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Great news! The "Smut Capital of America" documentary that Jack, Ben Leon and I put together about the birth of the porn industry in the late 60s, is going to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. We'd love to see you guys there!

For screening times and ticket info (as well as extended clips and assorted sexual detritus, check out our Facebook page. We're using that as the film's home base for now.

The film premieres on April 24 as part of Tribeca's "Off the Grid" shorts program. To whet your appetite, a clip from an interview with we did with John Waters, about sex culture in San Francisco in the 70s.

Like us, damn it:

"Smut Capital of America" (Official Facebook Page)
"Smut Capital of America" (via Tribeca Film Festival)

By which we mean, thanks -- we couldn't have done it without you.

-- Mike

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Sadly, I wasn't able to make it to the Cybersocket awards this year, and by all accounts it appears I missed a really fun one one. Check out this absolutely hilarious clip of red carpet highlights from Tim and Roma:

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In a weekend move that shook up the gay porn industry, video-on-demand powerhouse AEBN (Raging Stallion, NakedSword) announced last night that Raging Stallion's Chris Ward would be taking over the reigns of production (above, directing a scene from NakedSword's Golden Gate). We gave him a call this morning and caught him on his way to his first Falcon meeting.

Why did you want to take on Falcon?
It's an iconic brand -- I've always loved their product. Raging Stallion and Falcon are two biggest production companies in the world . And they were looking for a buyer. Certainly the combined operation is twice the size of any other competitor. We're going to have a lot of press, shelf space. Raging Stallion serves a different niche, so it fits in nicely.

What does the Falcon brand stand for to you?
I think that Falcon is a company composed of multiple labels. When one thinks about Falcon, you think: the clean cut guy in underwear with a big dick. He's the boy next door, but when you dig deeper is he's pretty dirty. It's guys who don't look like they're going to do.

Raging Stallion films tall, dark and handsome -- more hair, older. Falcon is 20 to 30; Raging Stallion is 28 to 40. There are exceptions of course, but Raging Stallion has a much more ethnic look. Falcon is smoother, younger, more collegiate.


Falcon Studios -- the historic home of gay porn classics like Spokes and Other Side of Aspen, and home to stars from Dick Fisk (above) and Al Parker to Matthew Rush and Landon Conrad -- has finally, after years of speculation, been sold.


The legendary gay porn studio founded by Chuck Holmes in 1971 has been bought by VOD-giant AEBN, but will be run by San Francisco-based Raging Stallion Studios. While Falcon will continue to exist as it's own brand and film line, film production will be overseen by director Chris Ward, head of Raging Stallion, Ward confirmed with us this afternoon.


Derek Chambers, a gay-for-pay porn star best known for his work with Jet Set Men, says he tested positive after a gay shoot in September. The actor spoke with the Los Angeles Times earlier this week, immediately igniting a firestorm over safe sex on porn sets.

Part of the storm is that Chambers claims he got HIV on a set where condoms were being used (albeit not for oral sex). Chambers, who also works in straight porn name under the name Cameron Reid, says he doesn't have gay sex off-set, or sex with anyone besides his girlfriend in his regular life -- therefore he must have gotten it on the September shoot. Because the claims have threatened to shut down production on even safe sex sets -- and so far been used to deny a license to an industry testing center -- the Chambers story has come under fire from industry sources who feel he's not telling everything.

For example, perhaps he's not so straight. After the jump, an interview we found from September, where Chambers says that he actually prefers shooting gay porn, that it was "something he's always wanted to get into" and that he loves getting fucked. His scene with Jamesson had him, in his words "on Cloud Nine." His girlfriend has got to be just a little confused.

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While Jake Lyons got sued for escorting by Corbin Fisher, NakedSword knows that rentability adds value to any porn star! The site's long-awaited new gay porn series -- which, full disclosure, Jack and I both worked on -- debuts with the story of lonely gay MBA Ronald (Cameron Marshall) hiring Topher DiMaggio to break up the monotony of spread sheets. Now only if I could find his number ...

Hardcore trailer after the jump.

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Mike and I have talked about Tony DiMarco's boxing movie BRUTAL a couple times so far: We know it's Jason Adonis' first movie for Raging Stallion's, and Mike snuck these snaps from the set last month. Now a few more pieces to the puzzle of what's shaping up to be quite possibly one of the biggest movies of the year. Box cover below, teaser trailer after the jump.


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With less than a week left to raise the funds to finance our 'Smut Capital' documentary, I thought I'd release a longer clip. I hate to sound like NPR during funding drive, but once we finish this, we'll be able to move on to posting even juicier stuff -- interviews with Jim Bentley, Kevin Williams, Tom Chase, Aiden Shaw, Kris Lord and others.

'Smut Capital' (Teaser Clip) from Michael Stabile on Vimeo.

So far, we've kept the film's integrity -- if we want to tell this story, and the larger gay story of Chuck Holmes, we feel we need to do it independently. But this takes money, and we're running dry. I used to hate to beg, but then I got a credit card statement. I know it's a recession, but if you've got a few bucks, we'll make it worth your while.



In the good old days -- that is, the 70s -- it wasn't hard to find a live sex show in San Francisco. It wasn't quite at the level of Tijuana, but it wasn't uncommon to see the occasional cattle prod. So I was excited when Scott Tanner, now directing for, told me about his newest site, Bound In Public, I was thrilled that we were taking back our Smut Capital mantle. They're taking porn out of the studio, and daring the city's legendary exhibitionists to do it in front of a live audience of assembled hipsters and perverts.

While the locations are private, that's about the only thing that is -- if you live in San Francisco, it's easy enough to snag an invite to a shoot. You're only required to watch, but this being San Francisco, the audience gets away with a lot more!

Bar Whore (free clip

-- Mike


While Al Parker was never able to get his foreskin back, I'm glad to report that some things from the 70s can be fully restored to their original gay glory. Radley Metzger's sexploitation classic Score is being re-released in HD, with formerly deleted man-man sex scenes that were chopped from the original. (The movie, which is based on a Jerry Douglas play that originally starred Sylvester Stallone, isn't the only porno chic revival these days -- Douglas is directing The Deep Throat Sex Scandal at the Bleeker Street Theater in New York.)

Score, a story about a couple swingers on vacation in the European city of Leisure was part of the all-too-brief period of porno chic when everyone felt that hardcore sex and polite cinema were bound to merge. The trailer (after the jump) is closer to Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice than a 8mm peep show loop. Incidentally, Score was a big influence on director Travis Mathews, who's I Want Your Love project has been getting so much press. Maybe the dream of integration hasn't died ...

Kudos to the folks creative enough not to just slap on a pair of ass-less leather chaps and call it an outfit. Best costume for the day goes to Race Cooper:


Logan McCree

Logan McCree

Trent Locke

Kennedy Carter kissing Chris Porter

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I was lucky enough to have dinner Friday before the GayVNs with Lifetime Achievement winner Pat Rocco, but I have to admit the rest of the weekend has been a bit of a blur. I remember grinding near with GayVN "Personality of the Year" Sister Roma, touching Paul Wagner's butt and getting willfully molested by Rafael Alenca, but some how I missed the induction of D.O. and Adam Champ as Raging Stallion's Man of the Year> I have vague flashes of Matthew Rush being in my living room, and of Logan McCree saying something about sex with a woman. It is possible that I was roofied.

Regardless, I'm off to meet Jack at the Folsom Street Fair. Pics later (above, the gorgeous Samuel Colt at the awards, courtesy of RollingBlackout) ... I SWEAR. Meanwhile, the full winners list from the 2010 GayVN gay porn awards follow.

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gayvn gay porn awards winner logan mcree.JPG

Raging Stallion took home top honors again last night at the 2010 GayVN Awards, with Focus/Refocus (and the Ward-Leon-DiMarco team behind it) taking home Best Feature and Best Director (they tied with Joe Gage for intergenerational sensational, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip). I'll post the rest after I find my underwear, and a Vicodin. Above, Logan McCree winner for Best Actor.

In the meantime, if you're dying to know check out the winners on TheSword's twitter feed.

-- Mike

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The boys were out in full force last night as porn stars descended on San Francisco for the 2010 GayVN Awards in gay porn. The weather is gorgeous, which means that tonight's fashion parade will be as revealing as ever, and I can't wait. We'll update you with the results later tonight, but in the meantime, here's a wrap up of the seven Best Feature (previously known as Best Picture, and Best Movie before that) nominees:

Asylum (Falcon Studios)
Dad Takes A Fishing Trip (Ray Dragon / Joe Gage)
Focus/Refocus (Raging Stallion Studios)
Houseboy (Eurocreme)
Obsession (Lucas Entertainment)
Overdrive (Titan)
Taken: To The Lowest Level (Channel 1 Releasing)

Trailers after the jump ...

I've been hiding in the woods for the past few days preparing for the upcoming Folsom weekend, so forgive me for a little lag. Tomorrow night, the stars will converge on the Castro for the GayVN gay porn Awards ( presented by, and while the streets will be flowing with rum and Diet Coke, it seemed worthwhile to spread Chi Chi's latest message. While I doubt many holes will be shut this weekend, hopefully they'll at least be safe ...

Of course, the safest sex of all is porn, so in the case that you won't be joining us on the red carpet, you can at least vote (with a show of hand, that is)

GayVN Nominated Movies (

-- Mike

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The GayVNs are coming up in a week, and despite the fact that they're the most nominated studio in 2010, Raging Stallion already seems to be thinking of 2012. Currently they've got two different productions that could vie for the title in 2011 (Tony DiMarco's BRUTAL and Golden Gate, the NakedSword co-production). This week, they announced a huge two-part movie filming in Sonoma right now that will release next year, putting it in play for 2012 awards.


Of all the people I've met working on this Chuck Holmes documentary, director John Summers was one of my favorites. He died yesterday morning in his North Hollywood home from an apparent heart attack.

Summers was one of the people most responsible for the Falcon look -- he brought a style and class to post-Aspen movies that really set the studio apart. He claimed that one of my favorite of Summer's movies, Style (1981) was the first porn where the boys were shaved. He also had Bruce Weber's assistant Kyle Martin style the movie -- clothes were brought in from Wilkes Bashford, hair was done, the feet were bleached and the 80s were ON.

Summers had come to San Francisco in the late 60s and ran a series of boy brothels with John Travis. Later, he, Travis, Matt Sterling and Chuck Holmes would become the founders of the industry as we know it. It was illegal, it was dangerous and to hear Summers tell it, it was a lot of fun. He was always behind the scenes (he never liked to be photographed) and always cooking up trouble (Vanity Fair once referred to only as the mysterious Black Buddha of Porn), but in my experience, always a pleasure to deal with. We shot an interview with him in March, and he'd call every couple of weeks to talk about bad Hollywood movies, money-making schemes, and the importance of high-quality mixed nuts. He loved art and orchids and preppies with big, big dicks. I'll miss him a lot.

-- Mike

Select Filmography
Style (Falcon)
Big and Thick (HIS)
Two Handfuls (Bijou)


Start picking out your harness now, because the GayVNs are back and filthier than ever! The nominations for the 2010 Awards -- presented by NakedSword, hosted by Alec Mapa, filmed by Showtime and scheduled to take place over the shockingly perverse Folsom Fair Weekend -- were released under cover of darkness last night, and we're gearing up to rub ourselves raw evaluating the competition. In terms of volume, Raging Stallion was the big winner again (Focus/ Refocus and Tales of Arabian Nights), with tight competition from Lucas (Wall Street, Inside Israel) and Chi Chi LaRue's Rascal (Taken: to the Lowest Level) and, perhaps not surprisingly, veteran gay porn director Joe Gage's self-produced Dad Takes A Fishing Trip.

The full list of nominees is available here, but we've come up with a few battles that we're really curious about.

Best Proxy Battle for the Mosque at Ground Zero
Lucas' Inside Israel vs. Raging Stallion's Tales of Arabian Nights


For an amazing third year in a row, porn powerhouse Raging Stallion took home the top prize at the Grabby Awards, nabbing Best Porn Movie (for Focus/Refocus), Best Director (Leon/DiMarco/Ward, in a tie with Chi Chi LaRue for C1R's Taken to the Lowest Level), Best Actor (Cole Streets) and Best Group Scene, among others. But despite the studios dominance for a third year (they won in 2009 for The Drifter and 2008 for GRUNTS), the night was packed with plenty for everyone. But the trending topic on Twitter was Best Cock (Cut) winner Tony Buff, who's fetish crew is gay porn's Haus of Gaga (pic, and list of winners after the jump)

Superstar Gus Mattox -- or Tom Judson as he's more commonly known these days -- takes his one-man show Canned Ham to LA through the end of next week to rave reviews (naturally). Show is playing at the Cavern Club in Silverlake and there's only a few show left so run -- don't walk -- to get your tickets now.

For those of us who can't make it to LA, you're not completely out of luck: Tom will be taking the show to Provincetown this summer, as we learn in this clip courtesy James St. James featuring a teary-eyed testimonial from one-time River Phoenix co-star and Bongwater lead singer Ann Magnuson.

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In case you forgot why print media was killed by the internet, the Levi Johnston issue of Playgirl will not hit stands later this month. That's means that the time betweenthe actual shoot and the arrival of the hot-off-the-presses issue is roughly 5 times as long as it took for the final pictures to show up on the internet. Daniel Nardicio sent along the picture of the cover, and promised new, never before seen photos of Young Levi (in color, we hope?). Frankly, I'm more interested in the naked shots of New York's hottest bartenders.

When I asked him why they Photoshopped out Levi's pubes like a Ken Doll (see cover), he quickly shot back. "No, HE shaved them." I've never heard a gayer-for-pay thing in my life.

Nardicio also told me that they've got their next star lined up -- they'll be announcing it next week -- and hinted that among the offers that have gone out are Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Kirk McCambley -- the hunky ginger that brought down the government of Northern Ireland.

And in case you haven't seen them ... Levi Johnston Nude (

-- Mike

Levi Johnston's Nude White Ass in Our Face
Levi Johnston Arrives for Playgirl Shoot

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Yes, he's jerking off with his dad.

When horse-hung high-school student Rhett and helicopter dad Rhett Sr. heard that brothers get paid more for jerking off together, they asked Straight College Men if they could get in on the action. They both claim never to have seen each other hard, but that's probably because Rhett Sr. only sneaks under the covers after lights out.

What's more disturbing, though, is Rhett Sr.'s detailed recollections of his son's bulge in biking shorts. I think we'll hear more from these guys in the future, and it's going to involve fishnets, Natty Light and a mug shot.

Awkward, uncomfortable, clip after the jump ...

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dustin-michaels-death-weed-.jpg**UPDATE #1** Extremely disturbing video of Dustin's fatal struggle with police has been released.

**UPDATE #2** According to Dustin's Twitter: He smoked a lot of weed.

We're sad to note that porn star Dustin Michaels (given name Andrew Grande) died in police custody this weekend while allegedly attempting to swallow a bag of weed.

Police had responded to a domestic disturbance call at his home in Panama City, FL. While attempting to handcuff him, Michaels swallowed the baggie and began choking. The police tasered him before administering the Heimlich Maneuver. A camera crew from Tru TV happened to filming the incident for a COPS-style reality TV show.

The laid-back and handsome, the openly gay and self-described "country bumpkin'" worked with a variety of amateur sites like OnTheHunt (I met him briefly on the Vegas shoot for the Manhunt porn site and he was nice enough to smoke me out) and CircleJerkBoys but is perhaps best known for his performances in's NakedKombat and Bound Gods sites.


As of this morning, police have been unable to contact Michaels' family. His best friend (and sometime scene partner), Austin Grant (pictured wtih Michaels) has asked us to help spread the word to his porn family. It's terrible stuff all around.


Would someone let Levi Johnston know that he can star in gay porn and still be straight? Until then, we'll settle for semi-frontal art-core.

Get your bibs on, boys, the hockey-playing, baby battering Playgirl stud offers us up his buenas naglas blancas after the jump.

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While you all were looking at Nancy Pelosi, the gay-for-pay savior of Playgirl, Levi Johnston arrived in Newark -- just an hour or so ago -- to begin final preparations for his nude spread in the magazine-cum-website later this week. Dashing sleaze merchant Daniel Nardicio alerted us with this pic, in a shot worthy of Gary Lee Boas.

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I had dinner with Bang That Ass star Max Schutler a few nights ago and, after throwing back a truly Argentine amount of steak, Max suggested we get ice cream. I thought to myself "What a pig!" (of course, in actual porn star fashion he didn't finish his cone, and in actual pig fashion, I ate his leftovers. Director Ben Leon, who directed Max in last year's Ereccion had predicted as much would happen.) But, yes, Max can put back the meat.

Max just returned to Buenos Aires after a three month tour of Europe which, if you followed his Facebook updates, seemed to be an endless string of men and beaches. So I shouldn't have been shocked when I stopped by and saw him taking two dicks at once. I guess it's good to be the pig.

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vince_ferelli__rod_daily_sid copy.jpg
Vince Ferelli
used to own a gymnasium for kids in Chicago, Rod Daily used to sell women's shoes at Marshall's. Both have gotten head during working hours. There's no way to watch Wendy Williams during my period of gay Argentine exile, so I've taken to watching Roma's pre-sex interviews with the boys of Hot House as if they were syndicated by a gay King World. Maybe it should be. Anyone who can get a gay for pay star Rod Daily to detail the qualities he look for in a man ("takes care of himself," doesn't matter about his personality) deserves an honorary Emmy.

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I got a rather disturbing email the other day from someone at Raging Stallion, and I'm not sure what to make of it. It seems that the latest RSS feature, Focus Refocus includes a rather graphic gay murder scene featuring auto-asphyxiation, strangulation and sex, of sorts, with the dead body. Fairly gruesome stuff. Anyway, I never know how much to trust emails from within a porn company (too much gay politics as it is), but my friend seemed fairly uncomfortable with the turn the movie had taken -- essentially it looks like a gay snuff film -- and ripped an FLV from the server (aka pardon the quality) to show me.


In case you haven't been privy to Scott Tanner's camera phone, the Raging Stallion star and his hot, hot, Hot House Exclusive boyfriend Paul Wagner are going to finally show off what they've been bragging about, or at least what Scott has been bragging about, since June. In the tradition of the Porn Stars In Love series, the two are doing a live webcam show tonight where they celebrate the sacred bond in the public sphere.

reel-love-paul-wagner-scott-tanner-folsom-pic.jpgFor everyone who's ever complained that on-screen sex is a cardboard cut-out of the real thing, get yourself to Hot House tonight at 7PM to see what real filmed love is like. Alternately, you can hang around Scott long enough that he needs a picture taken -- about three minutes -- then hit the back button. (Sure, it's free, but then again Scott's phone doesn't have a deal to distribute Bel Ami, and certainly isn't directed by Steven Scarborough.)

-- Mike

Scott Tanner and Paul Wagner LIVE! (
Porn Stars In Love (

This year's Folsom Street Fair is turning out to be even pornier than usual with a bunch of gay porn-star-studded events all weekend-long in San Francisco.

Friday Night is Pop Goes The Zipper (Below, left), presented by Chi Chi LaRue and Sister Roma. At Triple Crown, 1760 Market St at 9PM. $5 cover. Porn Stars scheduled to be on-hand and possibly dance at the event are Adam Killian, Rob Romoni, Scott Tanner, Paul Wagner, Kyle King, Nash Lawler, Samuel Colt, Ryan Raz, Alessio Romero and many more. Roma tweeted that they guest list already exceeds the capacity of the club, so get there early.


Saturday night, of course, is the Raging Stallion Man of the Year Party at Mighty, 119 Utah St.
Saturday, 8 PM - 10PM. Who will Raging Stallion crown as their man of the year this year? At 10 pm, the space transforms into NakedSword presents Industry, where the men of Raging Stallion will be dancing above a sea of shirtless party boys.

Sunday is the fair itself. The NakedSword/Raging Stallion booth at 9th & Folsom should be porn ground-zero. After the fair is NakedSword presents Casting Couch (pictured above, right) at Truck, 1900 Folsom St., 6 P.M -8 P.M. where pornstar hopefuls will find out if they have what it takes to be America's Next Top Porn Star.

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I'm out of the country for a few months, so I was sad to hear that gorgeous power bottom Lucky Daniels would be showing off his rock-hard abs (and probably a good deal more) at Jason Curious' Industry party in West Hollywood tonight. What would once have been an hour flight is now half a world away ...


Porn Czar Michael Lucas has been in Israel for nearly three weeks, and while we're getting a good look at the men themselves, I'm beggin' him to let us see their, uh, religion sooner rather than later. He's promised to send over some more photos, but in the meantime, here's a preview. After the jump are five of the men that Lucas has mounted in Zion. Who are you most looking forward to see naked on the Lucas site? Which land is most worth fighting over?

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Normally we stick to just the flesh, man. But after all the Grabbys hubbub died down, one thing stood out: Hot House prez Steven Scarborough's acceptance speech for his Lifetime Achievement Award. Not only is he charming and handsome (above in the grey shirt), he also was incredibly important in the development of the modern gay porn industry, and in making studios like Falcon and Hot House what they are today.

Many newer porn consumers don't realize how influential the late 80s and early 90s were on the modern porn industry: the look, the promotion of exclusive, the safer sex, the free speech battles. Things in porn's gay industry may be changing rapidly, but we -- and to a larger extent the gay movement in general -- owes a lot to the gay men who were on the front lines at the time when porn WAS the only positive representation of gay in the media. So thanks, Steven, and congratulations.

-- Mike

Chick flicks! Windex douches! Bigarexia!

Our friends at The Sword were on-hand during a porn shoot starring bigger-than-life Hot House exclusive Vince Ferelli and hot pocket Johnny Gunn. You'd think they'd be like a gay Mutt-and-Jeff, but it turns out they're think as thieves.

Hot House produces gay sex shows without scripts in their Backroom , but maybe they're wasting the talents of the man who calls himself "the Meryl Streep of Gay Porn."


Hot House Signs Woof-Tastic Paul Wagner

Johnny Gunn Talks About His Lady Love

Johnny Gunn and Vince Ferelli (Hot House Backroom)

-- Mike

If you weren't in San Francisco's Castro District on Friday night, you missed a helluva party. Like a Mardi Gras with pearl necklaces instead of beads, porn stars outdid themselves to offend the Mr. Rogers-contingent of the upscale gay community. Our night with Mr. Pam, a camera and a thousand porn stars (Erik Rhodes threatening to punch Janice Dickinson; Michael Lucas whispering not-so-sweet nothings into a spread-eagle Ryan Raz), seemed like it would never end, but it must have ... for the next day we waked up in our make-up, with a full hole and a sore head.

GayVN 2009: Red Carpet Gallery

GayVN Tailgate Parties in the Castro
2009 GayVN Nominated Movie Previews (


I can't remember a more exhausting but terrific GayVNs. Despite nearly two months of drama, speculation, rage and near collapse. There was craziness, of course (Lucas vs. Corrigan; the VIP bar closing at 9:30), and some surprises, but mostly it was as people predicted: Raging Stallion's epic To The Last Man took home somewhere between 13 and 18 awards, depending on how you do the math.

Various obligations of dubious value kept me from actually seeing most of the awards; I followed them via Twitter from above mentioned VIP bar and talking to people who were either furious, elated, blaze or high. But the things you do need to know: Diesel Washington brought his mother; the charming and learned Mason Wyler took everyone bowling; the Visconti Triplets can not speak a word of Italian; Bel Ami boys really are as grass-fed as they seem; the red carpet was actually blue; I love Erik Rhodes; the publisher of Unzipped is really into adult babies; and no matter how often you see it, Barrett Long's penis is really, really incredible.

Here are the parts we DO remember.


If the last contest didn't pan out, you cheapskates still have a chance ...

gayvn_awards_gayporn_awards.jpgDespite some early grumbling about the sports-related theme, this year's 2009 GayVN Awards presented by NakedSword are shaping up to be what could very well be the most memorable gay porn event of the year. I've been lucky enough to go to the GayVN Awards for the last 8 years: While they're always fun, the awards themselves never quiet felt as grand or decadent as one might expect from, well, a gay porn awards ceremony.

This year, the awards return to the Castro Theatre, and what was once an industry-only event at a small nightclub in West Hollywood has morphed into a three-day, star-studded event filled with tons of parties -- some free and all open to the public. The gay festivities after the jump ...

2009_gayvn_awards_gay_porn.jpgThe 2009 GayVN Award nominations were just announced and it's an interesting lot, to say the least (19 different guys nominated for best actor ... really?). While it's great that for the first time ever, they're recognizing online contributions, there are some glaring omissions (Sean Cody and Randy Blue not nominated for best site? Leo Gamiani (SIC) nominated for Best Web Performer but not Reese Rideout or Corbin Fisher's Dawson?)

In a related note, NakedSword is presenting this year's awards and they're going to be hosted by Janice Dickinson, Margaret Cho, and Alec Mapa. They're returning to the Castro Theater, so it should be fun regardless.

Take a gander at the bloated robust list over at The Sword and share your thoughts.

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Two weekends ago we flew into Vegas to visit the set of a shoot for Manhunt's On The Hunt amateur site. Of course, when we got there we found that it wasn't just any shoot -- in addition to us, they'd flown in twenty guys, four porn-star directors and hoped to film forty scenes in just a few days. There were only two rules: no drugs and no sex off camera. If you wanted to fuck, you had to get a director. There was a lot of competition for directors.

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With its huge budget, massive cast and intense violence, To The Last Man may be the most talked about porn film of the decade. It's become such a phenomenon, in fact, that the Unzipped Media, a subisidiary of the same company that runs Here! TV,has announced a non-hardcore screening of the film later this month at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles.

Special guests include stars like Antonio Biaggi, Jake Deckard, Damian Rios, Scott Tanner, Rick Powers and Ricky Sinz will be on hand. It's up to you, however, to determine if the big screen does these big men justice.

Raging Stallion's opened up a small selection of seats for this exclusive promotion. if you'd like to attend on January 21. Register here if you'd want, um, in.

-- Mike

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Joseph Kerekes pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was immediately sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. He admitted he knew about and helped murder Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis in 2007, various news outlets are reporting.

This rather sudden twist comes as somewhat of a shock after what seemed like an endless stream of trial delays and hold ups. Kerekes is avoiding the death penalty by pleading guilty; Harlow Cuadra could still face death if he faces trial and is found guilty of first-degree murder.

(I'll be adding to this post as more details emerge...)

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Maybe Zeb Atlas is like masturbation itself: no one talks about how much they like it. I was talking to Falcon's PR Rep about the Zeb and Matthew oral scene and the Zeb and Killian's anal scene (which was also just released) and he laughed that he'd never seen so much attention -- or orders for the movie.

Now, it's a PR guys job to hype everything, but when he says that in three days the number of people who watched the Atlas/Rush scenesurpassed anything they've ever put online.

So I can only imagine what kind of records the scene where Zeb finally looses his anal gay virginity are going to break.

Check out this clip from the Rush/Atlas scene from Best Men, Pt. 1 and see what all the fuss is about for yourself:

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Yes, it's that time of the year again -- already! -- when we take pause and humbly reflect upon what makes GayPornBlog readers better than the readers of all those other blogs out there.

Yes, Mike and I do it all for you. How could you ever possibly repay us? Why, funny you should ask! Why not take a second to vote for us for Best Adult Blog at the 2009 Cybersocket Awards? You'll be glad you did!


Have you lost weight?

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Friends of late porn star Cole Ryder have issued an official press release regarding his passing. Although final results of his autopsy are still pending, the coroner’s first impression is that the immediate cause of Cole’s death was congestive heart failure. The picture below of Cole is with his beloved dog Peanut, from a Cole Ryder tribute page.


The full press release is after the jump.

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Raging Stallion's GRUNTS took home the awards for Best Video and a bunch more at the 2008 Grabby Awards, while Falcons Exclusive Erik Rhodes and Ridgeline's Jason Ridge tied for Best Actor. Below are a few quick picks, but I've got a few more hours in Chicago, but if you thought I was going to stay in my hotel room while everyone else has sex with Damien Crosse (above, blowing Erik Rhodes while Steve Cruz shoots a pic), you're nuts.

Performer of the Year: Jake Deckard and Jason Ridge
Best Director: Chris Ward and Ben Leon for GRUNTS
Best All Sex: LINK: The Evolution (All Worlds)
Best Newcomer:Steve Cruz
Hottest Bottom: Jesse Santana
Hottest Cock (Uncut): Devin Moss
Hottest Cock (Cut): Diesel Washington
Best Leather Video: Verboten 1-2 (Hot House)

For the full list of winners and more photos at The Sword.

Related: (UPDATED 5/26)
Erasure's Andy Bell Presents "Hottest Cock" Award at Grabbys (
Sex, Drugs and Rockin' Holes: The Grabbys 2008 (
International Mr. Leather 2008: Somewhere A Herd of Cows is Shivering (
Leather and Lays: IML 2008

-- Mike

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IML-bootblack-crisco.jpg If you've never stumbled down to Starbucks hungover and found yourself in line with someone wearing ass-less chaps and a rubber dog mask, well my friend, you haven't lived. If you haven't been in a Hyatt elevator and watched someone carry on a styrofoam cup of steaming piss, however, consider yourself lucky. While the gay Grabby porn awards are tonight at Chicago's Park West Theater, the real show for the past day has been the lobby of the Hyatt Regency the host hotel of the International Mr. Leather competition and location of the infamous Leather Mart, where everything from bear claws to body bags and slings are on-sale. In addition, it's got some of the best overheard elevator conversations EVER.

ricky-sinz-butt-crop-GayVN%20copy.jpgIt was so much fun last time that in celebration of this weekend's gay trifecta in Chicago, we're resurrecting our throuple with The Sword and Fleshbot to bring you live updates all weekend long from the Grabby Awards, International Mr. Leather and Bear Pride. While the sleazy pornstar polaroids from this year's GayVNs will be hard to beat, we've got a lot more cameras this time, and we're feeling a lot sluttier.

Get ready for daily (and hourly) updates from the leather-clad floor of the Hyatt Regency, breaking news in the Grabby Hottest Cock contest and liveblogging from the bathroom of the Park West Theater. Trust us, it'll be very.

Gay Porn Awards: Grabbys 2007

International Mr. Leather 2008: Somewhere A Herd of Cows Is Shivering
We Interrupt This GayVN Awards Coverage to Bring You Sleazy Polaroids From the Glass Elevator (

-- Mike

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What are Blake Riley, Steve Cruz, Jake Havoc, Tiger Tyson, Mitch Branson, TJ Hawke, Ross Hurston, all studio exclusives doing together naked? We're not telling, but it has something to do with 2008 NakedSwordman Colby Taylor. This might be a wet dream for the porn lovers, but it looks like a nightmare if you're a studio head. We'll tell you once our mouths aren't full. More pics after the jump ...


The 2008 Grabby nominations have been leaked to Like Bette Milder, The Grabbys got their start in a bathhouse, but they've since moved on to tonier digs. Dubbed the "People's Choice" of gay porn awards, the Grabbys used to differentiate themselves from the GAYVNs by being the "fan-oriented" one as it was open to the public (although both events are now open to the public and since neither allows fans to vote, the metaphor sort of falls apart.)

Grabby categories and noms are a tad less tedious than the GAYVNs, although they are by no means free from the absurd ("Hottest Bottom" always makes me chuckle), or free from controversy; Michael Lucas' lack of screener submissions led to his movies being omitted for the consideration in the awards.

More shocking perhaps is the fact that my star-turn in Falcon's Dare has been overlooked for Best Non-Sexual Performance yet again. (Was I THAT bad? OK, please don't answer that).

-- Jack

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brent corrigan alex chandler gay porn
Alex Chander and Brent Corrigan

Sleazy glass elevator Polaroids shot at the GayVN awards by Patrik from The Sword. Click here for the whole set.

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2008 gay porn awards

Here's the blow-by-blow of the evening ...

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The 10th Annual GAYVN Awards are less than a day away and they're turning out to be the most controversial and least anticipated awards on record. People are unhappy about the hosts, location and lack of pre- and after-parties, and even some last minute questions have been raised about the sloppiness in the nomination process (FriskyFans editor found a nominee that was released in 2005. Ouch!)

Regardless, it will be an interesting night filled with lots of drama, surprises and and more bad fashions than you can shake a stick at.

That's why we'll be trying something different this year: we're teaming up with our friends at TheSword and Fleshbot to LiveBlog the event: Check back here starting on Saturday at 7 p.m. PST for real-time updates, pics and maybe even some compromising video clips as they happen.

If you'll be going to the awards or any of the after-parties, be on your best behavior. You've been warned.

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Omg, I totes forgot to mention that GayPornBlog won the Best Adult Blog at the Cybersocket Web Awards (for the fourth year in a row, holy fuck!). Mike and I are truly grateful to everyone who voted for us.

I actually don't have any idea who else won because we were the first award of the night and I was already half-way to blackout when I stumbled on stage to get my award from Jackie Beat. There is a complete list of winners here.

(photo courtesy

-- Jack

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I saw the caption above on the image below on Sister ROMA's MySpace page and couldn't help but to boost it (love ya' sis!) ... and add my own photo (from last month in Vegas with Ouchy & his Porn Clown Posse) to illustrate how our favorite grease-painted nun "blends" in so much better in some places than others ...

sister roma gay porn circuit party

sister roma clown gay porn

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Which gay porn A-lister-turned amateur mogul is giving GayPornBlog co-editor Mike a hummer in the Jacuzzi tub of the Real World Suite at the Palms?


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titanmen exclusive damien crosse

Whose fat cock is insanely hot TitanMan Damien Crosse effortlessly deep-throating at the AEE Expo this past Friday?

Click continue to find out ...

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YIR-francois-crop-ass.jpgIf there was a year with more porn scandals than 2007, I wasn't paying attention. Between the murders (both real and imagined) the relapses and the suicides and the scandals (both real and imagined), gay porn caught the public eye like never before. Of course, not everything was broken and decrepit -- some was hot and perverse. Here's some of our favorite images from 2007.

Some excellent extra bonus pictures (some EXCLUSIVE even!) of the cast of Titan's Fear at last week's Folsom Street Fair at the Titan/NakedSword booth:

Francois Sagat Gay Porn Star at 2007 Folsom Street Fair



Above photos by Brian Mills for Titan. Click continue for a few more ...

Folsom Events set them up -- and they took the bait! In what's sure to end up as talking point on tonight's O'Reilly Factor, Concerned Women for America has called on CA elected officials to publicly condemn the poster for the 2007 Folsom Street Fair -- a parody of the Last Supper with apostle porn stars (Titan Exclusives Tober Brant & Dean Flynn), drag nuns (Sister Roma, natch), and -- gasp! -- a black Jesus (source Towleroad).

Despite the fact that Folsom Street Fair is a pan-sexual event, and there are women in the poster, they are -- of course -- blaming the 'Gays'. See their very hysterical, Francine Fishpaw-style press release here.)


See the full-sized poster here. Their timing could not be more perfect with Folsom coming up this weekend. Another victory for San Francisco Values ... just wait until they see Jesus climb off the cross and rape a priest in Dark Alley's Passio!

dark alley passio gay porn jesus

-- Jack

zeb_atlas_hardcore_gay_porn.jpgDespite how unabashedly scripted most "Reality TV" shows have become, no gay porn producer has even tried, in earnest, to emulate the trend. Jet Set's American Porn Star and All Worlds' Fucking With The Stars, while billed as such, were in reality were anything but.

No doubt inspired by the runaway success of Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step, Zeb Atlas is finally going to ditch his "looky looky, but no touchy touchy" policy and go all the way on camera. While the output will probably closely resemble a standard DVD release, to add extra sizzle he's invoking arguably the only interesting part of reality competition shows: The train wreck of schadenfreude and hubris that is known as the "open casting call".

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With the conclusion today of San Diego Pride, the gays have pretty much wrapped up another exhaustive tour of duty. Between early June (Boston Pride) and late July, we manage to squeeze in about 150 events across the country, ranging from the teensy (the Erie, PA Pride Picnic) to the gargantuan flesh-fests in San Francisco and New York . With the let's-get-gay-married-celebrations done for the year, we can look forward to the piss-and-vinegar fests upcoming -- including next week's gratuitous Up Your Alley Fair and fall's Folsom Street Fair.

gay-porn-muscle-bear-cub-jake-deckard.jpgWhile I'm fairly sure that I was here for San Francisco Pride, I'm a little hazy on the particulars. These rainbow colors may not run, but they certain bleed together. For the rest of you who may or may not have taken part in festivities this year, I offer up a Very Special Episode of Tim and Roma, wherein Tim reveals that he met his husband at Pride fifteen years ago ... and that they haven't been back since. Of course, none of this would be interesting without porn stars -- this one's got beefcake including Roman Heart, Matthew Rush, Jake Deckard (left, dancing the Mr. Muscle Bear Contest), Carlo Masi and the men of Hot House. Pride without porn? FOR SHAME!

Tim and Roma's Privates on Parade: Gay Pride 2007 (free,
SF Gay Pride's Mr. Muscle Bear Contest (
Pride 2007 Colossus Pic Gallery (

-- Mike

gay-porn-awards-kathy-griffin.jpgGay porn: It's not just for your DVD player any more! Leave it to Bravo, the world's first gay network to bring the fruits of hardcore anal sex to middle America. Kathy Griffin, the somewhat haggard and oft-beleagured champion of all things homosexual- and Nielsen-related helped our oft-maligned porn industry out of the corset and into the screens last night with a single stroke of ... well, maybe just a stroke.

Now in the company of media pioneers such as Hattie McDaniel and Lance Loud: Chi Chi LaRue, Falcon Exclusive Erik Rhodes and porn luminary Sister Roma. Glory be! Those of you who follow these things with the same throbbing attention that we do will remember that the Unthinkable Ms. Griffin hosted the GayVN Awards in February in San Francisco, molested Erik Rhodes on stage and designated an honorary NakedSwordsPigeon by, um,

How did we come so far in so short a time? Blame the Jenna Jameson E! True Hollywood Story, blame Bill O'Reilly's coverage of the COLT party, or blame Sisqo for the Thong Song. Either way, you can get out those Virginia Slims, cause our industry comes a long way!

Welcome to the F-List, Kathy!

-- GayVNs 2007: Kathy Griffin Edition (free, courtesy
GayVNs 2007: Red Carpet Highlights (
-- Kathy Griffin hosts Gay Porn Awards (courtesy

-- Mike


Both times I've been to IML Weekend in Chicago, I've missed the actual International Mr. Leather Contest. The first time it was ignorance, this time a misplaced nap. After years of America's Next Top Model and Dog: The Bounty Hunter, I can be lulled into thinking that nothing at IML can shock me. Then it dawns on me that I have missed a contest where 40 percent of your score is based on a category called "Pecs and Personality." That's, um, like me 100 percent. I'm not sure I would score as well in "Leather Image."

IML-dog-masks-gay-porn-pic.jpgThe weekend is more than just one contest; there's a separate Bootblack contest, porn-filled parties (TItan, COLT, Falcon, All Worlds, Hot House, Raging Stallion and others who throw celebrations while in town for the Grabby's), nearly a dozen "Leather Recovery" meetings and a legendary Leather Market in the basement of the Palmer House Hilton. This year they threw in Bear Pride on the same weekend, just to be safe. Be forewarned: by Saturday morning, even the elevator buttons have lube on them. I can't say the pics below are any safer.

Pics and tricks after the jump...

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How can you resist a porn award show cheeky enough to refer to itself as the Grabbys? Unlike it's more formal February predecessor, the Grabbys are more pump than pomp, a weekend long party for studios, stars and assorted hanger-on perverts. Gay Chicago Magazine puts on the ritz, but the usual suspects -- Will Clark,,, studios like Falcon, Titan, Hot House and Raging Stallion all staged their own events. Needless to say, things are still a bit, uh, hazy. (For those of you degenerate enough to remember that Grabby weekend is also International Mr. Leather weekend in Chicago, you'll have to wait an extra day or so for those photos ... I'm still traumatized.)

Pics and winners after the jump...

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gay-porn-interview-roma-lucas-webcast-pic.jpgStop me if you've heard this one: A porn star, a drag queen and a tiny baggie walk into a bar... wait, scratch that.

Okay, okay. It's unfunny cause it's true. For those of you who weren't in San Francisco for the debaucherous GayVN weekend (or, alternately, if you were here but don't remember it), the Tim and Roma show has just released their now-annual and fantastic GayVN Awards Show episode, proving that it's not impossible to cringe while erect. In addition to footage from the awards, there's the unbeatable red carpet footage, including a special audience award in which Rod Barry and Erik Rhodes tie for Most Beer-licious Porn Star. Fun times, kids. Let the slurring begin...

The Tim and Roma Show: 2007 GayVN Special! (free, launches in Real Player)
--56K (Dial Up)
--350K (DSL)
--750K (Broadband)

Tim and Roma Show homepage
Tim and Roma Blog
GayVN Red Carpet Round Up (Gay Porn Blog)

-- Mike

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Tomorrow marks the 4th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, I'm given to review the numerous intersections of gay porn and the US military campaign. In fact, given the recent expose on poor conditions at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, one could fairly claim that the gay porn industry is providing better care for our boys than George Bush.

If I were coming back from a tour of Baghdad, I'd side with the 82nd Airborne division and put myself in the muscular hands of Dink Flamingo (of Active Duty fame) than George Bush's Gollum-esque claws. Baghdad may be a dry town, but based on the footage online, Fort Bragg seems to be a party base.

gay-military-gay-porn-jake-cruise-aidyn-2-pic.jpgAll Worlds director Dirk Yates did most of his reality-style porn directing in peace time (in echoes of this month's Matt Sanchez scandal, Dirk was cemented in the porn firmament in 1993 when Tom Brokaw uncovered Dirk Yates' "Marine Porn Ring" on the nightly news), but he's still the standard-bearer for all the molestory hopeful's wishing to supplement a guy's GI Bill.

While Cpl. Matt Sanchez might claim that gay porn was a personal low point for him, blue movies trump the Green Zone for many vets. Take "Aidyn" (no word on his military name) at not long ago his abdomen was sliced open by an IED, now his ass is being split by Jake's tongue. Even if Jake isn't your type, it's pretty easy to choose between the two.

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gay-porn-awards-pic-hoodlums.jpg This was the first year that the GayVN Awards were held last weekend in San Francisco and for weeks the city was abuzz with one crucial question: What does one wear to the Gay Porn Oscars? (Cue the International Male hotline.)

As a public service (or is it a cautionary tale?), we present some of the highlights. This year, as it was in the beginning and will be until the end, the gay porn firmament is a guady, garish and gorgeous selection of homosexual indulgences. Having trouble with the stock market? You might want to invest in bronzer futures or put your money in peroxide. Forget the fugs; Tara Reid ain't got nuffin' on gay porn! If anyone knows where I can find a good deal on some unicorn pelt, I got some sewing to do...


I know no one believed me when I said that COLT Man Carlo Masi jumped out of a cake at the COLT 40 (get it? get it?) Party at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House celebrating COLT's fortieth year in the industry. While there weren't much malt liquor, there were plenty of cosmos and possibly some mauled lickers (nyuk nyuk nyuk). They say you can be desensitized to porn, but it's four days later and I'm still speechless.

-- Mike

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gay-porn-dolce-vita-boxcover-gayvn-pic.jpgWhile technical difficulties are keeping me from getting you the photos from the GayVNs until later today (is it possible that computer servers are as hung over as we are), last night's GayVN Awards were historic in more ways than one. Of course, the big story -- Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita swept every category in which it was nominated, besting the previous record holder (Buckshot Productions Buckleroos which nabbed 11 two years ago).

gay-porn-award-winner-gayvn-velvet.gifKathy Griffin (pictured above) was raunchy enough to earn herself an GayVN as an "Honorary Gay," the designation of NakedSwordsWoman (complete with actual Sword) and a role in Folsom Filth 2: Ladies' Night (okay, I don't have proof yet on the last one). The D-List ginger took on Aaron Carter's alleged problems with methaphetamine, molested Erik Rhodes onstage and generally having a riotous time with "her gays." When presented with option of being a top or bottom, Ms. Griffin politically chose "middle," which I believe means she likes it in the vagina.

minute-man-28-gay-porn-pic.gifOf course, to many involved the entire weekend was a bit of a blur, beginning with the COLT 40th party (COLT Man Carlo Masi jumping out of a cake!) and ending with NakedSword's debaucherous afterparty (Roman Heart go-go dancing! Chad Hunt and Barrett Long fluffing each other by horse stables! Brent Corrigan looking sexy -- and suspicious! Me slipping in a puddle of Belvedere and Red Bull! Oh, the decrepit glamour of gay porn -- how I love you!)

gay-porn-box-cover-manhattan-pic.gifFor a full list of winners (including Hot House's excellent Justice (Best Oral) and Rascal's Delinquents (Best Renting), check out the GayVN site or check out other award-winners (like Dark Alley/Pitbull Production's The Show (Best Ethnic), Collin O'Neal's Lebanon (Best Pro/Am), Raging Stallion's Manhattan (Best Ethnic - Latin), COLT's minuteman 28: Peak Experience (Best Solo) or Falcon Studio's Spokes 3 (Best Group) online. Proof of quality, after all, isn't in the judges hands -- it's in ours, right?)

-- Mike

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Should you find yourself in San Francisco this weekend craving something high-brow and historically significant to balance out the nonstop undulations of adulatory self-congratulation and debauch that is known as the GAYVN Award weekend, then you may be in luck.

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society is holding "Erotic Legacies", a reception to honor the history of GLBT erotica, complete with a mini-exhibit of gay erotic "gems" from their extensive collection and tours of their porn in their world-renowned archives.

gay porn historyErotic Legacies
6-7:30 pm
Today, (2/22/07)

GLBT Historical Society
57 Mission Street, Suite 300 in San Francisco.

This event is free and open to the public.

For more info, check out the GLBT Historical Society Web site

Photo: Athletic Model Guild, c. 1950s, GLBT Historical Society

-- Jack

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If you thought that porn stars didn't have the same relationship problems that you do ... you'd be right. On A Very Special Tim and Roma, our fearless hosts tackle the eternal question: How do porn stars -- let alone gay men -- manage to keep a relationship together while slurping so much cock. The answer provided by real life porn star gay couple Chad Donovan and Antonio Madiera: threesomes! Yes, your life is more boring, but at least you get to see Chad's HUMONGOUS (eleven? twelve?) cock:

Pretend that you're the Lucky Pierre sandwiched between Chad and Antonio (or the also interviewed Brad Patton and Brian Hansen) in the clip on the right.

(If you're having trouble watching it here, go directly to the Tim and Roma Show homepage and try downloading it to iTunes.)

Amour! Amour!

-- Mike

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gay-porn-folsom-pic-boys-kissing-in-leather-pic.jpgCall it counter-programming. While some are quite content to spend Thanksgiving in full family mode, watching sports with cousins and wallowing in Tim Allen Xmas piddle, the crew of the Tim and Roma porn show perfers the company of strangers (well, at least the strange).

So if you've had enough of your sister-in-law's tales from the Lane Bryant regional sales manager's annual meeting, it might help to break the monotony with something called Crisco Pig.


-- Tim and Roma: Folsom Edition (free)

-- Gay Porn Event: Folsom Street Fair Pics

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Mike and I are running around like crazy this weekend getting ready for the Folsom Street Fair. Pick up ass-less chaps from dry cleaner? Check. Back hair washed and styled? Check. Feed slave in cage under bed? Che -- OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO FEED MY SLAVE!

For those not attending the fair, we'll be back next week with pictures but until then we leave you with two great porn-for-cheap deals to get you through it from Falcon and

NakedSword Trial Membership
$6 gets you a trial membership to Naked Sword and a nickel. Three days of all-you-can-watch porn: Perfect for those weekends when you want to draw the blinds, unplug the phone, eat corn chips and masterbate. Click here for trial membership (though you end up saving money in the end with a a regular NakedSword membership).

"Friends of Falcon"
Originally for employees and their friends, Falcon was generous enough to extend this absurdly good deal to GayPornBlog readers as well (we're all friends, right?) Order The Velvet Mafia Set for 25% off, and also get Taking Flight Part 1 & 2 on DVD, free 1-month membership to and full access to all the free clips on

To redeem, order the Velvet Mafia from the site, and enter the coupon code VMFRIEND when you're checking out.
free falcon gay porn

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gay_porn_dirty_deeds.jpgChi Chi La Rue may just be the hardest working wo/man in (peep)show business. In addition to directing for Rascal, Channel 1 Releasing, Electro, and Unzipped Video, she writes a blog, puts in personal appearances just about anywhere that'll take her, and has just finished an acquisition of All Worlds Video (for which she'll also be directing). Oh, and DJs in her "spare" time. WHERE DOES SHE EVER FIND THE ENERGY?

Don't answer that. Instead, focus on the fact that Gay Porn's own Martha Stewart is now running what may very well be the hottest gay night in LA, Dirty Deeds at FUBAR. The sort of night you might find in pre-Giuliani, pre-Bloomberg New York: messed up glamour with cocks out and legs akimbo.

In addition to the big-name porn stars headlining, plenty of 'em just show up to witness the debauch. Oh, and rock stars, too, curiously enough (what the fuck was Nina Hagen doing there last week?). Roman Heart's appearing tomorrow night, but Brian Hansen, Fredrick Ford, Eddie Stone, Eddie Diaz and Chi Chi's own NeoPet, Johnny Hazzard, have all headlined. I'm hoping to head down next week for another dose of dick, but in the meantime I thought I'd get you some advance flesh ...

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free-porn-video-pass-vod-roman-heart.jpgWhen I was a little New Jersey cracker, supping on corndogs and fried chicken, the media event I most looked forward to was the HBO free promo weeekend. For a non-premium-cable subscriber (actually, I believe we had jerryrigged a neigbhor's cable line), getting access to Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Fletch and Risky Business was a dream come true. Now NakedSword is taking that mantle and placing it on the shoulders of the adult movie lover.

All this weekend, to celebrate a recently inked deal with Falcon Studios, NakedSword will be giving out free passes to the site that'll allow you unlimited access to NakedSword for thirty minutes (it runs a little generous, so you may get more). No credit card required, but you can take advantage of a number of recent hot releases ready made to show-off the site's great video library including Mustang's The Hunted (with Robert Van Damme), Falcon's Cross Country (with Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes and Matthew Rush) and Jocks' Super Soaked (with Mark Dalton). Screw going out this weekend. Make like I did as a kid -- cancel your plans and hole up in front of the telly.

Get your limited-time free pass to NakedSword here by clicking on the flyer above, duh!

And, as a special bonus, a free clip from Falcon's Heaven To Hell:
-Heaven To Hell Preview Clip


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gay porn awards.gifThe end of the year brings reflection and, inevitably 'best of' lists. As thanks for logging the thousands of hours of hardcore gay videos Gay Porn Blog spends for our lists, our friends at Cybersocket have nominated us again for Best Blog Site. The Cybersocket Annual Web Awards celebrate the best of the gay and lesbian online community, and it's an honor to be nominated ... again. Now it's up to you -- vote here* We'll love you forever, and give you access to our porn collection!

-- Mike

*And while your at it, you miight support some of our favorite sites, like gay porn powerhouse for Best VOD site, Jenna Jameson's gay-themed Club Thrust for Best New Site, RandyBlue for Best Adult Gay MegaSite and Sean Cody for Best Amateur site.

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gay porn prideAs Sunday rolled around, I was pretty fucking spent -- so tired that I forgot to TiVo Brad Benton's reality TV debut on E!'s Fight For Fame. Sigh. Somehow I found the strength to carry on ...

Actually it was Dean Monroe, Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, Matthew Rush, Josh Weston, Alex Rossi, Ethan Kage, Markus Ram and Derrick Vinyard that got me out of bed. They were all rockin' the Falcon Studios booth. I didn't really make it anywhere else ... but, like, can you blame me?

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bad boys hudson gay porn pic 2 finger.jpg

Last year I was stuck on the West Coast and missed out on the inaugural voyage of Will Clark's Bad Boys booze cruise, aka Bad Boys on the Hudson. This year -- with a little grovelling -- I'll be in the shadow of Lady Liberty sipping vodka tonics while Frederick Ford and Tag Adams deflect envious glares off their rock hard abs. Want to join me? Check out Will Clark's Bad Boys Pool Party site for more info (and dirty pics from last years debaucherous sail), or buy your tickets for the July 3rd event now at Read Will Clark's full release after the jump ...

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IML gay porn leather.jpg It's now official -- Wet Palms is the #1 Gay Sex Comedy in America!, yet another in a long list of ignominious tag lines (So much for "America's #1 Gaytime Sex Drama!"). After a long weekend of whips and dip in the nether regions of the Chicago Hyatt, it's good to be back in the California sun. Sadly, the amount of salvageable photos that came out of the long haze of the weekend amounts to, by my last count, three. To wit:

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Gay porn awards are, themselves, a rather dubious distinction. Imagine how many guffaws I get when you I tell people I've won a GayVN for Best Screenplay. Not to mention trying to tell them you're nominated for a Grabby. Pornographers can't get no respect.

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gay porn star barrett long jpg.jpgLegendary gay porn studio All Worlds Video is giving away $20,000 -- and the gay porn stars are flocking like moths to a flame. And who wouldn't? A "mega orgy" at the glorious All Worlds Resort in Palm Springs, filmed by eight cameramen being followed by six directors? It's outrageous! (Truth be told, All Worlds Video does multiple directors/cameramen in its popular Porn Struck series - sans prize.)

So far, over 40 gay porn stars have signed up for the massive gay porn gang bang. But the $20,000 dollar prize isn't performance based -- it's random. The drawing will be held at the end of the shoot, but with 40 porn stars vying for the prize -- and only one lucky winner -- I fear there maybe some bloodshed before the day is over.

So far, the line up for the video sex challenge includes hot-for-professor porn star Jacob Slader, Jason Ridge, Jason Hawke, Sam Dixon, Pete Ross, Jack Van Dean, Jeremy Jordan, Andy Hunter and Ben Damon (to mention but a few).

Personally, I can't wait to hear the winner proclaim -- in the, um, vein of Linda Evangelista -- that they don't get INTO of bed for less than 20K-a-day. Dare to dream, kids, dare to dream.

-- Mike

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gay porn star dean phoenixAs promised, here's more pictures from the illustrious evening. I'm amazed that, as messy as I was, that I managed to get even this many pictures.

Like, so solly it took so long to get 'em all posted, but enjoy, y'all.

-- Jack
(All photos by ME)

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gay porn star dean phoenixSo, the GayVN Awards were a blast. Not quite the high-drama evening as some people purported it to be. I saw no fist fights, and tales of a certain "uber-agent" being refused entry to the Channel 1 after party and being carried away by bouncers are greatly exaggerated.

A good time was had my all (as far as I saw), and the turn out as the best it's been since I first attended them in 2002. Everyone was there, even LA Gay sub-lebrities were in full force, with Bobby Trendy raising the all-around trashy quotient by gracing us with our presence. Yes! I was at the same party as BOBBY TRENDY! Am I dreaming?

Anyways, here's the first batch. We'll post more later this weekend.

-- Jack
(All photos by ME)

(Click continue to see the pics ...)

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| | Comments (47) present a Will Clark and Tyson Cane fundraiser for CHEST:

EXPOSE YOURSELF! at the View (232 8th Ave. near 21st/22nd)
Saturday October 11th, 2003 from 10pm to 1am


Donations from Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion, Monster Bang,, Wings Theatre,�, ID Lube with tickets to� "Naked Boys Singing", "Boobs: The Musical" and "The Donkey Show" and "Carnival Knowledge".

Media sponsored by NEXT Magazine,, and more.

Body shots, Raffles and Auctions to benefit the charity and Interviews with the Stars throughout the evening with a special performance by Kim Cea (Seen Monday nights at Therapy).

*About CHEST:�The Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training (CHEST) is a collaborative endeavor between New York University and the City University of New York at Hunter College.� CHEST conducts research on social and psychological factors that contribute to HIV transmission. Studies at CHEST also seek to identify and promote strategies that prevent the spread of HIV and that improve the lives of people living with HIV.� The Center's current research focuses on secondary prevention efforts among HIV positive men who have sex with men (MSM) including, drug and alcohol users/abusers and primary prevention with HIV negative MSM.� In addition to carrying out formative research, CHEST aggressively disseminates the findings of its studies to organizations serving persons with HIV and at risk for HIV.�


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Well, another Folsom Fair has come and gone. Spoke to my friend, Cedar in Portland, and out of the 20 years they have produced it, this is the first Folsom Fair he's missed. I missed the very first one, but I've been to 19 of the 20. At prior Folsom Fairs, I have run my own booth a couple times, run booths for other organizations a couple times, videotaped the event several times, shot B-roll for a porno once, and threw 4 or 5 fan-tabulous after-parties.

Ran into Hot House porn star Corey Jay. He just moved back in town to go back to school (forgot what he is going to study...)

Had coffee with Drew Warner on Saturday, then ran into him on Sunday at the Fair hanging with Falcon's Matthew Rush (sorry, no picture).

My red head pal, Brian Shawn, used to do movies for Al Parker (as Brain DePaul), Video 10, Redboard, and several others. I've known him for about 12 years, and he suddenly grew into this enormous muscle stud and now goes by the name Tom Lord. He wants do more movies, so I better grab him quick!

I also ran into those adorable Cornfed Boys, Matt and Nate, from Seattle. I would love to be the bologna in that sandwich! I told Matt that I wanted to steal his idea from their first movie where he jacked off under a black light with florescent paint.

Hot House had a big weekend, too. I ran into them at trade show on Friday morning, at the Castro Gulch while I was hanging with Drew, at the Folsom Fair, and even at the Falcon party on Friday night.

Oh, and before I forget (and before everyone forgets her) I got to meet Mary Carey on Friday, the porn star girl running for governor.

Speaking of the Falcon party, it was big bash for their new two-part release "Drenched", shot in Hawaii, so naturally it was a Hawaiian theme with all the boys in loin cloths.

I flirted with Alex LeMonde, whom I met in Vegas back in January. Flawless abs, and that French accent makes me melt.

Chase Hunter, the star of Drenched, was featured in this movie, as it is his return to the business. Apparently, the only thing preventing him from doing movies all these years was a jealous boyfriend, which he no longer has to contend with.

Wow! What a weekend, and the Castro Street Fair is only a few days away!

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Lex Kyler rode down with me and he was an absolute delight all weekend. We know a lot of the same people, we have the same taste in guys, and he is really good on video.

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: My favorite past time in LA is the hunt for celebrities. Besides the porn stars at the event - Jet Set's Tag Ericson, Connor Banks, Wilson Vasquez, Hot House exclusive Dick Wolf, Andrew Adams, Dillon Press, the legendary Jeff Stryker and the soon-to-be legend Zeb Atlas, I saw some non-porn celebs, too. We saw "Swingers" Vince Vaughn at brunch on Saturday, Anna Nicole Smith's former decorator Bobby Trendy and we rode past Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's house (the gate looks just like Graceland!)

It was such a jam-packed weekend, I am going to quote most of Will Clark's column cause he did a much better job reporting the details. Click [continue] to read all the dirt.

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Just a reminder about the big porn star event, Bad Boys By The Bay, this Saturday in San Francisco. I will be shooting photos of it as well as the Dore Alley Fair (the mini-Folsom Fair) on Sunday, so brace yourself for more fabulous fotos of flesh.

In the meantime, watch these movies to get you prepped for Folsom Street Fair in September.

Streetfair Meat
Oink 2
New Meat 5

The notorious Will Clark brings his festive and philanthropic Bad Boys party up to the Bay Area. This is an afternoon where worlds will meet and mix it up in a fundraising event unlike any you've ever seen before! Like all Bad Boys events, there will be a host of gay porn stars in a "meet and greet" setting but this one will be with a twist: the porn star strips that you only read about, the S&M demos that you only hear about and the body posing/worship that you dream about in your sleep at night... all will be on stage as part of the event! Will's got a great lineup of hot, sexy, sleazy men who will fill up your... day with great entertainment.

The incomparable Michael Brandon will be on hand as the host with the most. Giving him a hand will be co-host Heklina .The Sisters will be performing a blessing of the event and Mr. San Francisco Leather, Troy Anicete, will welcome the participants on behalf of the Leather Community.

Providing some less visceral entertainment will be some of San Francisco's legendary divas, including Irene Soderberg, Empress XXX Donna Sachet , current reigning Empress Snatch, Juanita More, Miss Trannyshack 2002 Suppositori Spelling and the hard core sounds of PEPPERSPRAY .

In addition to all of the great entertainment, there will be a silent auction featuring artwork from a veritable who's who of great gay photographers, massage and Jodie Hart's Tarot readings. Plus there will be a DJ and a few other people from the San Francisco community who will pop their heads in to welcome us.

Bad Boys By The Bay will be ASL interpreted and there will be an open bar and well, it's gonna be a great time for a great new cause - Magnet , a brand new gay men's health and hang out place in the Castro on 18th.

Blue Room Gallery
2331 Mission Street (between 19th and 20th)
2:00 to 7:00pm

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As promised, I have photos from Lazy Bear Weekend, and I think they are pretty damn good if I say so myself!

At first I was a little nervous about passing out flyers and taking photos, but I had a job to do to launch my new site. I swallowed my pride and started passing out stickers with that round Muscle Bear Cub logo and everybody was very receptive. Unfortunately, one of the organizers made me stop passing out stickers because there was a conflict with paid sponsors of the event. I apologized and started taking pictures instead.

God forbid some bear queen someday sees his picture on a porn website, freaks out and causes us to be prevented from taking pictures, too! To be safe though, I always ASK before snapping a picture. Many other photographers don't ask to take a picture because they want it to be candid. You can tell by the face that the subject doesn't know his picture is being taken. Most of the guys this weekend were anxious to see themselves on a website, but shooting in bars and inside private resorts is not the same as shooting on the street.

When Cedar went with us to Bear Weekend the past few years, he was shooting belly shots for our site Nobody ever objected to having their belly photographed, partly because Cedar never shot their face so it was a little more anonymous. I'd rather make sure that the subject knows he's being photographed, not like those hidden camera videos.

Without Cedar, the belly shots were just not as interesting to me, so I decided to shoot the kind of guys that I am interested in - beefy, buffed, hairy and fun. Here's a free movie clip that is pretty much what I'm looking for:

(Choose your streaming speed):
350K | 100K | 56K
Or watch the whole movie.

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Click [continue] for details of Will Clark's upcoming tour dates across the country.

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As reported in Will Clark's Porn Star Confidential #18, the Grabby Awards held over Memorial Day in Chicago, had some interesting elements of drama. (Actually, it was some really juicy gossip!)

Onstage and without provocation, Michael Lucas slammed agent David Forest, followed immediately by Matt Sizemore dropping a bomb about having performed in a bareback video.

Yikes! This is juicier than an aging, drunk Jeff Stryker mooning the crowd at last years' GayVN Awards.

Click continue to read Will's account of the event.

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I spent all weekend wishing I was in Chicago for International Mr. Leather. It seems that every year the event generates even more buzz, so it's on my list for next year, come hell or high water (whatever that means...)

IML weekend also includes the Grabby Awards. Click [continue] to see all the winners, or just click the box to see Sean Storm's Best Solo Performance in Open Trench 2, from Sports and Rec.

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DSC01761.jpgMay 8-9

I am writing this on yet another plane, this time coming home from LA where I attended the GayVN Awards.

Unlike the lavish award shows of the past few years, this year it was a scaled down affair for about 75 industry insiders. And when I say "insiders", it was so exclusive you couldn't get in without an invite no matter who you bribed or blew. Only nominees and judges were invited - no agents, handlers, significant others, personal shoppers, therapists, nor sugar daddies were allowed.

I arrived in my powder blue polyester John Travolta suit and vintage Hawaiian shirt ready for some major schmoozing. Ran into Matt Sizemore on the sidewalk on his way to Cocktails With the Stars at Mickeys. The GayVN's were just a few doors down at Rage. Too bad there was a time conflict, I would love to have attended both.

DSC01758.jpgI'm going to try to recall as many names as possible, even ones I didn't speak to, but believe it or not, I spoke to almost everyone because it was really an intimate affair with a manageable number of people.

Our host, Jeremy Spencer (the gay/bi editor at AVN) gave me a big hug as I entered. His boss, AVN owner Paul Fishbein was there watching over things.

DSC01750.jpgMy old friend from years ago, Terry Mahaffy came in right behind me. He's now the acting-President of Falcon Studios, and still looking pretty fine.

Next I said hi to my SF homeboys from Raging Stallion - Chris Ward, J.D. Slater, Micheal Soldier, and Michael Brandon.

DSC01767.jpgGot a hug from Chi Chi LaRue. She still greets me everytime with, "You old tired thing, you." (I don't think she remembers my name...)

Said hi to Paul Baressi and thanked him for the interview last week. Later on in the evening he tried to convince me that I should line up 8 bear-ish looking guys and a location in the Bay Area for him to shoot a movie. Sorry Paul, if I wanted to go through that much work, I'd shoot it myself. I just wanted to get next to someone who's had sex with John Travolta, and probably did it while wearing my blue suit 25 years ago.

Billy Masters ran up and gave me a big hug, gushing about how much he enjoyed my story about his brunch last Sunday in Palm Springs. He's a good person to know, I wanna keep in touch with him.

I was thrilled to see Drew Warner, I feel like he's one of my closest pals in the industry. I admire his air of confidence and that deep sexy voice just melts me.

scottgunz.jpgAbout this time I took a chance and walked up to a stranger that I thought I recognized. As I approached, it was clear that he recognized me, too. I asked him, "Are you from Oakland?" He immediately replied with an enthusiastic, "Golds Gym!"

The story goes, last month I received a copy of Blue Blake's video "Hard As Rock" whcih was coincidently shot by Drew Warner. The cover guy was Scott Gunz, Blue's latest hot bodybuilder discovery, who made a big sensation in the press when it came out.

DSC01763.jpgI'd seen this guy at the gym a few times, but a few weeks ago I saw him again and noticed a resemblance to the guy in the video. I dismissed the thought that they were the same person because, "the guy in the video is so much taller". Scott got a big kick out of that. We had some laughs, and he ended up sitting next to me during dinner and the awards. A dream come true.

DSC01794.jpgI had a nice chat with TLA Video, also saw Gino Colbert, Thor, Blake Harper, Colton Ford, Michael Lucas, Chad Hunt (Michael and Chad were just on Ricki Lake), Bret Wolfe, Rod Barry, and so many others!

I also realized there are industry insiders, and there are then there are Industry Insiders. After all that hoopla about "only judges and nominees" being allowed in, how did Morgan and Tim from Cybersocket and Karl from Bedfellow get in? Hmmm. They're my pals and super-sweet, I was really glad to see them. They're soon the be the new powerbrokers in this industry.

DSC01792.jpgEarlier that day I read Mickey Skee's scathing article in one of the local rags complaining about choices for the Hall of Fame. I won't repeat it for fear of fanning the fire further. (Got alliteration?)

For the awards presentation I sat right up front between Drew Warner and Scott Gunz (my bodyguards). Chi Chi bagan her hosting duties walking through the crowd acknowledging each director or studio head and reminding us what a wonderful industry we have and how we should all work together in solidarity. And why not? They've all slept with each other already.

The award presentation zipped by at lightning speed. At the last minute I pulled out a pen to take notes on a napkin, and Drew decided to do the same so he could give the info to J.C. Adams for his column in Inside Porn. They were calling names and categories faster than I could write, but it was even more difficult cause Drew was sharing my pen. Thank god he was there to repeat things for me.



I had one more peak experience after the show which, by itself, would have made the trip worthwhile. Super-agent David Forest probably wouldn't have been able to attend this scaled down affair (there would have been hell to pay), but luckily he was nominated for Best Non-Sex Performance in "Brad's Buddies" (based on his life story). After the show, he was standing with none other than Mark Dalton. Ohmygod, I've turned into a swooning schoolgirl! Mark Dalton!

He was standing there in a cut-off black tshirt, showing his fabulous abs, and the shirt said, "Fuck me. I'm famous." Rarely does anyone wearing those kind of slogans actually pull it off. He did. I would. We know.

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Poor Robert (my host in Palm Springs) had to slave away cutting hair all day while I cavorted with porn stars at the Pool Party. READ the details. He got home just before I did to prepare for more guests arriving.

A friend of his in a suit showed up for cocktails. We had some laughs and eventually the subject turned to porn. Suit Guy is around 40, but thinks Jeff Stryker looks like he did 20 years ago, and was really disappointed to learn that we ALL get older, even porn stars. (Do the math, girl!)

Shortly after Suit Guy left, the out of town guests arrived. Anal-retentive Robert was bent out of shape because his friend John arrived with 2 passengers instead of just 1, and the unexpected one was female.

Turns out Robert, John and I all in our late 40's. John was traveling with his new beau, a faerie boy in his early 20's who is a circus performer, acrobat, and fire-eater. Sexy and self-confident as hell - even his name, "Eros", tells you a lot right there. (Did his parents give him that name? Imagine roll-call in grade school, "Eros Kowalski, are you here?")

Eros and the girl (I'll call her Briana) travel the country with their circus act that involves fire. They were in Palm Springs to perform at a corporate event, and John has now taken it upon himself to "help" them with their act (whether they want his help or not is unknown at this point).

John is totally enamoured with this young faerie, having just taken him on vacation to Milan, but I suspect somehow it's not mutual and headed for heartbreak. We've seen it all before. The older queen with great expectations sponsoring the artistic wild child that resists being tied down.

Throughout the evening, it's interesting to note how the "adults" talked about "adult" things and the "kids" were there to amuse us. We expected a fire eating show, but the winds ruined the corporate event earlier, so the professionals declined the invitation to perform by Robert's pool for safety reasons. John, however, has been trying to teach himself the art of fire eating as a way to further bond with his new boy and took the risk to keep in practice.

As it got later and we got more drunk on vodka and Red Bull, Eors started playing with the digital cameras. Experimental photography generally leads to some sort of nudity, but it was Briana that eventually stripped down and posed naked on Robert's gorgeous leapard print lounge chair. I felt obligated to photograph her, but I was actually hoping that my photographing her would lead to Eros posing nude, too. (No such luck.)

That boy was working my nerves (in a good way), and oddly enough, not really paying much attention to his "beau", John. Creamy white skin, black matted hair, tribal tattoos, piercings, trim waist, slim hips. Perfect alterna-Burning Man type faerie boy. Yummy.

As it approached bed time, I was exhausted and set up the couch to sleep. I had already nodded off a couple times, but now suddenly Eros decided it was time to sit right next to me and become "friendly". Once again I'm caught in a delema where someone else's boyfriend is flirting with me right under his boyfriend's nose.

So what are my choices here?
A. Flirt back even though everyone is listening?
B. Do nothing and assume I've misinterpreted his actions. (blue balls)
C. Inititiate group sex, knowing full well it'll be a disaster, especially with three Kinsey 6's and a female.

I opted for Plan B.

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I haven't even finished writing about last weekend, and I leave for LA in an hour for the GayVN Awards (the gay porn video awards, to which I was a judge).

As soon as I get back Friday I jump in the car and head for a retreat down the coast.

Mucho updates on Monday!

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DSC01678.jpgThe day of the actual Bad Boys Pool Party finally arrived Saturday, starting with brunch at the Villa Resort. It was hosted by Filth2Go's Billy Masters, celebrity insider and close friend of Joan Rivers, et al. (Billy's cousin is Catherine Oxenberg of Dynasty and The Colby's. She's a distant relation to Princess Diana, which allows Billy to accurately trace how many steps he is away from REALLY being a queen. But I digress.)

I sat with Chuck (the first photo is Billy and Chuck.), the promotions guy from Falcon who brought along a two friends he just met the night before. One was named P.K. (an even larger version of Anna Nicole Smith) who's business card said, " Decorum Observed, Parties Crashed, Ears Licked, Orgies Consulted, Decadence Revered, Bars Hopped, Feasts Catered, Ankles Nibbled, Pets Stroked, and Unicorns Bred". She was a hoot.

DSC01711.jpgThe party started with a bang. I spent the entire day carrying the video camera, trying to be in 3 places at once. There was so much eye candy, no matter where I went, I needed to be shooting something else at the same time. Nudity was everywhere, the men were gorgeous and flirty, I was beside myself.

I missed all the performances on stage because I was interviewing porn legends Paul Barressi, Robert Black, Jason Branch and Rik Jammer. Those interviews will be shown as part of NakedSword's Weekly Report. I also shot enough material to compile an 8 minute video segment ala Entertainment Tonight. (Stay tuned for links to those videos.)

DSC01682.jpgA new gimmick launched this year that I really enjoyed was when the beefier porn stars took turns doing erotic pose-downs. They had a weight bench and some dumbells for the guys to pump up, flex, pose, stretch, strip, and even a bit of wanking (no money shots allowed, though.)

So who was there, you ask? Here's some of the highlights of my porn star sightings, although as I said, I couldn't see everyone or be everywhere.

-Zak Spears: Woof. He was on the top of my list to interview, but couldn't find him. Next time.
-Matt Sizemore: Recovering (beautifully) from a recent car accident.
-Danny Lopez: Carumba, he's hot! I think I had a dream about him the other day.
-Eric Evans: So huggable, I want him as a plush toy on my bed.
-Kevin Kramer: Disco flagging all day on stage in front of the NakedSword banner (that should sell some memberships!) On the plane I was reading about him appearing in Bruce LaBruce's "Hustler White".

It that enough name dropping? More on Saturday night and Michael Brandon's "Inappropriate Behavior" Sunday BBQ later.

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DSC01678.jpgThe day of the actual Bad Boys Pool Party finally arrived Saturday, starting with brunch at the Villa Resort. It was hosted by Filth2Go's Billy Masters, celebrity insider and close friend of Joan Rivers, et al. (Billy's cousin is Catherine Oxenberg of Dynasty and The Colby's. She's a distant relation to Princess Diana, which allows Billy to accurately trace how many steps he is away from REALLY being a queen. But I digress.)

I sat with Chuck (the first photo is Billy and Chuck.), the promotions guy from Falcon who brought along a two friends he just met the night before. One was named P.K. (an even larger version of Anna Nicole Smith) who's business card said, " Decorum Observed, Parties Crashed, Ears Licked, Orgies Consulted, Decadence Revered, Bars Hopped, Feasts Catered, Ankles Nibbled, Pets Stroked, and Unicorns Bred". She was a hoot.

DSC01711.jpgThe party started with a bang. I spent the entire day carrying the video camera, trying to be in 3 places at once. There was so much eye candy, no matter where I went, I needed to be shooting something else at the same time. Nudity was everywhere, the men were gorgeous and flirty, I was beside myself.

I missed all the performances on stage because I was interviewing porn legends Paul Barressi, Robert Black, Jason Branch and Rik Jammer. Those interviews will be shown as part of NakedSword's Weekly Report. I also shot enough material to compile an 8 minute video segment ala Entertainment Tonight. (Stay tuned for links to those videos.)

DSC01682.jpgA new gimmick launched this year that I really enjoyed was when the beefier porn stars took turns doing erotic pose-downs. They had a weight bench and some dumbells for the guys to pump up, flex, pose, stretch, strip, and even a bit of wanking (no money shots allowed, though.)

So who was there, you ask? Here's some of the highlights of my porn star sightings, although as I said, I couldn't see everyone or be everywhere.

-Zak Spears: Woof. He was on the top of my list to interview, but couldn't find him. Next time.
-Matt Sizemore: Recovering (beautifully) from a recent car accident.
-Danny Lopez: Carumba, he's hot! I think I had a dream about him the other day.
-Eric Evans: So huggable, I want him as a plush toy on my bed.
-Kevin Kramer: Disco flagging all day on stage in front of the NakedSword banner (that should sell some memberships!) On the plane I was reading about him appearing in Bruce LaBruce's "Hustler White".

It that enough name dropping? More on Saturday night and Michael Brandon's "Inappropriate Behavior" Sunday BBQ later.

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BBPPirene.jpg Haven't written since Thursday because I've been out "having a life" so I can have something to write about.

Went to Palm Springs on Friday for the Bad Boys Pool Party and got to stay with an old friend, Robert, whom I hadn't seen in a long time. (More about his domestic bliss later).

Friday night I took Robert out for a boring Mexican dinner at El Mirasol (a lot of hype, blah food). We then hit Blame It On Midnight for their tacky floor show starring Irene Soderberg. She's a hefty gal who has long ago forsaken high heels and always wears nothing but sequined sausage casings. Upon entering I joked, "what color sequins will she be wearing tonight - gold, silver, or red?"

Gold won.

Poor girl works hard keeping the energy level up for a roomful of blue haired lesbians and b.o.q.'s * with alcohol problems, plus she has to run her own karaoke machine, microphones, and stage manage the visiting guests and drunks from the crowd that give her a chance to make multiple costume changes. Gotta hand it to her for trying.

When it got too painful, we headed to the first official party of the porn star weekend held at the Barracks. It was still a little early, but we were both exhausted. Got to see Sister Buffy with his porn star boyfriend Victor Rios, Sister Tragedy, and a few other porn stars just started trickling in.

ZAK SPEARS and Falcon Exclusive ADDISON SCOTT � who co-hosted the Official Kick-Off Party at the BARRACKS in a special nasty night of leather fetish fun benefiting San Francisco's SOMA Bare Chest Calendar (the sales of which benefit the AEF and the Positive Resource Center ) Special appearance by 2002 International LeatherSir DALE BRUENIG and 2003 Mr. Palm Springs Leather DON MENTINK with raffles, nasty demos, giveaways and a special appearance byJASON BRANCH and TOM SOUTHERN�with newcomers (and BCC models) JOHN TRUITT and RAY STONE (who I hung out with at Folsom Fair, and chatted with at the gym recently).

Zak Spears was sporting a new look - trimmed down, shaved head, goatee, leather vest, no shirt (or maybe it was my x-ray vision). Total hottie (see before and after photos).

I met Tom Southern last year and never really caught my attention, but that night he was all done up in tight leather chaps, vest, arm bands and leather hat. NOW I get it! A lot beefier than I recall. Woof.

Saw a bunch of guys from home involved with the Bare Chest Calender, but the rest was a blur, we went home early.

*(bitter old queens)

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~ The 2003 Grabby Awards Nominations ~

Gay Chicago Magazine will honor the Top Gay XXX Videos of 2002 at their annual "Grabby Awards" on Saturday, May 24 at Circuit nightclub in Chicago (3641 N. Halsted Street). The event is open to the public.

For tickets, call: (773) 327-7747 ext. 101 or 111

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