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Damien's been bringing home the meat again.

And this time, he didn't forget the gravy.

30 Loads of Facials: The Sequel, Episode III

-- MIke

Remember when you had to jerk off to Men's Fitness and Eric Nies? This is sort of like that.

Except it's Dominic Ford, so it's in 3D.

-- Mike

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Well, they aren't twins exactly, but if you throw a full-length mirror in, it certainly ups the ante ...

Staghomme's always had a bit of an arty Black Spark streak. I think back to Staghomme's "Senses" which also starred happened to star Adrian Toledo. His ass in blue light was one of the finer things of 2009:


A few weeks back, I met up with director Joe Gage, who took me to meet David Hurles, the pioneering gay pornographer and founder of the Old Reliable company. Despite a recent stroke, Hurles and Old Reliable are experiencing a revival of sorts these days -- John Waters dedicated a chapter to him in his recent book, Role Models and last year the Marianne Boesky gallery organized a show dedicated to his 'outsider porn.' His shots of hustlers, addicts and murderers in the 70s and 80s were in many ways the an antidote of the slick images being produced by studios like Falcon and Catalina.

Gage is shooting a documentary on Hurles, and I followed up with him to talk about the project.

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I've been following the hairy ass of Alexander Morales since I saw it in chaps a few months back. Evidently, so has Bentley Race. After pairing him with Marcos Pirelli, he decided that he wanted to go in for a taste himself. Can you blame him?

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We woke up this morning to pics of the new cast of the Other Side of Aspen, and it's a wonder the snow isn't melting from all the heat! The cast includes Angelo Marconi, Adam Killian, Roman Heart, Landon Conrad, Gavin Waters, Shane Frost, Tony Buff, Brandon Bangs and, of course, the pale but radiant Colby Keller.



Just about the only good thing to come out of Superbowl Sunday was an email from Bentley Race with new Harry Louis pics dressed in running shorts and sneakers. (Of course, as you've probably noticed, we're always happy to post any pics of Mr. Louis.)

More after the jump ...


I'm crazy about porn stars who use their shoots as a way of getting laid. It makes watching the whole thing a little sleazier, a little more voyeuristic and a lot more energetic. Tim Kruger nailed this dream boat with his boyfriend behind the camera. Clip after the jump ...

What a difference a year makes!


When we first noticed Donny less than a year ago, he was a fresh-faced puppy from San Diego, looking more like a Disney star than a porn star. In fact, when I ran into him on the Golden Gate set last summer, I recognized him but just barely. He was tanner and his hair was darker, and I thought he'd started dyeing it. Now that his body hair is growing in dark black, I'm just confused: is it possible it's the other way around?

You be the judge after the jump.


With all of my focus recently on new cock for the new year, it's worth noting that there are guys who perform in porn, and there are honest-to-goodness porn STARS. "I always wanted to do a superstar movie," Raging Stallion (and now Falcon) head Chris Ward told me. "So I started thinking about bringing together a bunch of GayVN performers, some of the best looking men in the world for a series of all-sex classic porn."

The result, the two-part mega-release Giants directed by Ward and Steve Cruz, won't release until later this spring, but our mouth is already watering.

Damien and Francesco just can't stay away from that white stuff ...

30 Loads of Facials: The Sequel (

-- Mike

When it rains, it pours. We asked for a few new cocks to get the new year started right, and Bel Ami's George Duroy sent us a boatload. The studio that gave us Lukas Ridgeston and Tommy Hansen and the Peters twins introduces Peter Fleming ...


Since the end of last year for me was all about vintage, I thought I'd pull out some new meat for the first entry of the New Year. I started with Kristen Bjorn's Casting Couch series and -- as often the case with Kristen Bjorn's stuff -- I had a hard time looking at anything else. Part of the appeal is that he won't settle for anything less than a big dick. So to clear your head for two thousand eleven, I present five of the newest big dicks from one of the industries most influential directors ... after the jump.

Even though I'm a wimp, manages to turn me out more often than I'd let on. I swear -- most of the time I just go to see what the perverts come up with ... and then end up buying some scene because there's a big dick, dirty talk and a cage. I don't have anything particular for the Hellraiser aethetic or Dark Age torture chambers, but I swear -- sometimes the sets are so incredible you'd think they got Julie Taymor to direct.


I will admit, however, that I am also obsessed with Nick Moretti, specifically with choking on his dick. But back to the articles -- er, scenes. Some of Bound Gods most, uh, captivating images.

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It's pictures like this that make you glad it's Friday, or at least glad that Kristen Bjorn still loves double penetration.


Bjorn, the 80s Falcon model turned porn auteur, set up an armada of men on Spain's Costa Brava, to launch a full-frontal attack on Madrid-based Staghomme. And while Lord knows, there's very little that Staghomme doesn't know about taking dick, I welcome any rise in an arms race where the arms are uncut cock. So Damien and Francesco: more DPs, please!

More from Costa Brava after the jump ...


It's no secret that I love Staghomme, even when Francesco and Damien are behind-the-camera. Tiny crews, hand-held cameras, quick set-ups: Staghomme is like the bacon of gay sex -- all grease, all flavor, probably terrible for you in the long run.

In their latest, "The Barber's Blade" Goran and gives Logan McCree his two bits. Hardcore clip after the jump ...

While Jake Lyons got sued for escorting by Corbin Fisher, NakedSword knows that rentability adds value to any porn star! The site's long-awaited new gay porn series -- which, full disclosure, Jack and I both worked on -- debuts with the story of lonely gay MBA Ronald (Cameron Marshall) hiring Topher DiMaggio to break up the monotony of spread sheets. Now only if I could find his number ...

Hardcore trailer after the jump.

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It took me awhile to figure out what was going on here, let alone who was getting fucked, or what Mr. Pam was smoking when she dreamed up the gay piece of porn Cirque from Lucas' upcoming Trapped in the Game. And if it weren't for the mirror acting like a cheat sheet I'm still not sure I'd have figured it out. Actually, I still have no idea.

That doesn't mean we can't give it a name though, I'd suggest "The Crab," but I don't want to besmirch either Adam nor Jonathan's gay reputations.

Jonathan Agassi and Adam Killian (via LucasEntertainment)

-- Mike


Name That Gay Sex Position: Rafael Alencar and Philip Aubrey Edition
Gymnastic Sex at Sean Cody


Anti-porn detractors always claim that watching porn leads to a spiral of perversity, making us gay homos search for sicker and sicker pleasures to satisfy our numbed eyeballs. Well, I'm hear to tell you it's A BIG LIE. All I've done for years has work with porn, and yet all week I've been sporting wood over g-rated half-clothed men, in various vanilla positions.

Part of the problem, admittedly, is Landon Conrad. Falcon Studios PR has been tweeting live content from his Hot Property shoot (above, Landon with Jake Steel; below, with Brad Star), and it's been lube for my eyeballs. It's like I'm going in reverse, and instead of heading toward 3D BDSM tranny porn to get a nut, it turns out I'm more content with pictures that could have come from an underwear catalog. If you'd rather see porn, however, you're more than welcome to click below.


Landon Conrad Hardcore (via

-- Mike

With less than a week left to raise the funds to finance our 'Smut Capital' documentary, I thought I'd release a longer clip. I hate to sound like NPR during funding drive, but once we finish this, we'll be able to move on to posting even juicier stuff -- interviews with Jim Bentley, Kevin Williams, Tom Chase, Aiden Shaw, Kris Lord and others.

'Smut Capital' (Teaser Clip) from Michael Stabile on Vimeo.

So far, we've kept the film's integrity -- if we want to tell this story, and the larger gay story of Chuck Holmes, we feel we need to do it independently. But this takes money, and we're running dry. I used to hate to beg, but then I got a credit card statement. I know it's a recession, but if you've got a few bucks, we'll make it worth your while.



A long-awaited multiple orgasm from Staghomme this week -- first, that Thirst and the Dark Stag are out on DVD, meaning that I can stop endangering my keyboard (if not my eyesight) and second that Francesco D'Macho has gone back to moody, contemplative narratives.

This time, he appears as a well-hung specter to take the hairy ass of Logan Scott in Phantom Lover. It's not exactly the pottery wheel scene from Ghost, but frankly I never could get it up for Demi Moore. Clip after the jump.


I don't know if you've lived until you've seen Antonio Biaggi gyrating in sock-style Andrew Christians. Though it's gilding the lily for sure, and felt like an HBO Real Sex about International, it was still incredibly hot.


Evidently, I'm easier to please than Kayl O'Riley, who takes this opportunity with one of porn's biggest gay cocks and asks for a fist instead. Jeez, give a guy an inch ...

Free hardcore scene after the jump ...

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Ever since the gay porn industry started, studios have struggled to define themselves by their men. From COLT's beefcake and Falcon's blond brats, to the jocks of Jet Set and the tough musclemen of Raging Stallion, men are your brand. All that's well and good when you're trying to set yourself apart, but those niches can leave a few gay holes. Take this scene with gay opposites of Alexander Freitas and Landon Mycles on Suite 703 drove my yin and yang fucking bananas.

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For the past year or so, Jack and I, along with Ben Leon (previously of Raging Stallion) have been working on a documentary about Falcon Studios founder Chuck Holmes. While the full documentary won't be finished until next year, we did finish a short. The short, "Smut Capital of America," about San Francisco in the 70s, is currently in festival release, but we thought we'd give you a sneak peak. Above, late Falcon director John Summers and others talk about the relationship between gay liberation and gay porn. (Footage of Falcon's Help Wanted loop courtesy Falcon Studios)

The full short is still under-wraps, while we complete the fund-raising, but you can see an extended clip -- about the birth of hardcore porn here (along with your chance to become part of the project). If you feel like tossing us a few bucks to help defray costs, it'd be great, but we'd also just love to know what you think.

Smut Capital of America: Tenderloin and Hardcore (

-- Mike

When Malachi Marx came back a few weeks ago and got a crack at Diego's crack, it was clear that the torch had been passed. Everyone loved Diego, and who could blame them? I won't even go into Chris Rockway, as much ink and other substances have been spilled on that subject.

So, yeah. If I didn't have, um, plans later, this is what I'd be jerking off to tonight. Go Randy.

Diego Sans and Chris Rockaway (via RandyBlue)

-- Mike

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The GayVNs are coming up in a week, and despite the fact that they're the most nominated studio in 2010, Raging Stallion already seems to be thinking of 2012. Currently they've got two different productions that could vie for the title in 2011 (Tony DiMarco's BRUTAL and Golden Gate, the NakedSword co-production). This week, they announced a huge two-part movie filming in Sonoma right now that will release next year, putting it in play for 2012 awards.

Courtesy nightlife impresario Daniel Nardicio, a teaser shot from Playgirl's upcoming Campus Hunks issue.


The big gay reveal comes out next week. In the meantime, I call the one in the middle.

Campus Hunks (via

-- Mike


Rusty Stevens in my favorite position ... on his back. After a championship run on's Naked Kombat, and forcing best friend Pat Bateman to submit to his anal assault on, Rusty Stevens gets finally gets laid out by Angelo Marconi during last night's shoot for Raging Stallion's upcoming mixed martial arts porn, BRUTAL.

-- Mike


The boys at Staghomme have decided that if they can't beat the rumors of a debauched life, they might as well taunt us with how hot it could be. After highly successful attempts at making hooking, raping, molesting, robbing and kidnapping sexy, drug dealing is the latest effort of these noveau Gides. In "The Deal" fat-cocked Jonas and Gustavo turn a spilled brick of white powder into an excuse for a roadside fuck and suck, thus finally making the old fantasy about a eight-inch line on a nine-inch dick into a reality.

Oh Staghomme, don't you know your love is our drug?

The Deal (via

-- Mike


Even in an industry which routinely spawns difficult (if camera-friendly) positions like the Double-Reverse Cowboy and the Shotglass, this pic stumps me. Somehow, sausage-dicked Rafael Alencar makes balancing feather-weight Philip Aubrey a breeze, but the cirque balancing act from Lucas' upcoming "Kings of New York" cries out for it's own name.

The Skyscraper? The Bull Market? Winner gets bragging rights, and eternal thanks from the entire gay porn industry. Name that position!

Kings of New York (Lucas Entertainment)

-- MIke

How well do you know your gay porn stars? If any of you gay cock-hounds can identify the owner of the lonely cock that Nash Lawler is slurping in the new Mustang feature, I'll pierce my ear with a diamond and oil-wrestle you for top.


Think you know who's behind hole number one? The answer, here (free gallery and clip via

-- Mike


I'm a molester who loves half-conscious morning sex, so when the dirty boys at Staghomme posted their latest video ("From Dusk Til Dawn: Molesting Your Straight Friend While He Sleeps"), it was like a page from my playbook. Yawn! Anyone need to take a nap? I've got a pill to help you sleep ...

From Dusk Til Dawn, Part 1 (via Staghomme)

-- Mike


While Bel Ami has been busy making the Peters twins fuck like Jarics, William Higgins is doing what I would: making twins Adam and Konrad Richter have sex like Doublemints. The young studs were a little awkward a year or so ago when they made their first film -- it's nice to see they've spent some time at the gym. Watching them is like playing a really hot game of Can You Spot the Difference?, or coming across an issue of highlights where Goofus fucks the shit out of Gallant. There's a picture of the year in here somewhere...


Porn often leaves me speechless, but when I got a note from Francesco D'Macho describing Staghomme's latest shoot, El Ultimo Pecado, I was more flummoxed than usual. The scene features two Franciscan monks breaking their vows, but the most dramatic elements take place off screen.

“The year is 2018 and World War III is taking it’s course. While the Nations of the World are fighting each other on the brink of complete annihilation two Franciscan monks in a small monastery on the Argentine Andes take solace in their brotherly love and passion while unbeknownst to them these tender moments will be their last.”


Hmmm. (Free preview clip after the jump ...)


"I Want Your Love" is a full-length feature film that's loosely based on the short film series In Their Room (which intimately documents readers of hipster bible Butt Magazine).

The first scene for "I Want Your Love" premiers exclusively on NakedSword this Friday, but until then, here's a teaser of the clip featuring Writer/Director Travis Mathews, explaining what he's trying to do with this ground-breaking, genre-bending project:

Check out some more sneak-peek images over at TheSword.

I had dinner with Randy Blue a few weeks ago and he was near conspiratorial about a project that had just wrapped. Text, Lies and and Video is as much a parable about the dangers of home porno and as it is a chance to play with the aesthetics of PornoTube. (Raging Stallion's Focus/Refocus experimented with similar themes and ended up with not only a porn hit, but also a mainstream distribution deal -- it's now on Netflix.)

But back to Text Lies and Video, out in early May: below, Nicco Sky as shot by a Chris Rockway.

Full trailer after the jump ...

In the tradition of hairy muscle studs like Roman Ragazzi and Alex Baressi, we present Argentina's Lucas Gabo who, as we speak, is probably on a dance floor at a foam party in Ibiza being penetrated by both Damian Crosse an Francesco D'Macho.


More after the jump ...

The words "Marco Blaze" have a Pavlovian effect on us anyway, but that doesn't mean the sausage party that Titan Men released as Reflex isn't obsessing me in it's own right. God, they grow them thick over there.

Reflex (via

-- Mike

Marco Blaze on How To Bottom Like a Champ
In Praise of Marco Blaze's Glorious Penis

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So CockyBoys exclusive Bobby Clark was riding his bike around Amsterdam when he bumps into the Elijah and Milo Peters (who are riding a tandem bike, natch), and somehow he ends up getting both his holes stuffed by them? How come stuff like this never happens to me?

Full scene to be released on tomorrow, but until then enjoy this exclusive sneak-peek:

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While XXX TV Show porn parodies have been a mainstay on the straight side of things for the past few years, we've been slow to catch up on the gay side. Which is fine; I'm not exactly sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the gay porn parody versions of "WKRP In Cincinnati", "Jon and Kate Plus Eight", or "The Osbournes" (all shows that have recently -- and inexplicably -- been made into straight porn parodies).

But the idea of a "Jersey Shore" gay porn parody makes sense since the show is already a porn parody of itself, so I say good job to Jet Set for being the first to get it down (they've already done two different straight versions, but who's counting?).


Chris Steele, the director of "Jersey Score", made some major casting scores, too, with Dean Coxx (above, left) as "The Stimulation", Derrick Vinyard as “The Solution”, and Kevin Cavalli (above right) as Pauly G. I adore Kevin and not only because he uses more gel then the real Pauly G. Kevin actually starred alongside Johnny Castle in one of the straight Jersey Shore parodies. Check out a couple more images -- and plenty of hair gel -- from Jersey Score after the jump ...



Hunky husbands Damian Crosse and Francesco D'Macho have always been a little more meta than other stars -- it's debatable, for example, how much of their Staghomme website is a business venture and how much it is just a record of their prodigious sex lives. So perhaps the amazing Mr. D'Macho is providing a much needed commentary on gay-for-pay with his latest installment of "Straight Man Fucks Me."

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Of course, because this is a Club Inferno video from the butt pigs at Hot House, everyone gets a chance to try it on as a bracelet as well.

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Just when I thought 2009 was the year of twincest ... we're not even two weeks into 2010 and post-twink dilettante Pierre Fitch has thrown his backwards baseball cap into the ring with a set of identical twins he met, had sex with, and named The Scorpio Twins.

Per his blog: This past weekend, Pierre was DJing at a Toronto nightclub when these guys came in looking to ogle at the she-males. They both have girlfriends and children, but that didn't stop Pierre's boyfriend Julien from following them around all night. Since they couldn't get with the she males, Pierre somehow convinced them that a fourway with his boyfriend would be the next-best thing. He'll be releasing the scene on Pierre Fitch Online in a few weeks.


Also of note from TheSword (who first reported on this yesterday): these guys are look a lot like Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

A free hardcore image gallery of The Scorpio Twins having sex with Pierre Fitch and his boyfriend ... plus, I've compiled The Complete List of Gay Porn Twins ... after the jump.

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Husbands Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho's decision to publicly 'complicate' their relationship on Facebook provided a welcome opportunity for Kristen Bjorn to fill any momentary holes vacated. Bjorn's "Tropical Adventures 2," features handsome hubby Francesco D'Macho getting double-fucked by the un-tropical Daniel Serbanescu and Arthur Gordon (with a little extra cocking from Pedro Andreas, formerly of Pedro and Daniel), but when sex is this good, who am I to complain?


Raging Stallion released its annual megalith, Focus/Refocus, just in time for the holiday weekend -- with two movies and dozens of scenes, Chris Ward is giving us plenty of reason to avoid the mall parking lot this Friday. (The mall bathrooms, however, are another story.) It'll take more than a long weekend for us to get through the multi-disc set, but we can tell you this: like Thanksgiving itself, Focus/Refocus features a reunion of old friends, gobblers getting stuffed, and more than a few cock with slit throats. I'll take a second helping ...

Coming next week from Lucas Entertainment, Inside Israel. (I hereby dare Collin O'Neal to follow up the week after with Inside Gaza.) If gay sex doesn't bring peace in the Middle East, I don't know what will.

-- Mike

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I got a rather disturbing email the other day from someone at Raging Stallion, and I'm not sure what to make of it. It seems that the latest RSS feature, Focus Refocus includes a rather graphic gay murder scene featuring auto-asphyxiation, strangulation and sex, of sorts, with the dead body. Fairly gruesome stuff. Anyway, I never know how much to trust emails from within a porn company (too much gay politics as it is), but my friend seemed fairly uncomfortable with the turn the movie had taken -- essentially it looks like a gay snuff film -- and ripped an FLV from the server (aka pardon the quality) to show me.


I've been a big fan of the quirky, rough-trade world of found in AMG founder Bob Mizer's photos for years, so I was naturally excited to find out his work was getting a glossy coffee table treatment by high-brow German publisher Taschen.

The first critical retrospective of the photographic work of one of the true pioneers of gay porn, flipping through "Bob's World: The Life and Boys of AMG's Bob Mizer", you really get a feel for how strongly he influenced not just several generations of pornographers but also several generations of "fine" artists like David Hockney, Eric Fischl, Terry Richardson, David LaChapelle and many others.

Edited by noted sexual historian Dian Hanson (who also gave us the excellent "Big Penis Book"), "Bob's World" contains over 250 photos and includes a one-hour DVD on Bob's life made especially for this edition. Go to or for ordering info, but first check out this photo gallery after the jump to see why I'm such a big fan of Bob's.

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Which former Falcon exclusive is feeding Francois Sagat his daily head?


Falcon Studios has put up an free advance clip from Mustang's Green Door with newcomers Alessio Romero and Samuel Colt. It was the first scene for both of them, and while the rest of the cast was slapping each other's asses and demanding that Nash Lawler surrender the pink, Alessio and Samuel hung back and nuzzled. I missed the actual shoot between the two, but luckily there's a nut-broilingly final edit.

-- Mike


Green Door (free preview @
Green Door (pics and clips
On the Set: Green Door


R.W. Fassbinder's Querelle has inspired almost as many porn movies as Brokeback Mountain. The latest -- Raging Stallion's Port of Entry -- features soap star David Taylor, Logan McCree, Tristan Jaxx, and a crew of horny, hot dock rats. Hot! Anyone remember the movie that takes its cue from this classic?

-- Mike

gay-nude-conner-habib-dog-mask-trap-porn.jpgI stopped by the set of the Raging Stallion porn The Trap and was confronted with a masked dog-man who knew evidently knew me. I was a little thrown and looked around for clues: he was lean and furry, but who isn't? "It's RJ," RJ Danvers said, and he was immediately joined by nude-y cutie anthroposophist Conner Habib. Conner had a mask on too, but you can tell that body hair anywhere.

Not every gay pup is meant for your lap, but put RJ Danvers and Conner Habib on all fours and you're pretty much assured a bone. I stopped by the set for a few seconds to say hi to Bruno Bond, who was working camera. Ricky Sinz, who refuses to have sex with me each time I see him, barked commands at the two mutts but he was no dog whisperer. The boys were having too much fun with their dog-tail butt-plugs and their dog-house set. It was a hairy, lube-y, fun set, but mutual sniffing is recommended for the faint of heart.


More pics after the jump ...


We learned a few weeks ago that Erik Rhodes and the just-decontracted Francois Sagat finally got to consummate their multi-year, multi-social-networking-site flirtation by filming a scene for Falcon in Prague. Now we finally have the first hardcore clip from the shoot.


Although the clip (after the jump) doesn't include any fisting, this certainly has enough to get me excited for the full scene, which will be released in June on Falcon's site and only be available online, because apparently filming fisting is easier then selling fisting movies through the traditional retail channels.


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Sometimes gay movie sets are dictatorial lock-downs where everyone's being really quiet because a pretend homosexual is trying to get a hard-on. Other times, it's a nude gay sex wonderland where everyone's running around grabbing each other's ass. I went by the gay movie set of Raging Stallion's The Visitor during lunch the other day, and thankfully it was more of the latter.

As gay Wolverine Logan McCree mentioned in the video a few posts back, The Visitor is a Bowie-esque tale of a extra-terrestrial visitor who's oddly curious about the sexual habits of gay San Franciscans. (What what in the butt?) Here, he stops by San Francisco leather bar Chaps II in a latex jumpsuit in hopes of finding out where gay men put it.

But we sort of knew that already, didn't we? From the set of Raging Stallion's upcoming gay video, The Visitor.

-- Mike

I know, I know. You should be so lucky that we get one of these gay self-suck pictures to you once a day.


This guy, Troy, is one of the Cruiser Boys that are currently keeping me up at night. That is one fat,delicious cock. I can see why he decided to go gay cannibal too. More of him here.

-- Mike


Yesterday, I stopped by the gay porn set of Mustang's Green Door, the third porn movie in Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo's "color box series" (Blue Movie, Red Light) to check on the boys. Gay film superstar Zak Spears spent a good part of the time regaling the group (including Chad Manning, Erik Grant and more than a few newcomers) about his perverted childhood while everyone clicked on their iPhones and compared shower masturbation stories. Of course, the most exciting part about being on set is the fact that someone is going to suddenly go entirely naked. I had my bets on Erik Grant (who confessed that his clothes come off the moment he gets home), but Nash Lawler took the (beef) cake.


Fetish demigod Tony Buff (above, in Folsom Undercover) gives us a preview of his new crazy-intense fetish line for Titan. Click continue if you dare (you've been warned) ...

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When I first met Vince Ferelli on the red carpet at the Cybersocket Awards, I thought he was damned handsome and was shocked at how much fun he seemed to be having. (Hot House had just signed him as an exclusive). He's huge and he was basking in the attention that was coming from his recent Tony Mecelli fuck on the set of Locker Room.

The bodybuilder is from Indiana, lives in San Diego, but could have been any of my cousins in New Jersey. I saw him on the set of a Hot House Backroom shoot this morning with "Dr. Finger" Johnny Gunn. They're both so effing charming. The irresistable Mr. Ferelli sans culottes after the jump.

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I haven't been this excited for a Falcon movie in a while. For starters, we finally get to see Ty Colt in action. Second, the opening scene has Erik Rhodes and Leo Giamani flip-flopping, and the sight of Leo's massive ballsack slapping Erik's ass as he pounds him defies explanation. And third, well, do you really need more?


Check out the trailer and hardcore image gallery after the jump ...

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As if locker-rooms weren't already part of my gay fantasy repetoire, Hot House had to go and put spicy ginge Blu Kennedy in one. Not that Ethan Wolfe or Kyle King are chopped liver ...

Video of still photography is the best. My favorite part is when Blu half-sticks out his gay tongue and gives a seductive gay smile. Oh, to be at Ethan Wolfe's gay butt-cheek at that moment.

Blu Kennedy Proves Redheads Have More Fun
Behind-The-Scenes: Hot House's Locker Room (
More from the Hot House Backroom

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collin-oneal-bottom-arpad-miklos-gay-sex-6.jpgI guess the previous entry wasn't all that difficult -- I ran into Arpad Miklos today on a gay shoot for who said people had been approaching him about it all day. Conquering a gay top is like having a baby -- everyone calls to congratulate you.

In typical Collin O'Neal style, the formerly retired, formerly exit-only gay stud chose a top who was formidable and familiar. It was the horsehung Miklos, after all, who in 2003 introduced then-boyfriend Collin O'Neal to the gay porn industry. Sweet, right?

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Which top man bottomed for the first time this week on his webcam?


Zeb Atlas Drives It Home, But With Who?
Chad Hunt Bottoms for Blakk

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News that Chad Hunt had bottomed on the set of Dirty Bird Picture's Endgame, but in all the hubbub, we sort of forgot that it was a gang-rape. And, truth be told, it was before it got hip to gang-rape porn stars. Four months later -- having witnessed both Staghomme's endless sex torture cycle and Raging Stallion's To The Last Man murderfest, and Mason Wyler's decision to not press charges in his own mysterious rape case, we're a little jaded. Above is the soft-core YouTube-friendly trailer. After the jump, the hardcore facefuck.

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Damien Crosse was in town a few weeks ago with a mischievous gleam in his eye. I thought he was flirting with me, but upon closer inspection of the latest video from Stag Homme Studios, I realized that he wanted to bind, torture and rape me. I'm not saying I'm not interested, mind you ...


Who Would You Fuck If There Was No Tomorrow

-- Mike

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gay-porn-diesel-washington-pic.jpgSteve Cruz and Leif Gobo are at it again with the second venture onto the color wheel. Red Light, the follow up to the just-released Blue Movie, takes a hard look at the rough world of escorting. Appropriately enough, it stars one of our favorite hookers, the ever-perverted and not-really-as-mean-as-you'd-think Diesel Washington. Diesel even invented another one of his famed sex positions -- the Shot Glass -- for the shoot (free of charge).

Photog Joe Oppedisano is back on the case as well, and the initial images -- including shots of Leo Giamani, Tyler Saint, Tristan Mattthews and a cast of hunks. Exclusive sneak peak after the jump ...

I've gotten hit with many things on sets -- lube, stray propositions, rocks -- but Falcon's Blue Movie was like standing at the base of Niagara Falls. Every corner I turned, someone was pissing on someone else, or themselves, or my pant leg. Splish splash!

The Bellagio Fountain of the whole matter was a scene with with Zak Spears who catch Adam Hersch and Dillon Buck watching a porn and pisses all over them as punishment. Or something.

The movie won't release until next month, but Falcon has decided to release said pissing scene ahead of schedule. I guess Andy Rooney's right when he says Christmas comes earlier every year.

Gay Porn Sets: Blue Movie

70s Style 'Blue Movie' Busted By LA Vice Squad, 70s Style (

-- Mike

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Gay panties are in a gaywad over Raging Stallion's To The Last Man teaser, which features several porn stars being murdered. The teaser was leaked on Thursday and the debate over violence in the movies came fast and furious. Raging Stallion head Chris Ward responded on his blog, but given the debate over Stag Homme's rape fantasy, Armed, it's likely we won't figure out how the public really feels until the sales start coming in.


Wolf Hudson, acoustical teabagger, porn dancer, and occasional bottom has added another improbable distinction to adult industry resume -- bondage super-hero. Hudson has been one of the most public faces of's Bound Gods site. Well, more than the face, really ...

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The filth and the feculent of Folsom may be a nothing more than a nasty hangover for the lucky 400,000 or so who made it to SF last weekend for the fair, but for everyone else this is the Titan's newest Folsom-themed shock-and-awe flick Folsom Undercover.

For those afraid that they've already pushed that envelope over the fucking cliff by now ... don't worry; there's still plenty of terrifying new ground to be covered. Take Titus, for example who one-ups Francois Sagat's chicken-shit scalp tattoo by having practically his ENTIRE FACE tattooed:


Of course, we're just getting started ...

In case you needed a break from financial meltdown and the McCain-Obama debates, we offer up this tequila-soaked dispatch from TheSword's visit to the Arizona set of Raging Stallion's To The Last Man.


Exclusive Sneak Peek: Ricky Sinz in "To The Last Man"

On the Set: To The Last Man (

-- Mike
erik_bradey-9.jpgHoly. Carrot. Crotch.

Massive Studio's newest discovery's loins o' fire have got my loins on fire! Redheads are somewhat of a rarity in gay porn ... especially ones as stacked as Erik "Big Red" Bradey. Massive is practically an understatement.

But more importantly ... do the curtains match the carpet? You fucking bet they do! Check out an interview and exclusive image gallery after the jump ...
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porn-gay-sex-pic-last-man-RSS-ricky-sins-damian.jpgI was looking at the most recent copy of AVN, the porn industry trade magazine, and starting to get jealous at how big straight straight movies look: they're high-production because the consumer base can support it. It's rare that we get that much muscle on the gay side. Love him or hate him, La Dolce Vita was a rare example, as was The Wrong Side of the Tracks, Cross Country, Buckleroos or the Fallen Angel series.) So I was thrilled today to see this poster from Raging Stallion's big movie of the year, and probably GayVN nominee, To The Last Man.

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I've never been much into bondage or S/M porn but's new-ish gay site BoundGods is really challenging what I find sexy. Director Von Darkholme puts some big-names (Chad Hunt, Wolf Hudson, Tyler Saint) in some really crazy-ass scenes and it feels authentic.

For example, in "The Creepy Janitor and The Asshole", Rod Barry mops piss off the floor with some poor guy who he then fucks with a mop handle. Its really over-the-top insane.

Their stuff might be a bit too "rich" to watch everyday, but every so often it really hits the spot.

They sent over an exclusive sneak peak of an upcoming scene with Park Wiley and Tober Brandt. Check out the exclusive hardcore photoset after the jump ...

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I'm not sure of the exact reason why I've always been so enamored by Nick Capra: Is it his Guido-style good looks? The beer-can dick? His penchant for day-laborers? Whatever it may be, it's definitely not his poetry.

nick_capra_small.jpg"Controlling that savage inner rage,
He paces his Hunger with accustomed self control,
Finally you meet him; Smiling, beguiling
He exhales crimson breath that leaves you in a trance,
The Horror that awaits you is unfathomable,
Yet you lie helpless, a victim to his fate,
A pool of mercury fills your veins,
Leaving you in a utopic state of bliss

Wayne Koestenbaum, fret not. Capra's posting dreams and poems about Michael Lucas on his blog ever since Lucas tapped his ass in Flip This! Capra was a total top, until (perhaps taken by Prévert or Rimbaud) he bottomed in Jett Blakk's romantic ode to Paris, French Kiss. Now he can take it like a pro ... check out the photos after the jump ...

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Leo Giamani gay porn massive studios gay for pay

Massive Studios was lucky enough to shoot and post the first guy-on-guy scene with smoking-hot newcomer Leo Giamani. This soft-spoken, super-masculine 100% Philly boy has the body of a Greek Statue, a dick of death, and a pair of low-hangers that literally made me drool.

In John Bruno directed scene, Leo chows down on Rod Barry's cock before Rod pokes around his ass with his tongue. The gives Rod a deep dicking but we know Rod can handle it. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Leo as the other studios trip over themselves to sign him ... but until then, check out this exclusive photo set of Leo and his first scene on Massive Studios' site.

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Picking up from where we left off yesterday, here’s the conclusion of our two-part interview with Collin O’Neal where Collin gives us insight into his casting process as well as some obstacles working with models who don’t necessarily identify as “gay”.

Where and how do you find your models?

I find my models mainly via gay social networking websites like BigMuscle, Gaydar, and GayRomeo. I met Pedro and Daniel from Sao Paulo and Miami, and Said from Lebanon over the net. There are a few times I meet guys on the street or in clubs like Jacko from Lebanon who I met in a café in Aleppo, a city in Northern Syria and then I met my exclusive Francisco Rey, while he was cleaning the pool of our hotel in the Dominican Republic. I am very shy in person, so it is very hard for me to just walk up to guys and pop the porn question.

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When we first saw the video of Wolf Hudson doing the moonwalk naked on the set of Mug Shots, we wondered if all of director Jett Blakk's sets were this much fun. Jack got to spend the day in the funhouse for DARE, and the costume ball that he created for Dante looked like a similar riot. Luckily, Blakk's been keeping a good record of his comings and goings.

jakes-hard-ride-box.jpgI've never made my penchant for abnormally fat cocks or Jake Havoc, or Jake Havoc's abnormally fat cock a secret. But the box cover for Jake's Hard Ride awoke another fetish long slumbering deep within my subconscious: hard-ons popping up under Spandex. Surely there's like a Yahoo Group for people like me, right? Until then, I've got Studio 2000's latest euro-orgy biking epic.

With the exception of Jake and Bel Ami defector Casper Watts, the rest of the cast is mostly new faces (to me, at least, but Euro-porn freaks should feel free to chime in with any noteworthy guys in the cast I'm overlooking.) Jake sadly isn't in the big nine-man orgy scene (see below), but he does get fucked.

Jake's Hard Ride Studio 2000

Hardcore image gallery after the jump ...

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Sorry for the lack of advance notice -- totally forgot Steve Cruz asked me to be an extra in the leather bar scene for "Hotter Than Hell", a movie he wrote which Raging Stallion is producing. Ben Leon and Chris Ward are directing and they'll be shooting over the next few weeks around San Francisco.

Nothing like spending a Saturday morning in a dark, smelly bar. The things I do for porn. Sigh.

hotter than hell steve cruz
Ricky Sinz plays the devil.

Rest of the set after the jump ...

agua_brazilian_gay_porn_box.jpgA couple of observations about AMG Brazil's new movie Suruba: Agua based on the following (exclusive!) image gallery that they sent us (which you can see after the jump) :

1. Director Dennis Bell. is getting really good at finding only hot guys for his movies. In his first few movies, the occasional janky looking character would pop up here and there. But not in this one -- I don't think I could kick any of these guys out of bed.

2. When guys cum on your face under the hot Brazilian sun, it dries up quickly -- even if six guys cum on your face.

3. There must be something in the water: The cocks are really thick.

4. Forget about circumcision, obvs.

See for yourself ...

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Last month, I accompanied the cast and crew of the Tim & Roma show -- fictional reporter's notebook in hand -- as they traveled to a remote Norcal location to film an episode from a shoot for amateur porn studio Next Door Male.

next_door_male_1.jpgA week out of each month, the Next Door Male producers get together about 10-15 mostly straight-identified* guys, rent a big house and shoot a bunch of scenes. I was excited to see what -- if any -- differences there would be on an "amateur" set consisting of mostly inexperienced, non-porn-star, non-gay-identified* actors.

It was a chill afternoon. Even Men Magazine cover model Tyler Cummings had no objections to Sister Roma's roamin' fingers. There were no porn-star attitudes (or bragging about who had more MySpace friends) and it was exciting to be around so many fresh faces, including two young stunner first-timers Tristan Bull and Marcus Mojo (pictured right) who everyone all quickly became enamored with for good reason.

Here's a clip from the show, but there's an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo set after the jump:

breakers titan gay porn bruce camNews that legendary director Bruce Cam was retiring from directing porn, set my expectations for Breakers -- his last movie -- almost unrealistically high.

As the founder of Titan over 12 years ago, his tremendous impact on gay porn over the last decade can't be denied. Through his movies and by overseeing all their productions, he refined the genre with sumptuous outdoors epics like Gorge and Heat, while simultaneously expanding it with fetish movies that really pushed the envelope of extreme like Fallen Angel series.

He took the reigning aesthetic of the time -- that of the overly-groomed, plucked and dyed porn star -- and turned it on its ear, opening the door for more natural, "real" men, and along the way making stars out of Cliff Rhodes Spencer Quest, Dean Flynn, Ben Jakks and of course Dred Scott (just to name a few).

I had the honor of watching him direct Horse: Fallen Angel 5 for a piece I was writing for GayVN Magazine. Watching him was akin to a maestro conducting an orchestra. A few years ago, rather than sacrifice his exacting standards, he chose to decrease his output to one movie per year; the annual Bruce Cam release is an event porn aficionados look forward to year round.

So can his swan song Breakers be that good? In a word: Yes. All 13 of the men approach perfection, including horse-dicked new exclusive Dillon Buck and dead-sexy newcomers Jackson Wild (legendary TitanMan Eduardo even makes an appearance). I can't find a single flaw in this seven-scene, 5.5 hour epic achievement. A film like "Breakers" don't come around very often and make you realize how overused words like "remarkable" and "stunning" are. While I'm sad this is his last (he's moving on to make documentary films), his influence and legacy will live on a long, long time.

Click continue for the hardcore trailer and image gallery ...

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Unspeakable-DVD-cover.jpgUnspeakable, Jett Blakk's newest film is the story of a Nazi hunter (played by Matt Majors) who falls in love with with the grandson (Cole Ryan) of a nazi he's pursuing. It takes place in present-day Los Angeles but there is a flashback scene featuring two Nazis having sex.

OK, wait -- let me first say that I'm Jewish and don't take Holocaust-related things lightly. I was nervous when Jett send me a screener and I was ready to tell him honestly how I felt, no matter how offensive and bad it was ...

Lucky for him, I really liked it -- a lot. It could be Jett's best movies to date.. As a director, he coaxes fantastic sexual-- and acting -- performances out of Cole Ryan and Braxton Bond; both make star turns. Matt Majors carries the movie along with an intensity rarely seen on the blue screen.

Simply, while Unspeakable treads on dark ground, it's a remarkable achievement which can only be judged after it's been watched beginning to end. While I invite discussion, I only ask that you watch the movie first.

Some images from the movie after the jump. Oh, and happy Chanukah.

cock_tease_box.jpg"Cock Tease", directed by Chris Steele for Jet Set, covers familiar territory plot-wise (seducing "straight" men, but its the cast that makes it seem like it'll be a real stand-out: Jet Set Exclusive Sebastian Young looking dirty in a good way, Cam Kurtz looking delicious, newcomer Eric Blane looking like a cocky bastard, Derrick Vinyard looking less Jay-Leno-like than when we last saw him, Brad Star looking brunette, Aaron King looking adorable, and Mason Wyler looking, well, just perfect, (as usual!) Click "continue reading" to check out the hardcore trailer and cast gallery and pre-judge for yourself ...

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bottom_of_the_9th.jpgTo be honest, my expectations weren't high for Doug Jeffries' 2004 Little Big League, (for me, little league flashbacks aren't exactly sexual), but I was pleasantly surprised by it and subsequently blown away by 2nd Inning: Little Big League II, thanks to a genuinely hilarious script by Eddie Stone.

While less guffaw-inducing than "2nd Inning", the latest installment in the franchise --Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League III makes up for it in spades in sexual heat thanks to a really hot cast featuring a bevy of fresh new faces (including Brent Corrigan doppelgänger Blair Mason, and Rascal Exclusive Josh Vaughn's locker room gang bang orgy finale (Josh, when it's not so sore, take your seat next to Mason Wyler).

Oh! And Blake Riley. Love:

Check out the free hardcore trailer and image gallery after the jump ...

gunnery_sgt_mccool_box.jpgEveryone's favorite 'round the way boy Vinnie D'Angelo -- fresh out of his Hot House contract pre-his HH contract (see comments) -- plays the "Bad Lieutenant"-style Sergeant, who seems a bit more concerned with fucking and pissing on the Marines he's in charge of than doing whatever it is a Gunnery Sergeant is actually supposed to do all day. It's classic Joe Gage with plenty of long, tense glances, intensely loaded build-ups and even a father-son threeway thrown in for good measure.

Gunnery Sgt. McCool
Starring Andrew Justice, Brandon Monroe, Dean Flynn, Erik Hall, Jason Reynolds, Jason Ridge, Jean Paul Roccard, Justin Burkshire, Kai Grant, Scott Tanner, Tony Masala, Tyler Kane, Tyler Saint, Vinnie D'angelo. Directed by Joe Gage. Titan Media.

The Iraq War may be losing popularity, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the the new movies being released by major gay porn studios. This summer, Hot House enlisted Private Lowlife, this week Mustang issued Bunker and in six short weeks, Raging Stallion Studios will deploy its forty-scene platoon, GRUNTS. What does it take to shock and awe battle hardened porn fans? How do you keep two dozen porn stars going AWOL on a two-week shoot? Most importantly, how do you keep a hard-on in 106 degree heat?

Our favorite embedded reporters, Sargeant Roma and Lieutenant Tim go deep in the trenches with GRUNTS co-directors Chris Ward and Ben Leon, as well as porn superstar Jake Deckard (along with guest appearances from military brats like Rafael Alencar, Steve Cruz, Orlando Toro, Jack Ryan, Max Schutler and Dominic Pacifico). They ask, they tell, they take off their clothes. Ten-hut!

Tim and Roma's Military Discharge (free,
On the Set: Raging Stallion's GRUNTS

-- Mike

Rafael Alencar has long been one of our favorite stars, and not just for the thick ten-inch, the continental shelf of an ass or the almost-too-perfect pecs. He's goofy and charming and offers up a tumescent greeting with the ease that some people say hello. You can't buy that! (Well, maybe you could, but he's never really charged us.) He might be an unlikely candidate to run a boutique porn studio, let alone one bent on becoming a luxury brand (Champagne buckets! Escalades! Waitstaff!), but while his tenure lasts he's made sure to surround himself with talented people, and no shortage of hunks.

I swear I came four times last week watching The Obsession with D.O., and last year's Dreams of Rafael wasn't exactly a slouch in the nuts department, but Black Scorpion's latest -- Hunger -- promises to be even more mouthwatering.

jocks roadtrip Russian River gay PornThe mere fact that of all the top gay porn studios Falcon would start producing amateur-type content is as good as proof as any that the gay porn landscape is changing very quickly. Technically Road Trip Vol. 1: Russian River isn't from Falcon (rather, their Jocks line), technically it's not amateur (they're touting it as "pro-am"), and technically this isn't the first time they've tried this (anyone remember Stud Pups?), but the point is that they're obviously sick of seeing amateur producers gobbling up their market share.

roadtrip_JamesHamilton_sm.jpgRoad Trip, the first Jocks release since 2005, features almost all new 18-22-year-old models in unscripted, outdoorsy-like scenes. From the liner notes:

"No story. Just an RV cruisin’ around with studs brought together for pure in-your-face sex. The sexual chemistry is so hot and the tension so fierce."

Are they treading too deep into unfamiliar territory? Is this too little too late? Can a Jocks title, by definition, be amateur? I can't say since I haven't seen it yet, but I do remain excited by the prospect.

Click continue for a cast and hardcore image gallery.


I had a college professor who used to say that one thing to look forward to about getting old is that you eventually sleep with everyone you ever had a crush on. Sadly this is turning out not to be the case, but one thing I am noticing is more and more of my lifetime crushes are showing up in porn (not that jerking off to someone is the same as fucking them, but, hey, I'll take what I can get).

Three years ago at the Eagle, a young man named "Krieger" Philipp Tanzer was handing out cards (above, left) promoting his recent win as "German Mr. Leather". He was so insanely hot all I could do was bat my eyelashes and take his card (which I taped up above my computer, and where it's been ever since.) We've had a good thing going on these past three years: whenever my mind starts to wander, I look up and Krieger sternly looks down at me and reminds me to get back to work.

Ink Storm (above right) by new Raging Stallion label Screaming FalEagle marks his porn debut (as "Logan McKree"), where he appears to be versatile and I am rather excited. The rest of the cast is pretty heavily inked as well, including Jake Deckard (who also makes his directorial debut), Tamas Eszterhazy, Ricky Sinz, Cory Koons, and Tober Brandt among others.


Click "continue" for the trailer and a free hardcore image gallery ...

We've all woken up the morning after with someone terrifying lying in bed next to us -- it happens; it's forgivable. But megahottie Jason Ridge knew full well what he was getting into when he was invited on Howard Stern -- to seduce sidekick Joey Boots. But Boots needed little seduction, and who can blame him? Jason's looking better than ever. But what's Jason's excuse, exactly? We can only hope Ridge is spending this Yom Kippur atoning for this sin (spotted on Fleshbot, QueerMeNow):

If you feel like you can handle something even more terrifying, then click continue for the hardcore trailer for Titan's latest shockfest blockbuster Fear, but don't say I didn't warn you ...

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OK, so it's not exactly a "sneak" peek (as the movie's been out for months), but I didn't think any of y'all would be complaining about a free hardcore image gallery of Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton rubbing each other down and stroking their cocks from "Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step", which is turning out to be one of this year's best-selling titles.


Click continue for 17 more hardcore images ...

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gay porn set: Tim and Roma on Titan's Fear
The sun is setting sooner and FEAR is in the air. Titan's annual Folsom release should probably be held until Halloween if the tales of ball-busting, throat-fucking, pig-dunking, piss-showering are to be believed. The team from the ever-intrepid Tim and Roma Show checked out the shoot earlier this summer and brought back toe-curling tales of ball punching and water torture from stars like Francois Sagat, Diesel Washington, Tober Brandt and Dean Flynn, among others.

Of course, don't try this stuff at home. Real-life lovers Tony Buff and Derek Da Silva (formerly known as the Folsom Filth dog boy) were on hand to guide us through their early, um, experiments with BDSM. Electrically seared nipples, anyone? I didn't think so. Watch and burn!

- "Off the Set With Derek Dilva and Tony Buff (Free,
- "Titan Media's FEAR" (Scroll down. Free,
- More Fear at

amg_brazil gay porn contestFirst identical twin brothers who fuck and now this ... what will the marketing geniuses over at AMG Brazil think of next? Amazônia, their two-part summer blockbuster, is the touching story of a tourist, played by a "famous American porn star", who gets lost in the jungles of the Amazon only to find himself on the receiving end of a ritualistic gang bang sacrifice (don't laugh -- it's happened to me!). In conjunction with the release, they are running a sweepstakes where the first person to correctly identify the star will win some excellent prizes.

I was all ready to collect my iPhone filled with AMG Porn (which is first prize), but after taking a long, hard look at the pictures, I'm stumped. While he seems delightful, the mystery man has the most bizarrely nondescript body and cock ever -- and with no distinguishing tattoos (or hair for that matter), it's tricky. He could be anyone -- and yet he is no one; a utterly devastating existential metaphor of modern man's faceless imperialistic forays into the third world sex trade.

More photos and clues are being released on their new blog every few days leading up to his unmasking on August 27th, bu until then, check out some exclusive pics after the jump ...

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just_add_water_jetset1.jpgIt took a few months, but it appears as if Chris Steele has clearly hit his stride at Jet Set, where he's the Director of Production. The ebullient Steele gives us a sneak peek of his latest poolside sex romp slash ode to summer a la his terrific Dripping Wet.

Filmed in a mansion in Encino (man!) the flick stars the latest much-hyped straight trade Jordan Vaughn (left) along with plenty of young-n-muscled hotties like Nickolay Petrov, TJ Young, Tyler Saint, Travis Scott, Andy Kirra, Jason White, Erik West and old fave Mason Wyler.

Steele, however, is beaming like a proud parent about the newest Jet Set Exclusive Jesse Santana, who he described as "hotter than Roman sexually ... he's dynamite." Whoa.

More photos after the jump ...

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I'm happy to report that the perverse Titan Media juggernaut that began with Cirque Noir two years ago and followed with Folsom Filth last fall continues to shock and awe. Fear, the latest installment of sexual panic just finished shooting at Titan's grindhouse, a sprawling south-of-San Francisco ranch with enough room to construct elaborate sets and enough privacy to ensure that no one can hear the screams.

I dropped by the set a few weeks ago to check out the goods and found guys like Francois Sagat, Diesel Washington, Dean Flynn and Tober Brandt discussing their fates with relish: a Titan shoot can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for porn stars, a challenge akin to shooting a Herzog film. Newcomers Derek DiSilva and Tony Buff were even more adamant in their willingness. "When else are we gonna get the chance to have sex bound, upside down and underwater?"

You can shave my nuts if that wasn't my thought exactly. Whether as viewer or would-be participant, Fear go on sale this October at the Folsom Street Fair. For those of you who missed the get-in-line-to-give-a-Titan-Man-head party (aka "Lube Job") last night at San Francisco's Truck bar, you can probably catch them this weekend -- scars and all -- at the even-more-perverse-than-Titan-would-film Up Your Alley Fair this weekend.

(Pics after the jump, if you dare...)


Forgive me, Daddy, for I have skinned.

(Incipient scandal courtesy Dark Alley Media)

-- MIke

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gay-porn-intern-michael-lucas-piss-pic.jpgDoes any intern not get pissed on by the boss? The new guy over at Lucas Entertainment sure can't dispute it.

We had some technical difficulties last week, so while you all were trying to post comments, we were watching the exploits of Mike Kashey, the on-the-set blogger for Lucas Entertainment's new sex comedy, The Intern. It was his first time on set, so he was understandably nervous ... a week or so later he's got shower-nozzle masturbation material for until he's the boss.

I was weened from teet on sustenance like Porky's and Meatballs and Private School and my fondness for screwball antics and impromptu flesh shows has never left me. The Intern is a marked departure for Michael Lucas, a wickedly funny human being who is nevertheless better known for more earnest fare like La Dolce Vita. I can say that in true sex comedy fashion, the shots of giant-cocked Ben Andrews in nerd glasses crack me up. Cliches are a hallmark of both the sex comedy genre and porn genre ... as long as the comedy lives up to the sex, Lucas is golden. And I don't just mean showers.



-- Mike

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basic_plumbing_box.jpgSay what you will about Falcon (and, apparently, a lot of you will ...), but their alumni of exclusives reads like a who's-who of some of the most-lusted-after men in gay porn: the mere mention of the likes of Mike Branson, Jeremy Penn, Eric Hanson, etc. has the power to send the a rush of blood to the genitalia of mere mortals years after any have done a scene.

So one could expect nothing less than a supernova of unadulterated sexual fireworks when they paired Roman Heart with legendary topman Chase Hunter in the latest installment of their Basic Plumbing franchise. Did they succeed? You can decide for yourself: Falcon is offering the scene on VOD before Basic Plumbing 3 is released (you can watch it free if you're a member of their site).

Check out a free image gallery after the jump ...

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longboard-gayporn_sm.jpgGranted an interesting debate was spurred by the last two entries (can gay porn be -- gulp -- art?!), but at risk of turning this place into a gay porn dailykos, I'm taking things in a decidedly UN-political route: An Ode to the Surfer Dude. They're too stoned to care about politics anyway.

Growing up in Miami Beach, surfers were the top of the crush food chain. And gay porn from that era was no different: Some of the biggest stars (Leo Ford, Lance, etc) looked like they got their tanned, toned bods from the beach not the gym. My number-one surfer dude crush in high school once asked me -- in earnest -- what year it was. Surfers may smoke as much pot as hippies, but they're well groomed, neatly dressed, and ooze sex.

After watching Falcon's latest, Longboard, I'm guessing director Chad Donvoan feels the same way I do. Although he's not a blond I see the same heavy-lidded dopey adorableness in cover star Derek Brodie (the latest amateur star to "go mainstream" -- I've ogled him on Jake Cruise often). The rest of the cast is rounded out quite nicely with real blonds and actual surfers, like shaggy-haired
Zackary Ryan who looks like he comes from another era.


Click "Continue" to see a free hardcore action gallery.

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Rodney Dangerfield should have worked in pornography. The lack of respect accorded to the world's favorite film genre is profound, and as a pornographer you're less likely to find accolades outside the industry than a hooker (even one with a heart of gold) is to find love. People talk a good game, sure, but only into their tissues. But careful: show more than an intonation of violence (because there's none in other forms of popular culture) and you'll have parents protesting quicker than if it were Itchy and Scratchy or Beavis and Butthead. Make a porn set on a farm or frathouse and it's derided as filler fluff; make a porn set in a military prison and you're suddenly a baby killer.

gay-porn-gaytanamo-boxcover-dvd-dark-alley-pic.jpgTake the recent uproar about Dark Alley Media's recent release, Gaytanamo. When Matthias von Fistenberg and Owen Hawk first sent us the script, we thought it was clever enough to reprint (at least in part). They even got a little angry that we disclosed that it was not, in fact, filmed at a CIA black site. First, the Washington Blade picked up on the story, calling it "a new low in bad taste" then Queerty picked up the story. Suddenly there was a full backlash from porn fans across the globe who find it "inappropriate" "offensive" and "designed to capitalize on suffering." But that was only the beginning ...

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link_v_gay _porn.jpgChi Chi LaRue cut her fetishistic teeth directing the legendarily kinky and filth-tastic Link Series for All Worlds. So it makes sense that she would revive the tried-and-true dirty franchise now that she owns All Worlds (even though they promised the 3rd installment -- The Final Link would be the last and then dug up The Missing Link...)

But like Steisand's or Cher's never-ending "Farewell" tours, as long as it's hot we queers will stay loyal, and the just-announced 5th installment to the series -- Link V: The Evolution -- looks to be another scorching epic of filth. The teaser trailer, just posted on their brand new production blog, is intriguing to say the least, repleat with a jolting Carrie-esque hand popping out of a ... well, you'll just have to see it for yourself: Click here to watch.


Also see:
Watch Link on
Watch Chi Chi LaRue Movies on
Watch All Worlds on

-- Jack

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gay-porn-gaytanamo-dvd-cover-pic.jpgFor hardcore fetishists, there are many ways to make sense more intense. For the boys at Dark Alley, the solution is ski masks, abductions, torture, rough sex and ... classical music. (You heard me!) Gaytanamo, the long-awaited and already controversial feature about sextraordinary rendition and (once you go) "black sites," goes for the jugular with a sound so colossal that you can barely hear your heartbeat. (Of course, after you've seen Matthias von Fistenberg, Owen Hawk, Violator and others fuck the crap out of each other, you may wonder if it's actually stopped beating.) I'm all for quasi-political and erudite porn referents: can Fisting with Foucault be far behind?

Hardcore Gaytanamo Trailer (, in HD)
Dark Alley's Violator (Gay Porn Blog)
Dark Alley VOD (


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big boat gay porn studio 2000Renting a houseboat for a long weekend is like guaranteeing yourself entry into a sure-fire orgy. They fit up to ten people and there really isn't much more to do besides drive around on a lake at 5 mph, get drunk and fuck everyone else you're trapped on the boat with -- again, if only because there's nothing else to do.

I'm not the first person to come to such a conclusion: much of the Tommy Lee/Pam Anderson sex tape takes place on a houseboat as does Studio 2000's latest, Big Boat, in which we (finally!) get another look at S2K Exclusive Jake Havoc and his much-heralded mega-thick cock both of which I've become majorly obsessed with.

Click continue for more images and info on "Big Boat" ...

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Hmmm. Of all the methods of seducing a straight man I might use, "Get Caught Jerking off to Freshmen" is not one that I'd employ -- even with Valentine's Day coming up. In fact, I think that even as a gay porn loving gay man, I might be creeped out to find my camping buddy shooting a wad in the tent. The last scene in Jett Blakk's "How to Seduce a Straight Man" may not be Brokeback Mountain but, hey, at least you get to see cock.


Gay Porn from Jett Blakk (
Tip #1: Ye Olde Popcorn Trick (Gay Porn Blog)
Tip #2 "Try It, You'll Like It" (Gay Porn Blog)
Tip #3: "Roofies!" (Gay Porn Blog)
How to Seduce a Straight Man on DVD (Red Devil Entertainment)

-- Mike

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So I'm titillated by straight guys. Sue me.

Actually, I just like the game of cat and mouse. Jett Blakk's gay porn tips for desperate and enterprising homosexuals continues with the tried and true classic called Stare at Them Intently While They Sleep and Hope They Don't Punch You When You Touch Their Dick. This one NEVER worked for me, particularly because I was too scared to do the second part.

Our final tip is next week and while I haven't seen it yet, I'm hoping it's Pay Rod Barry For Sex. At least I know that one works.

Gay Porn from Jett Blakk (
Tip #1: Ye Olde Popcorn Trick (Gay Porn Blog)
Tip #2 "Try It, You'll Like It" (Gay Porn Blog)

-- Mike

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When I was a wayward youth, I used to come up with implausible scenario after implausible scenario with which I would seduce Ed, a reputedly horse-hung cowboy who deflowered dozens of the teen girls (who, in turn, regaled me with stories of his prowess).

Though I was barely three apples high, I would take every opportunity to engage Ed in dispassionate debate about the nature of oral sex. "I know it's disgusting to think about," I'd say, "But men must give better head than women, no? I mean, totally foul -- but women don't know a man's body like another man." Given that it was fairly evident based on my age that I'd never had head given, it's odd that dumb old Ed never caught on.

"I mean, maybe if I closed my eyes," I'd speculate, in a man-of-the-world muse. But he'd just shake his head and leave to go, no doubt, fuck one of my little girlfriends. Maybe this is why I'm so entranced by the hot and hackneyed excuses Jett Blakk recounts as tools for "How to Seduce a Straight Man." If only I'd have used this one on old Ed...

Gay Porn Movies by Jett Blakk (free previews, courtesy
Jett Blakk's Blog
Masque Trailer (Gay Porn Blog)

-- Mike

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As a full-fledged homosexual in a full-fledged homosexual city, I sometimes miss the will-he-let-me-suck-his-dick obsessiveness that defined my relationship with straight guys in high school. Uncomfortable tension is the hallmark of a hot pre-sexual encounter, almost eclipsing the joy one finds upon pulling back the waist band of a pair of Jockeys to size up the prize inside.

In that vein, pun not intended but accepted regardless, Jett Blakk, founder of Red Devil Entertainment has given us a variety of tips on "How to Seduce a Straight Man" from his upcoming Channel 1 release. While I suspect that THIS particular trick (see clip below) would have gotten me a black eye, it's also one of my all-time favorite porn jokes.

(Click "Continue..." to watch the trailer)

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gay-porn-pic-violator-dark-alley-cock-nude-pic.jpgMost porn scripts are fluff and most porn stars are smoked turkey bland. Not a Dark Alley's Violator. The script for Dark Alley's upcoming production "Gaytanamo" -- wherein a German tourist "suffers" some extraordinary rendition at the hands of their new exclusive, Violator, came across my desk right before the holidays.

It's camera directions like this that make my day:

"PAN TO: A fire in a barrel to a tent, next to a grocery cart. The tent is slightly open...

CUT TO: A homeless man, ragged and depressed. He ignores the camera as he chews on a piece of straw trash...

CUT TO: From a distance, we see a German tourist walking along in sight of an abandoned building."

Sounds like Jersey City -- or perhaps Mortville -- to me. Of course, Violator (pictured below) and Dark Alley's Owen Hawk make short work of the tourist, employing some, um, unconventional torture techniques.

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Jake-Havoc-gay-porn_sm.jpg"It's not the size of the wave it's the motion of the ocean," remains the mantra of the cocksure small-dicked since time immemorial. But it is true that length isn't all that matters: Width is equally important (if not more, for some discerning size queens -- I know I prefer to sip beer from a can than champagne from a flute).

While diligently compiling a top ten thickest cocks counterpart to our ten biggest countdown, I couldn't help but share the newest entrant to the arena: Studio 2000 Exclusive Jake Havoc.

Studio 2000 vehemently defends their claim that this fresh-faced toe-head's the thickest. Does he live up to the hype? It would be impossible for me to say definitively unless I, say, held it in my hand (so I could wrap a tape measure around it! What did you think?).

Until then, judge for yourself ... more pictures and links after the jump

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Cleaning off my hard drive, I found these photos I took from the set of Velvet Mafia this past May that I completely forgot about. Oops. Better late than never, right?

By and large, porn sets are a hurry-up-and-wait hornet's nest of boredom, performance anxiety, sexual tension, and ego -- with a healthy dose of disorganization thrown in for good measure.

But this one was different. Going through these photos, I was reminded fondly of what a fun shoot it was. If anyone was responsible, it was director Chris Steele.

Despite facing the Herculean task of managing a huge cast and crew and bring the elaborate script to life under the cruel realities of a porn budget, he kept things light-hearted and upbeat without ever sacrificing perfectionism -- and without breaking a sweat.

What's sexier than that?

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gay_porn_star_cort_donovan.jpgFalcon does it all the time: they announce they've signed a new exclusive but you've got to wait like six months for their first movie to come out. With their two newest, Cort Donovan (left) and Ashon Star (below), however, they're giving us a taste by having the guys do a FalconTV live sex show on their site today (10/25) to tide us over ever so slighlty until "Dripping Wet," their porn debut, is released next month.

Until then they were nice enough to send over a couple of choice shots of the two handsome young bucks from "Dripping Wet" that certainly have got my tongue wagging. Do
tune into their show at 6:00 PST
. Ashton's a total cutie pie and Cort? Well Roman Heart hasn't stopped raving about his oversized cock since he sat on it in "Dripping Wet" (pictures after the jump). I'll be moderating the show be sure sure to ask at least one scintillating quesiton.


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gay-porn-webcast-roma-tim-xxx-1.jpgWhen you've been on set for the filming of a particular sex scene, the finished product can leave you wanting (even if it was hot) or impress you with adept editing (even if it was not). I just got a glimpse of Studio 2000's Wildlands (the DVD goes on sale Friday and Studio 2000 is doing a limited streaming release on NakedSword over the next week or so) and can say that I'm as hot for Damon Demarco's cock as I was on set. He's got a real beauty, that one.

There's also great behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot and an interview with David McKay (head of Studio 2000) about Wildlands (it's the first since he took over) and reinventing a classic studio in a modern porn marketplace on the latest episode of The Tim and Roma Show (not to discount Roma's campy turn as a key-ed up starlet.)

Related links:

gay-porn-scene-wildlands-studio-2000.gif-- Wildlands Premiere on NakedSword
-- Wildlands Behind-The-Scenes on Tim and Roma (free, but registration is required)
-- Studio 2000's website
-- Roma's rampage on the Tim and Roma Blog
-- Behind the scenes pics from the Wildlands shoot on GPB

-- Mike

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1. Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita

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hard surf free gay pornJohn Bruno, best known for directing the latest raunch-fests from Mustang Studios, excitedly premiers a new movie from his own Massive Studio called Hard Surf on October 9th. Utilizing surfing footage that Bruno shot over the last four years, the movie portrays a day-in-the-life of lifeguard Jason Ridge and was filmed on-location on Venice Beach.

While I do list surfer boys as one of my favorite fetishes, I'm perhaps more excited to see the feature debut of ultra-hunky slab of beef coverstar Dakota James (to date, James has only appeared on

"With that handsome face and amazing body, Dakota James is going to be the next big thing in all-male entertainment," Bruno enthused.

OK, sure. I've no dobut. But can we call a porn a porn?

Check out some exclusive pics after the jump ...

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folsom-filth-gay-porn-pic-group-hood.jpgThe amount of porn being produced is spiraling ever upwards, like a sexual tower of Babel and many of the big studios are defining and re-defining themselves to be anything but mainstream. While some are distancing themselves from their fetish roots, others, most notably Titan are embracing them with guts and gusto.

Titan shocked the industry last year when it released Cirque Noir. Clowns, surgically forked tongues and Buck Angel, the infamous Man With A Pussy. Hell, it scared (and scarred) me. Later this month, they'll release Folsom Filth and if the trailer is any indication it's going to be a non-conventional, barely consensual doozy: kidnapping, suffocation, rosebud pumps, bloody whips, fists of fury and more piss than an urinal at Octoberfest (not to mention Francois Sagat). Pics after the jump (if you dare)!

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Buck Angel, Cirque Nior, Clowns, Diesel Washington, Fetish, Francois Sagat, Titan

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gay-porn-pic-jay-black-on-back-top.jpgRaging Stallion's Lords of the Jungle wrapped shooting yesterday and now the long march to DVD begins. Will it beat Raging Stallion's previous records?

If Raging Stallion's Lords of the Jungle is going to be the, uh, raging success that their Arabesque was earlier this year, it's gonna have to hit on the key elements that made the Arab-themed film such a phenomenon. As with any good movie, the sex scenes need to be filled chemistry, sweat and lube: having been on-set I think I can vouch that that has been taken care of. But Raging Stallion's secret -- at least to me -- is their rare ability to negotiate a multi-ethnic cast without succumbing to condescension or sterotype. Of course, it also helps that they keep me rock hard...

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amg_gay_porn_twins_small.jpgAnyone who knows about my unabashed predilection for gay twin porn could have predicted that I'd in hog heaven with Athletic Model Guild's announcement that they've just signed a pair of boner-fide gay twin brothers as exclusives for their new AMG Brazil line.

In light of my obsession, they're letting me be the first to jerk off to them post images of them! Caio and Carlos Carvalho make their debut in AMG Brazil's Gêmeos (Portuguese for "Twins").

According to AMG, the duo not only walk alike, talk alike, and have identical fat uncut cocks but (...drum roll, please...) they like to fuck each other. Sadly, however, they they only like to bone each other off camera ... so far. For the record: While I'll happily jerk off to the idea, I will believe it when I see it.

Until then, check out these exclusive hardcore shots of Caio and Carlos Carvalho in action to see what I'm all worked up about ...

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AMG Brasil, Caio Carvalho, Carlos Carvalho, Twins

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black balled 5 gay pornA few weeks ago, Channel1 Releasing sent out a press release that sent shock-waves of anticipation throughout the gay porn industry: Dean Monroe got fucked by eight black men ... and on a Le Courbusier couch no less!

No, no -- it wasn't another wild night out for the well-seasoned stud, they were merely announcing that they had wrapped filming on the 5th and most-hotly anticipated installment of the Black Balled Series from All Worlds.

"Black Balled 5: Star Fucker" is slated for release at the end of September. Until then, they were nice enough to give us an exclusive sneak peek of Dean going up against the (alleged) "72 inches of cock" attached to the eight black studs who have the honor of gangbanging Dean (Jack Simmons, Aaron Ridge and Mark Williams to name just a few).

Click "Continue" to see a free hardcore gallery from the movie ...

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gay-porn-bts-raging-stallio.jpgDamn, it's getting hot! Hawaii in August is no joke, or so the cast of Raging Stallion's Lords of the Jungle and I found out. While it's set in the same gay-porn-friendly section of the Big Island that Falcon filmed Drenched and Titan filmed Eruption, Raging Stallion head Chris Ward is avoiding a beach flick: continuing in the somewhat dark tradition of Raging Stallion, the action takes place in the dense, humid and viney forests of the interior. There's some beach action -- fourteen guys wash up on a deserted island in the first scene -- but most of the scenes are in more aggressive locations.

People don't always realize the length that gay porn models and directors go through to get you the shots that get your shot off, but it's more than just a sore ass. It's mosquitos, fire ants, intermittent rain fall, overly curious passersby and plenty of cum, sweat and tears (pics after the jump)...

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jett_blakk_gay_porn_1.jpgI was flattered to receive an email recently from director Jett Blakk saying that he not only read this blog but also asking if I would be interested in premiering the trailer for his latest release, "Masque".

Flattery notwithstanding, I'm a huge fan of Blakk's work. As someone with a few porn screenplays under my belt, it's easy for me to blather on and on about how terrific the plot-driven, script-heavy titles he's made for his own Red Devil Productions are ("The Bombardier", "Dirty Little Sins", "Nasty Nasty" are among his best).

jett_blakk_gay_porn_.jpgDespite the fact that sometimes its impossible not to fall back cliches when working in this medium, Blakk rarely does, always finding inventive and endlessly creative ways to weave four or five sex scenes into what would be a compelling story on it's own.

Based loosely on Edgar Allen Poe's short story "Masque of the Red Death", Blakk's "Masque", due out in October from Oh Man! Studios, is an orgy flick that's is less reliant on plot and more of what he calls a "costume drama" ...

Click "Continue" for the hardcore trailer "premier"!

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Fellow gay porn journalists and I have been collectively scratching our heads in response to this bizarre series of packages and press releases we've been receiving from a mysterious new studio called Avalon (one even had a velvet bag filled with almost-real money in it as some sort of bribe).

While I'm enjoying it all thoroughly (Shocker! Not a lot of thought goes into most gay porn press kits!), I have a hunch this fiction being spun might be related to real-life sexy troublemaker Brent Corrigan ...


And that maybe it's all related to Falcon Studios' upcoming two-part big movie The Velvet Mafia (be warned ... the just-launched teaser site asks more questions than it answers).

Click continue to see the teaser trailer...

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gay-sex-pic-matt-cole-mr-robinson.jpgAnd here's to you, Mr. Robinson...

Raging Stallion's Bedroom Eyes doesn't come out the end of the month, but I'm already salivating. The movie has two of the thickest dicks in town -- Rafael Alencar and Francois Sagat -- topping firm, hairy ass with legendary pornstar abandon. Not since Kristen Bjorn have stars had this much fun.

I'm going to Hawaii on set with Raging Stallion later this month to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage for a Tarzan-style release. With flirts like Rafael, Dean Monroe and Tag Adams running around, it's gonna be hard keeping my objective distance. A real crisis of conscience. Sometimes this job is too much.

Hardcore clips after the jump...

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gay-black-cock-porn-pic-whoa.jpgSometimes looking at porn pics all day can leave you less than impressed with the goods on display. Everything becomes relative and other people act incredulous when you refer to a reasonably well-hung star as "itsy" or "tiny." Leave it to mega-inched Michael Brandon, however, to find a star that'll make your draw drop.

The down-to-his-knee Keanu Koxxx appears in director Brandon's Assquest 2 (the original Assquest, starring Remy Delaine was a monster hit for Raging Stallion Studios. Assquest 2 has my current thick-dicked obsession, Rafael Alencar, in a role I'd certainly support). Big dicks notwithstanding, the unrelenting perversion of Raging Stallion is helping propel it to the top ranks of gay porn producers. But I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

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free-gay-porn-pic-6-camera.JPGI've been a fan of gay porn director Rick Tugger since 2003's GayVN-winning movie There Goes The Neighborhood, so I was excited to watch him in action. Every gay porn set I've been on has had its own tone and structure, but few have featured coyotes. On the set of Studio 2000's newest movie, tentatively called Wildlands or Rangers was shot in the hills above Burbank, animals weren't the only thing running wild.

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Upcoming Raging Stallion release "Manhattan" suggests a promising stylistic expansion for the studio and also notably marks the directorial debut for Ben Leon, a handsome young buck I've had the pleasure of knowing even before he started working for RS as a production assistant a few years ago.


leather session gay pornChi Chi LaRue's been getting so much focus lately for her plot-heavy runaway smash hit, Wrong Side of the Tracks, it's easy to forget the directrix cut her teeth on gritty all-sex leather movies (the highly regarded Link is considered by some to be the movie that defined the genre). With her latest, "Leather Sessions", Chi Chi channels that raw piggy sexual intensity we haven't seen since Bolt or even Mustang's Bang Bang.

There's also some twists to the casting that sets this apart from your rank-and-file leather-esque fetish-light movie. While there's definitely major daddy appeal with Rascal Exclusives Cole Ryder (who I've been waiting breathlessly for ever since they announced him) and Tyler Riggz, Chi casts against type with baby-faced Simon Angel and Adam Young, which creates this pervy juxtaposition that really drives me wild.

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down_the_drain_1.jpg Rod Barry was kind enough to show me a rough cut of "Down The Drain," his plumbing-themed directorial debut for All Worlds. It was a real nasty, real perverted treat -- not unlike Rod himself. With him at the helm, it was no surprise that everyone in the movie had that tough-talking (and tougher fucking) snarly "suck my cock, you fucking motherfucker" attitude. (Imagine an entire cast doing their best Rod Barry impression. Hot!)

Nick Capra wins for being raunchiest of the lot in his scene where he works over pig bottom Troy Moore with dildos, tools and finally his dick. Their scene is particularly noteworthy because it's the first time I've ever seen ATM (or ass to mouth) -- a staple in straight porn -- used in a gay porn. There's more memorable moments: a few guys get their head dunked into a toilet while they're getting their asses punched, and Kyle Lewis uses the strap from his jockstrap to make sure Corbin Fisher favorite Mason Wyler doesn't go anywhere when he's mouthfucking him. Click "Contintue" for some exclusive pics.

-- Jack

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free gay porn bullyDV8 Entertainment, Jason Curious' brand-spanking-new production company, just wrapped filming their first feature, "Bully". In a statement on the production, Curious used all sorts of breathless exclamations you would never expect from a PR master: "I just don't know what I did to deserve something this incredible my first time out. Companies work years to get something like this."

The film chronicles the meltdown of a sexually confused Bobby Williams in the title roll. It features the first on-screen bottoming of twink-fave Christian Owen (pictured) and also features Marc Anthony, Antonio Madiera and Caleb Carter (who made his debut a few months ago in AMG Resurrection.

Adding to the massive chicken appeal is DV8's first Exclusive, Shawn Strong. For some exclusive pictures of the 6'3", 9"-cocked lad, click "Continue" ....

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free_gay_porn_warning_1.jpg"Warning" is a lush, oversized volume of photos that you and your coffee table has always wanted. It's gay porn stars though high fashion photog Greg Thompson's lens.

It's like that issue of Visionaire -- sans pubic hair clippings -- that leaves you in a glamour stupor, (but with a hard-on.)

It's a generous portion of Johnny Hazzard -- looking the best I've ever seen him -- thrown in for good measure.

It's what gay porn has needed for a long, long time.

Click "continue" for a sneak peek.

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gay-porn-pic-wet-palms-03-hostage.jpgMark your calendar! After a six-month hiatus, three more episodes of Wet Palms are scheduled to hit the web in early November. Jet Set exec and WP Producer Mark Hovanec has promised that the new episodes will wow even the most jaded porn watcher: In addition to blackmail, kidnapping, adultery, drug addiction and corporate raiding, the season finale -- or should I say climax -- ends with a real bang.

Who will live? Who will die? And more importantly, will straight loner Lucky Hanson (Gabriel Knight) ever fuck a guy? You'll never know unless you watch. (Just because Jack and I wrote the scripts doesn't mean we're going to spoil the surprise!)

The new episodes don't debut for a few weeks, which gives you plenty of time to catch up. members can watch the first six episodes free. Of course, you can always pay-per-episode, too, but I'm all about conserving porn dollars.

Exclusive image gallery after the jump ...

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I'm sorry Kane, but I think I have a new favorite Falcon Exclusive. Their newest contract player is named Ethan Kage and he's nothing short of breathtaking. Their announcement today sent torrents of drool and shockwaves across the gay porn world.


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IML gay porn leather.jpg It's now official -- Wet Palms is the #1 Gay Sex Comedy in America!, yet another in a long list of ignominious tag lines (So much for "America's #1 Gaytime Sex Drama!"). After a long weekend of whips and dip in the nether regions of the Chicago Hyatt, it's good to be back in the California sun. Sadly, the amount of salvageable photos that came out of the long haze of the weekend amounts to, by my last count, three. To wit:

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