justin Burkshire, Kai Grant, Scott Tanner, Tony Masala, Tyler Kane, Tyler Saint, Vinnie D'angelo. Directed by Joe Gage. Titan Media.

Some excellent extra bonus pictures (some EXCLUSIVE even!) of the cast of Titan's Fear at last week's Folsom Street Fair at the Titan/NakedSword booth:

Francois Sagat Gay Porn Star at 2007 Folsom Street Fair



Above photos by Brian Mills for Titan. Click continue for a few more ...

luca_di_corso_fashion.jpgGay porn stars are the frequent "Special Guest Stars" in the whimsical dreams of faggy fashion designers. As far back as the early 80s, as documented in his Diaries, Andy Warhol excitedly recounts a weekend at Calvin Klein's house in Fire Island where Calvin and Halston were having their way with two blond porn stars he could only recall as being named "Lance and Leo".

More recently, we saw Jeff Stryker walk runway for Thierry Mugler and Johnny Hazzard walk for Boy George's nascent line B Rude. Luca Di Corso was featured in a spread in GQ and print ads promoting Tom Ford eyeware (see left) and of course Erik Rhodes and Ben Andrews showed up all over a recent Loehmann's catalog.

francois_sagat_fashion_small.jpgIt's therefore no surprise to see TitanMan Francois Sagat tied up in the designer milieu (Sagat being designer of sorts, provided the illustrations for T-shirts for his fashion school buddy Oliver Bobin's line Fade). But his recent work for Bernard Willhelm (a handsome lad himself) is a coup even for a top model, as he's the sole person featured in the designer's Spring/Summer lookbook and even appears in a surrealistically bizarre (even for fashion standards) 12-month calendar which features Sagat fucking what appears to be a Yugo (and getting fucked by what appears to be a bouquet of flowers).


You can see all the lookbook and calendar images over at Francois' Blog but I've picked out the more controversial and challenging ones (i.e., the porniest of the bunch) after the jump ...

I'm happy to report that the perverse Titan Media juggernaut that began with Cirque Noir two years ago and followed with Folsom Filth last fall continues to shock and awe. Fear, the latest installment of sexual panic just finished shooting at Titan's grindhouse, a sprawling south-of-San Francisco ranch with enough room to construct elaborate sets and enough privacy to ensure that no one can hear the screams.

I dropped by the set a few weeks ago to check out the goods and found guys like Francois Sagat, Diesel Washington, Dean Flynn and Tober Brandt discussing their fates with relish: a Titan shoot can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for porn stars, a challenge akin to shooting a Herzog film. Newcomers Derek DiSilva and Tony Buff were even more adamant in their willingness. "When else are we gonna get the chance to have sex bound, upside down and underwater?"

You can shave my nuts if that wasn't my thought exactly. Whether as viewer or would-be participant, Fear go on sale this October at the Folsom Street Fair. For those of you who missed the get-in-line-to-give-a-Titan-Man-head party (aka "Lube Job") last night at San Francisco's Truck bar, you can probably catch them this weekend -- scars and all -- at the even-more-perverse-than-Titan-would-film Up Your Alley Fair this weekend.

(Pics after the jump, if you dare...)

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