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Brodie Sinclair has returned and while his on-set gay-for-pay antics can be trying, I've always thought he was really cute, an ersatz Mark Wahlberg.

He's starring with newly shaggy Andrew Blue, who arguably steals the spotlight, in a scene to promote the upcoming Cockyboys gay porn site relaunch.

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Headbands! Tube Socks! Ironic Mustaches!

With the recent sale of Falcon, I've been looking back through their excellent back catalog and have started to feel like I'm looking at Cobrasnake photos of a pool party in a Brooklyn Dumpster. (Maybe it's no surprise that American Apparel sells towels with gay porn stars on them.) With that, I present ten legendary style icons from the Falcon vault from the Mystery Skier in the Other Side of Aspen II (above) to pretty much anything with Dick Fisk.


What's the best thing about vintage gay porn? Is it the lack of artifice? The lack of condoms? The sheer exuberance of the sex? The bushy bushes? The quaintness of film? Or the fact that they don't have lines to read? Whatever it is, there are times when well-lit, digitally enhanced, MySpaced bodies don't do it like their rough-and-tumble forefathers. Rick Donovan? Al Parker? Dick Fisk? Leo and Lance? Above, the always ready Roger, getting his gorgeous dick sucked while definitely not thinking about his Twitter.

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Jeremy Jordan was an adorable ubertwink power-bottom who starred in a number of Falcon and Jocks movies in the first-half of the decade.


So what's this angel to now?

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Big-dicked Brazilian Harry Louis took one for the team in Lucas' latest, Trapped in the Game, and now he can't get enough!

Of course, the best part about a big-dick porn star on bottom is that you get to see more of his gorgeous cock, unobstructed by those pesky cock-covering ass cheeks. And any time that I'm allowed more time to drool over Harry's cock, the better.

It's nice to see that Mr. Pam is keeping the same, sexy and low-drama sex sets that she always has. Harry comes off as not only hung, but also sweet, charming, and handsome.

Trapped in the Game (via

-- MIke


Big Dicked Bottoms: Gay Porn's Tommy DeLuca
All Hail The King of Helicoptering: Zach Alexander


Anti-porn detractors always claim that watching porn leads to a spiral of perversity, making us gay homos search for sicker and sicker pleasures to satisfy our numbed eyeballs. Well, I'm hear to tell you it's A BIG LIE. All I've done for years has work with porn, and yet all week I've been sporting wood over g-rated half-clothed men, in various vanilla positions.

Part of the problem, admittedly, is Landon Conrad. Falcon Studios PR has been tweeting live content from his Hot Property shoot (above, Landon with Jake Steel; below, with Brad Star), and it's been lube for my eyeballs. It's like I'm going in reverse, and instead of heading toward 3D BDSM tranny porn to get a nut, it turns out I'm more content with pictures that could have come from an underwear catalog. If you'd rather see porn, however, you're more than welcome to click below.


Landon Conrad Hardcore (via

-- Mike


I shot an interview with Tom Chase yesterday, who was in town visiting his sister. He's now a personal trainer in Dallas, but was eager to talk to us for our documentary on Falcon's Chuck Holmes. We talked about his history with Holmes, but even more about how the porn he watched growing up -- particularly the Falcon video Cruisin'. Falcon and COLT movies were, he told us, the representations of gay male identity that he grew up emulating.

"I knew I had to get to San Francisco," he told us. "Chuck was one of the people who completely changed the culture, the image of a gay man. At the time, the only place for us to find [positive] role models was in porn."

He later went on to marry Joe Cade, one of the stars he'd been masturbating to for years. (They're no longer together). I'll post a clip of the interview when we've got a second to go through some of the footage, and you can see the handsome man he became, but in the meantime, a masturbator's delight of Tom Chase through the years. He insisted that Falcon (and later COLT) let him grow up before the camera -- and thank god he did!

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Ever since the gay porn industry started, studios have struggled to define themselves by their men. From COLT's beefcake and Falcon's blond brats, to the jocks of Jet Set and the tough musclemen of Raging Stallion, men are your brand. All that's well and good when you're trying to set yourself apart, but those niches can leave a few gay holes. Take this scene with gay opposites of Alexander Freitas and Landon Mycles on Suite 703 drove my yin and yang fucking bananas.

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Of all the people I've met working on this Chuck Holmes documentary, director John Summers was one of my favorites. He died yesterday morning in his North Hollywood home from an apparent heart attack.

Summers was one of the people most responsible for the Falcon look -- he brought a style and class to post-Aspen movies that really set the studio apart. He claimed that one of my favorite of Summer's movies, Style (1981) was the first porn where the boys were shaved. He also had Bruce Weber's assistant Kyle Martin style the movie -- clothes were brought in from Wilkes Bashford, hair was done, the feet were bleached and the 80s were ON.

Summers had come to San Francisco in the late 60s and ran a series of boy brothels with John Travis. Later, he, Travis, Matt Sterling and Chuck Holmes would become the founders of the industry as we know it. It was illegal, it was dangerous and to hear Summers tell it, it was a lot of fun. He was always behind the scenes (he never liked to be photographed) and always cooking up trouble (Vanity Fair once referred to only as the mysterious Black Buddha of Porn), but in my experience, always a pleasure to deal with. We shot an interview with him in March, and he'd call every couple of weeks to talk about bad Hollywood movies, money-making schemes, and the importance of high-quality mixed nuts. He loved art and orchids and preppies with big, big dicks. I'll miss him a lot.

-- Mike

Select Filmography
Style (Falcon)
Big and Thick (HIS)
Two Handfuls (Bijou)

I've mentioned before that for the past year or so, we've been shooting a documentary about Falcon Studios founder Chuck Holmes. We've been slowly making our way through the living Falcon superstars to talk about what it was like to work with Chuck. Thanks to help from people like Steven Scarborough of Hot House and John Rutherford of COLT, we've had a fair amount of success. But given that few of the porn stars were using their actual names, and given that many of them had no connection to the industry other than a few films, it's taken a fair amount of detective work. This is where I'm hoping you guys will come in.


Most importantly, I'm trying to track down Jim Bentley (above left) and Kevin Williams (above right), two of Chuck's favorite models. I'd heard that Kevin Williams was living in South Florida somewhere, and that Jim Bentley was in San Francisco, but that's about as far as I've gotten.

More memories ... and clues after the jump.


There are a few porn stars that have staying power decades later -- Dick Fisk, Jon King, Chad Douglas, Joey Stefano, and Al Parker to name a few. For the past year or so, Jack and I (along with Raging Stallion director Ben Leon) have been in production on a documentary about the early history of the porn industry (we'll post a trailer for the project shortly) and lately I've become obsessed with another one: Kurt Marshall.

Falcon exclusive Marshall, who dated Falcon Studios founder Chuck Holmes in the mid 80s, was, in many ways, the epitome of the Falcon style -- blond, athletic, devilish. William Higgins once told me that the difference between Falcon stars and those cast by men like him, Matt Sterling and Jon Summers was that Falcon stars were "professional gays" and unrepentantly sexual.


Like so many other gay men in the 80s, Kurt passed away from complications related to AIDS, but it seemed appropriate to put him up on Pride in part because he was a stellar performer and in part because he was proud of who he was. I came across this quote in an interview from the mid-80s, and think that it's even more true today.

"I think to be gay is to be blessed. We have so much freedom, so many choices. This isn't our moment to party or to think we're going to stay young forever...maybe it's our time to find someone to be safe be happy with..."

Happy Prides!

(More Kurt Marshall pics after the jump ...)

How well do you know your gay porn stars? If any of you gay cock-hounds can identify the owner of the lonely cock that Nash Lawler is slurping in the new Mustang feature, I'll pierce my ear with a diamond and oil-wrestle you for top.


Think you know who's behind hole number one? The answer, here (free gallery and clip via

-- Mike


The sweet life of Aden and Jordan Jaric always made me a little queasy. The couple announced this week that they were breaking up after five years of saccharine bliss, but they did us the favor of banging out one more hardcore scene. Does their emotionally raw break-up sex make the flip-flopping twinsy dolls less diabetic in their once endless crush? And will they both be keeping their Falcon contract, or will they, you know, be able to see other people. Most importantly, will this finally help me tell them apart?


alessio-romero-jock-strap-pic-gay-porn.jpgIn honor of Mexico City's implementation of a gay marriage law yesterday, a few pictures of the Mexican I wouldn't mind taking down the aisle: Alessio Romero. I met him on his first shoot, on the set of where he shot with Man of the Year Samuel Colt. Ever since -- in his movies for Titan, Hot House and most recently again for Mustang in Laid Off -- his eager bottom and scrub brush chest hair have grabbed me. Or I've grabbed me, I guess.

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Image of Colby Keller (above, left) Conner Habib, Girth Brooks (above, right) from Falcon's new release Laid Off.

Free "Laid Off" hardcore gallery at FalconXXX


I wouldn't be so bold to say you must watch Pledgemaster The Hazing just because I wrote the script (which I did, in fact, write). But it's actually pretty good for a bunch of other reasons that have nothing to do with me. Not least of which is the cast, (again, which I had nothing to do with, but coincidentally ends up being like my dream cast): Nash Lawler, TJ Hawke, John Magnum, Cameron Marshall and ... drum roll, please ... Derrek Diamond, who gets hazed, covered in wax, slapped around, and then fucked silly by HRH Erik Rhodes.


Had I known that Double-D, my #1 dreamboat super-crush, was going to end up playing the part he ended up playing, well, let's just say his ass wouldn't have gotten off so easy. (Don't I talk a mean game? I actually randomly met Derrek the other day and was reduced to a babbling pool of jelly). Anyway, hardcore clip and image gallery after the jump ...

While it seems that an absurdly large number of you are drawn to father-son jerk-off competitions, I'm a bit of a traditionalist. When I saw the latest shots of Landon Conrad and his colossal cock, it brought me back to my early days of Falcon porn lust: men like Jeremy Penn, Marcus Iron and Tom Chase. Fat, rock hard cocks that get thicker and thicker.

I mean, look at that cock. And that body. And that face. My jaw hurts from hitting the floor.



This morning I woke to curiously chipper Adam Killian bragging about his AMAZING banana bread (I know the secret ingredient, and it's closer to banana skins than bananas) and doing yoga in LA's Runyon Canyon with Stephen Daigle. This afternoon, he appears in my in-box doing a different type of yoga in Falcon's latest, Morning Wood ... this time with former Randy Blue cutie Trent Davis and porn everywhereman Derrek Diamond. Glad to see he's keeping himself flexible.

Pics after the jump...

Mustang Exclusive Samuel Colt was named Unzipped/Men Magazine's Man of the Year. Poor Samuel is going to have a helluva sore jaw.


More Samuel Colt:
Samuel Colt's Blog Twitter, Facebook
Watch Samuel Colt's Movies on
Watch Samuel in Darkroom, Green Door and Sounding 3 on
Samuel Colt's Dream Team Profile on NakedSword

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Adrenaline is a new release from Mustang Studios and there are a lot of things I could mention which make this film stand out: Dominic Pacifico (aka DJ Porn Stars) composed the music. My dear friend Rob Romoni is in it, and it's one of his first movies years. The rest of the cast is impressive: Tommy Defendi (whom everyone knows I am quite fond of) along with Berke Banks, Drake Jaden, Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt -- are favorites of mine.

But I don't want to talk about any of that. I just want to talk about Alexsander Freitas. For the rest of my life. There's never been anything like him in porn. Or on Earth. Ever.


Some have suggested that Alexsander resembles a young Antonio Sabado Jr. But Antonio's looks -- even in the prime of his youth -- never could come close to Alexsander's perfection.


Hailing from Rio and currently based in Los Angeles, Alexsander is a personal trainer and competes in the professional bodybuilding circuit. In his spare time, he studies the Kabballah. Its unconfirmed, but some suggest that God came down from heaven to personally chisel his jawline out of alabaster.


If you think you can handle it, click continue to see some hardcore action shots of Alexsander Freitas with Dominic Pacifico and Spencer Reed. BE WARNED: There's so much beauty after the jump you may not be able to take it.

Falcon's newest exclusive Landon Conrad is like absurdly hot. LandonConrad_gayporn_1.jpg

I don't know what else there is really to say? OH! He's doing a live show on tonight.

Check out his exclusive interview with TheSword. We'll post more images and clips of him as soon as they become available, a couple more of his twit pics after the jump ...

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Image of Derrek Diamond and Erik Rhodes from Pledgemasters: The Hazing from Falcon.

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gay-vintage-porn-joey-stefano-falcon.jpgWe've been researching the history of Falcon Studios (now Falcon Entertainment) for a documentary on founder Chuck Holmes, and I have become fairly obsessed with the Falcon movies that I grew up with, before the internet. In college in the 90s, Jack and I would have to have to get movies from small porn stores with small gay selections -- movies like Plunge with Joey Stefano. There was nothing gay-for-pay about the late Stefano who could suck a dick (and take a cock) like few gay men before or since.

The real fun in watching Stefano for me, aside from the amazing ass, is the Nomi Malone whoreyness after nearly a decade of Reagan-fueled shame. The aggressive sluttiness isn't just hot, it's also radically unapologetic about gay sexual desire. Or something.

Check out the clip after the jump ...


If you're as in love with Erik Rhodes as I am, get ready for some internal struggle. (And no, it's about opening wide enough to take the nine-incher -- that part's easy.) Falcon exclusive Rhodes has been seeing Randy Blue on the side and this weekend, as if on an episode of daytime soap, the two twin versions of Erik showing up at the same party.

Director Jeremy Lucido just posted pics Starrfucker blog from a shoot Rhodes just did for Randy Blue. Rhodes, who was in LA to shoot Bruce La Bruce's upcoming porn-filled zombie movie, is doing a live show for his original patron, Falcon, tonight on It's like Big Love meets Bewitched.


-- Mike


The Curious Dance Between Mainstream and Porn Culture
Sneak Peek: Erik Rhodes Solo (

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It's a shame that in a blink of an eye I can pull up about three thousand photos of yesterday's twink, but if I want a dirty photo of a gorgeous Jon King, I'm limited to a small handful. The creationists would have you believe the world has only been around for 5,000 years; the internet would have you believe the world began in 1996.

TheRandy Blue 70s-themed gay porn shoot last week got me thinking about King, who starred in about three dozen movies for Catalina and Falcon in the 80s. The kid looks he's got a fake mustache, but I STILL FUCKING MELT every time I look at his Bambi eyes. Sure, his hair is equal parts Joyce DeWitt and Jane Velez-Mitchell, but I expect we'll be seeing it in Williamsburg and the Mission soon enough.

I'm off to hunt down dirty magazines on Polk Street. In the meantime, enjoy a little bit of Jon after the jump ...

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Falcon megastar Erik Rhodes is training to be a director for the porn studio, and based on the hilarious behind-the-scenes clip above (via The Sword, we're cheering him on. Fans that I talk to generally assume that studio porn sets are either orgies or staid and mechanical factories. Erik captures the fun side of a really great business, and the backside of TJ Hawke.

-- Mike

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gay-porn-nash-lawler-anal-butt-pic-falcon-1.jpgNot even Micki Dahne could have predicted this one: top man Nash Lawler has allowed his pink meat to be tenderized. The self-described omni-sexual has been peddling his ass all over town since I first met him on the set of Endgame, and even went so far as to make an infomercial offering it to the highest bidder. Well, it looks like Nash is going to be eating at Ruth's Chris tonight!

In a scene for Falcon director John Bruno's Massive Studio, Nash finally mets his prostate. Of course, dildos are a gateway drug and we expect that it's only a matter of days before TMZ catches Nash at the Abbey with a hot young Falcon star on his arm.

You won't be able to see the inside of that sweet cherry until Friday, but the Falcon Studios blog has the inside scoop (and more photos) in the meantime.


Dream Team Gallery: Nash Lawler (
Is Nash Lawler One Step Closer? (Falcon Studios Blog)


We learned a few weeks ago that Erik Rhodes and the just-decontracted Francois Sagat finally got to consummate their multi-year, multi-social-networking-site flirtation by filming a scene for Falcon in Prague. Now we finally have the first hardcore clip from the shoot.


Although the clip (after the jump) doesn't include any fisting, this certainly has enough to get me excited for the full scene, which will be released in June on Falcon's site and only be available online, because apparently filming fisting is easier then selling fisting movies through the traditional retail channels.


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When does a twink become a hunk? Roman Heart, who once told us that he submitted his model photos to Falcon the day that he turned gay-teen, is all growed up: and now, according to Falcon, he has a record number of major magazine covers now to prove it. And to think that only four years ago, he did his first cover shoot for now-defunct [2] magazine with Josh Weston (above). Talk about roads diverging in yellow wood ! Roman's new cover after the jump ...


When I was on the set with porn star Francois Sagat a year or so ago, and he told me that his Titan contract was up, I asked him what he planned to do. "More mainstream stuff", he said. "I've worked with the best. What else is there me to do here?" Then he paused and smiled, "... Erik Rhodes?" (They've been very openly lusting after each other since the 2006 GayVN awards when Greg Thompson snapped the above photo of them together.)


I haven't been this excited for a Falcon movie in a while. For starters, we finally get to see Ty Colt in action. Second, the opening scene has Erik Rhodes and Leo Giamani flip-flopping, and the sight of Leo's massive ballsack slapping Erik's ass as he pounds him defies explanation. And third, well, do you really need more?


Check out the trailer and hardcore image gallery after the jump ...

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We received early word that Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush is leaving Falcon. But the iconic star will not be retiring from porn: Rather, he asked to be released from his contract so that he could pursue other opportunities.

Although his output has declined over the past few years, Rush, who turned 36 in 2008, has done a total of 25 movies since his debut in Bounce in 2001. Rush's last film for Falcon (as an exclusive, at least) will be his much-hyped scene with Zeb Atlas in Best Men Part 1: Bachelor Party.

Matthew also recently got this dragon tattoo on his chest. Discuss.


Falcon Releases Controversial Matthew and Zeb 'Best Men' Scene
Matthew Rush To Leave Falcon Contract (

-- Jack

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I've gotten hit with many things on sets -- lube, stray propositions, rocks -- but Falcon's Blue Movie was like standing at the base of Niagara Falls. Every corner I turned, someone was pissing on someone else, or themselves, or my pant leg. Splish splash!

The Bellagio Fountain of the whole matter was a scene with with Zak Spears who catch Adam Hersch and Dillon Buck watching a porn and pisses all over them as punishment. Or something.

The movie won't release until next month, but Falcon has decided to release said pissing scene ahead of schedule. I guess Andy Rooney's right when he says Christmas comes earlier every year.

Gay Porn Sets: Blue Movie

70s Style 'Blue Movie' Busted By LA Vice Squad, 70s Style (

-- Mike

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mustang_SteveCruz-gayporn.jpgI was psyched to see that Joe Oppedisano will be shooting all the still photography on Steve Cruz’s upcoming Mustang film Blue Movie, which begins shooting this weekend.

Like Greg Thompson, Joe’s fashion background (he shot Erik Rhodes for Loehmann’s ) comes through in his work. As a result, his photos don’t end up looking like the typical overly lit, super-glossy porno pics.

Check out what I’m talking about in following image gallery of pics from the three Mustang movies he did  (Afterhours, Forced Entry, and Limits) including some of my favorite Andrew Justice and Jake Dakota pics of all time.


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Despite the teams of Falcon haters out there, I think they might be on to something with their newest exclusive, Ty Colt. This 20-year-old Midwesterner puts the corn in "corn-fed", and apparently has a perma-hard cock. His debut scene is on FalconStr8men later this month. And those lips! We had dinner with him last night and he's sweet and unassuming -- the opposite of most gay-for-pay stars. And maybe he's not even for pay -- the stud has taken to the industry like a duck to water, and will be shooting both top and bottom scenes this year. 

Roman Heart might want to be extra careful when walking down a flight of stairs. I'm just sayin' ... Another picture after the jump.


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zeb-adam-gay-porn-tableau-3.jpgI don't think there's one subject that causes more drama for fans then gay-for-pay, unless it's bisexuality. Despite the mid-century debut of Kinsey's sexual continuum, bisexuality is to a certain segment of the gay population as evolution is to the evangelicals. Since I'm not looking to marry Zeb, just rub one out to him, I'll leave the speeches to Obama.

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Picking up from where we left off yesterday, here’s the conclusion of our two-part interview with Collin O’Neal where Collin gives us insight into his casting process as well as some obstacles working with models who don’t necessarily identify as “gay”.

Where and how do you find your models?

I find my models mainly via gay social networking websites like BigMuscle, Gaydar, and GayRomeo. I met Pedro and Daniel from Sao Paulo and Miami, and Said from Lebanon over the net. There are a few times I meet guys on the street or in clubs like Jacko from Lebanon who I met in a café in Aleppo, a city in Northern Syria and then I met my exclusive Francisco Rey, while he was cleaning the pool of our hotel in the Dominican Republic. I am very shy in person, so it is very hard for me to just walk up to guys and pop the porn question.

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The Matthew Rush/Zeb Atlas anal scene for Best Men may be off, but when Falcon quietly released the much discussed oral scene this weekend (free for members, join now), I forgot about all the drama and remembered why Matthew Rush is one of Falcon's Lifetime Exclusives: the guy can suck.

(Full image set after the jump ...)

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It's been a while, but Natta of QueerMeNow was nice enough to send over his five favorite recent amateur pics, and he's really outdone himself once again. Without much further ado, here's five hot recent amateur scenes you may have missed:

1. Ski Retreat Fuckfest (
Sean Cody took four models (Harley, Addison, Devin, and Berke) to his friend's ski house and shot a bunch of scenes, many of which he's already released. He saved the best for the last: On the last day in the house, they decided to do one big fuckfest with all four guys, each fucking and getting fucked by each other. Devin even gets double penetrated!


2. "Behind The Line 2" : Brock Bottoms For King Cole! (
Brock (Brock Penn from Falcon's The Velvet Mafia) has become familiar face on Dink Flamingo's And in the latest installment, Brock surprised everyone by bottoming for the first time on camera. I love to watch big buff Brock taking it up the ass and it's a bonus that he gets fucked hard by Cole (or King Cole) ... one of the biggest cocks on the site.


zeb_atlas_jake_cruise.jpgWhile the "Gay For Pay" moniker continues to pack 'em in (despite our endless grumbling), could its days finally be numbered? Earlier this month of course, we saw one of the biggest GFP hold outs -- Zeb Atlas -- dip his toe into the gay waters by mouth-fucking Jake Cruise.

Then last week, TheSword broke the news that Zeb Atlas was going to dive right head first and be topping Matthew Rush in an upcoming Falcon movie (ironically enough) about gay marriage.

Yesterday it was announced that another notorious GFP'er -- Mike Roberts -- would be bottoming for Jake Cruise. Mike's topped a few times on-camera, and I'm a huge fan of his but ... egad! I don't wanna see that! Seriously. I'll have nightmares. If you want to see a picture of Jake topping Mike (and kissing him!) click here. You've been warned, OK?

Mike Roberts Jake Cruise Gay Porn

gay-short-sex-falcon-studios-winter-heat-thermals.jpgThe thaw might be breaking in most of the country, but Falcon's still unwrapping packages from a few months back. In the tradition of The Other Side of Aspen, the studio has taken the boys out of the city for a little rest and relaxation. And in the tradition of Fleet Week, they've given them nothing to eat but, uh, protein. There's a little cabin fever evident, but it's not quite The Shining. I'm not sad to see the cold go, but I wish I'd taken more advantage of the sex appeal of thermals a little more.

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April issue of artsy Brit fashion mag i-D features an interview with Francois Sagat where he talks about working for gay-tastic designer Karl Lagerfeld, photographer Mario Testino and French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld (who knew?). They also feature an extensive spread of Francois dressed in weird clothes and doing things I have a hard time explaining:


The March issue of i-D featured Michael Lucas in a feature about Donatella Versace (Get OUT!). They don't really explain why he's pictured, but I'm sure they're friends or something:
michael lucas ID magazine gay

Somewhat less glamorous -- but equally impressive, nonetheless -- Erik Rhodes is featured in two full-page ads for Loehmann's running in LA bar rag Frontiers. Last year he appeared on the cover of one of their catalogs and in the in-store displays (click continue to see both of his ads):

When I posted a clip from Falcon's upcoming Fleet Week it was mostly to spotlight Tristan Jaxx's almost comically voluminous cum shot. It didn't really occur to me as significant that Tristan gets a few squirts in Josh Weston's mouth in between getting it in his eye and all over his face.

A hint of things to "cum" from Falcon: More oral cum shots. The trailer also features Erik Rhodes lapping up some jizz less serendipitously:


Oral cum shots are nothing new (Michael Lucas features the occasional oral cum shot in his films and they crop up elsewhere), but this is definitely a new direction for Falcon.

Watch the full trailer after the jump ...

dare falcon gay pornI always thought director Jett Blakk's extremely clever, plot-driven movies would be a good match for Falcon, whose movies -- especially lately -- have been pretty flat, story-wise. I made some introductions and the powers that be hired him for a multi-picture deal. Jett thanked me by stabbing me to death in Dare, his first movie for them, which started out as a remake of Flashpoint but quickly took on a life of its own.

We filmed the scene at the LA County Fair last September and it was a really fun day. Despite an ambitious shooting schedule, Jett, my murderer (old-school gay porn star Lou Cass) and I found time to eat corn dogs, go on rides, and gab about horror movies. For the climax of the scene, Lou stabbed me in the Spook House and I even got to use fake blood (it was ketchup, but still). I posted a few pictures from the day on my Flickr account (warning, these pictures contain absolutely NO nudity).

The weather was crazy that day: sunny one minute and torrential downpour the next. As a result, a drop of rain was on the lens in a few of the shots so Falcon asked for a re-shoot. Second time around we shot the scene up here in San Francisco; it wasn't as fun but the final product looks great nonetheless:

Falcon ended up releasing Dare as their big release of 2007. At the GayVNs, Dare was nominated for best orgy and best screenplay and Lou got nominated for best non-sex performance. Neither won (GayVN judges seem a bit biased against Falcon the last couple of years), but I'm pretty sure it will do better at the Grabbys. Make no mistake: I have no delusions about my contribution to Dare. I have no aspirations of becoming an actor and I realize that most people will end up fast-forwarding right through it to the actual hot parts, but it was fun and I got to feel like star for a day so what more could I ask for?

Hardcore clip and image gallery from Dare after the jump ...

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There are few things that I enjoy running into more than Colby Taylor's delicious, nutritious, ambitious penis or its handsome, easy-going owner. Aside from his occasional locker-room indiscretions, he's got little of the pretention or vanity that marks his porn star peers -- just an charming guy with a sly smile and a gigantic penis. So I was happy to see that the 11-year industry veteran and GayVN winner would be picking up the mantle left by Jake Deckard and becoming NakedSword's 2008 NakedSwordsman.

He's in Vegas now at the Adult Entertainment Expo, flirting with fans on behalf of the NakedSword team (Jake is also there, as are Diesel Washington, Damien Crosse, Dean Flynn, and Aiden and Jordan Jaric). While Colby's easy enough to see around San Francisco, I can't resist the opportunity to congratulate him in person -- I'll let you know how he stacks up next to the Stratosphere.

Colby Taylor Videography (

-- Mike

Once upon a time Danny Vox was a promising young starlet whose striking, catalog-model good looks paired with his penchant for being a double-penetrable pass-around party bottom made him quite the irresistible porno paradox.

"Jewelry making" (or maybe it was the LTR with an a-list Hollywood director) put him in early retirement but (as I predicted when I interviewed him two years ago), his retirement has been dotted with comebacks a' plenty, including one in Ridgeline's upcoming Beyond Malibu.


Well it looks like his dirty-boy interior finally caught up with his squeaky-clean exterior ...

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ivy_league_box_small.jpgFalcon's Ivy League treads on familiar gay porn territory (at least for Falcon): hazing pledges, candle wax on the buttocks, Erik Rhodes in a suit, initiations involving anal sex.

So what makes this one interesting, you ask? Well, I haven't seen it yet, so I can't say for sure, but the three pledges -- new exclusive Ryan Wade, along with sexy, big-dicked new(ish) bottoms Tony Martin, and Zachary Ryan -- are so adorable so I'm willing to give it a chance.

Click continue for the full hardcore trailer and free hardcore image gallery ...

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longboard-gayporn_sm.jpgGranted an interesting debate was spurred by the last two entries (can gay porn be -- gulp -- art?!), but at risk of turning this place into a gay porn dailykos, I'm taking things in a decidedly UN-political route: An Ode to the Surfer Dude. They're too stoned to care about politics anyway.

Growing up in Miami Beach, surfers were the top of the crush food chain. And gay porn from that era was no different: Some of the biggest stars (Leo Ford, Lance, etc) looked like they got their tanned, toned bods from the beach not the gym. My number-one surfer dude crush in high school once asked me -- in earnest -- what year it was. Surfers may smoke as much pot as hippies, but they're well groomed, neatly dressed, and ooze sex.

After watching Falcon's latest, Longboard, I'm guessing director Chad Donvoan feels the same way I do. Although he's not a blond I see the same heavy-lidded dopey adorableness in cover star Derek Brodie (the latest amateur star to "go mainstream" -- I've ogled him on Jake Cruise often). The rest of the cast is rounded out quite nicely with real blonds and actual surfers, like shaggy-haired
Zackary Ryan who looks like he comes from another era.


Click "Continue" to see a free hardcore action gallery.

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I was less surprised to see Erik Rhodes on the cover of the Loehmann's catalog than by the fact that he's wearing the same thing he wore in Driver.

Click "continue reading" if you don't believe me ...

erik rhodes loehmann's

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What does $10 get you these days? How about Jason Adonis's butt-cherry ... and a nickel. Falcon is offering his much-heralded bottoming scene with Erik Rhodes from "Farmer's Son" on VOD almost three full months before the DVD is released. They've even put up a site to commemorate this momentaneous -- er -- momentous occasion:

I just watched it and I can say this one does live up to the hype. Something about watching a big hulking mass of cocky self-righteousness bend over and take it like a man is, well, poetic.

Comeuppance is a dish best served on all fours.

Jason Adonis Bottom


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Check out part 1 to see where we left off ...

Are you dating anyone currently?
I currently have a boyfriend, and we've been together for about a year. He's my business partner. It's set up so when I turn 21 it's all mine. We're hoping I have other projects going on by then.

What's he like?
He's 39. From Texas. He's got this sexy, thick Texan accent. One of the things I love about him is his horses. I grew up obsessed with them and always wanted to meet someone who I could go horseback riding with. I've never owned one myself. I wouldn't have time for one even if I did.

What kind of guys do you like?
I like all kinds of guys. I pride myself on being the type of person who can find the attractive parts on almost anyone. It just turns out that my relationships work out better with older men because I'm mature for my age and I don't want to have to deal with the petty shit of people my age.

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brent corrigan gay porn fox ryderBrent Corrigan: Where to start? By the time he turned 20 (last week), he'd changed his name three times (once against his will), starred in one of the most high-profile productions of 2006 as well as one of the (allegedly) best-selling bareback movies of all time (at age 17), almost shut down the gay porn industry, fucked Erik Rhodes, held a fundraiser for himself, got entangled in an extremely complicated legal dispute with Cobra Video and landed in jail (for underage drinking at his 20th birthday party, of all places).

Judging from this firestorm of controversy that seems to surround this twink-a-licious young firebrand with the ass of a god, you might think he cunningly courts scandal, but after sitting down with him for quite some time (he doesn't really seen to have an off switch), I got the opposite feeling: He's just trying to do his thing despite having made some bad decisions early on. (Before you judge, try and remember all the great decisions you made at 17.)

Despite his age, he's already one of the most intriguing gay porn stars working today.

Birthday? 10/31/86
Sign? Scorpio and proud to be.
Cock Size? 7.5"
Taken? Yes
Top/Bottom? Versatile bottom...

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Cleaning off my hard drive, I found these photos I took from the set of Velvet Mafia this past May that I completely forgot about. Oops. Better late than never, right?

By and large, porn sets are a hurry-up-and-wait hornet's nest of boredom, performance anxiety, sexual tension, and ego -- with a healthy dose of disorganization thrown in for good measure.

But this one was different. Going through these photos, I was reminded fondly of what a fun shoot it was. If anyone was responsible, it was director Chris Steele.

Despite facing the Herculean task of managing a huge cast and crew and bring the elaborate script to life under the cruel realities of a porn budget, he kept things light-hearted and upbeat without ever sacrificing perfectionism -- and without breaking a sweat.

What's sexier than that?

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gay_porn_star_cort_donovan.jpgFalcon does it all the time: they announce they've signed a new exclusive but you've got to wait like six months for their first movie to come out. With their two newest, Cort Donovan (left) and Ashon Star (below), however, they're giving us a taste by having the guys do a FalconTV live sex show on their site today (10/25) to tide us over ever so slighlty until "Dripping Wet," their porn debut, is released next month.

Until then they were nice enough to send over a couple of choice shots of the two handsome young bucks from "Dripping Wet" that certainly have got my tongue wagging. Do
tune into their show at 6:00 PST
. Ashton's a total cutie pie and Cort? Well Roman Heart hasn't stopped raving about his oversized cock since he sat on it in "Dripping Wet" (pictures after the jump). I'll be moderating the show be sure sure to ask at least one scintillating quesiton.


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erik rhodes gay porn star
Erik Rhodes may be gay porn's reigning bad boy (or perhaps just a Peck's Bad Boy) but he's hard not to love. Nevermind his superheroic torso or mouthwatering corndog of an uncut cock: Erik has a tough/vulnerable temperment that can make a guy fall in love. He's also wicked funny.

The Long Island-raised sex star isn't afraid to get physical (check him getting donkey punched in Flex) and is unrepentant about a recent fight defending his twin brother's honor that almost ended him up in jail (he got an 11th hour community service reprieve). Take a look at his MySpace profile and you'll find a mixed-up kid that loves to have fun -- and that include fucking plenty. But unlike the fantastic plastics that often are issued by studios, Erik's a real guy. After all the porn I've seen, it's the one thing that still gets me reliably hard.

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A new clip on YouTube seems to reveal more clues about Falcon's upcoming two-part big movie The Velvet Mafia and the ongoing mystery surrounding Fox Ryder.

Seems Warren Starr, (played by Chi Chi LaRue out of drag, cursing up a storm, and looking like Paulie Walnuts from "The Sopranos") is at war with Mason Avalon (veteran director Paul Baressi). They're fighting over a new exclusive Fox Ryder (Brent Corrigan). Meanwhile, Derrick Vinyard and Omer appear to be the a pair of two star-cross'd lovers a la Romeo and Juliet.

Hardcore clip of Brent Corrigan with Erik Rhodes after the jump ...

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Raging Stallion and soon-to-be Titan superstar Francois Sagat and Falcon Exclusive Roman Heart are two of gay porn's biggest stars. Together they symbolize both ends of the porn spectrum, from rauchy leather sex pig to horned up prepster-next-door (though both are unabashed, voracious bottoms).


But what happens when one gets over-zealous with some hair dye (on his face) and the other gets wild with a disposable face razor (on his head)?

Click continue to find out ...

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free_falcon_gay_porn-4.jpg"From Top To Bottom", Falcon's latest release, is based on such a simple premise it's amazing no one's ever done it before: Tops taking a dick for the first time.

The movie starts off with a bang: Billy Brandt bottoming for Erik Rhodes. Then Tyler Marks bottoms for newcomer Jake Jameson. In the third scene, Kevin Brown (on loan from All Worlds,) bottoms for Matthew Rush, Ethan Kage and Matt Cole (the movie's one scene that doesn't have a bone fide devirginization ... Kevin's bottomed for All Worlds already.)

In the final scene, Derrick Vinyard bottoms for Jason Adonis. To tempt him, Jason lets Derrick use two glass dildos on his ass first. Beside having the double threat of watching two topmen going bottoms up, the scene's amazing: Even though it's scripted, director Chris Steele manages to capture that awkward realness of a sexual negotiation. Plus the normally quite vocal Derrick outdoes even himself, squealing like a pig. It's a shoe-in for a best sex scene GayVN nominee if not a win.

Click "Continue" for a free hardcore image gallery from Falcon's "From Top To Bottom" ...

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spokes-3-box.jpgWhen people ask me what my favorite porn film of all time is I usually get flummoxed. At best, I can come up with a list of five, but Spokes and Spokes II are usually somewhere on that list, if not at the top.

When Chris Steele asked Mike and I to write the script for Spokes 3, I was equally flummoxed. Would we be able to do the twisted legacy of Spokes justice? Hopefully we did OK. With Chris in the director's chair and Mason Wyler getting gang-banged by the likes of freakishly horse hung Ralph Woods, Pierre Fitch Derrick Vinyard and five others, it was pretty hard to fuck it up.

spokes 3 gay porn preview

Anyway ... free preview after the jump, so you can judge for yourself.

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Once upon a time, circa 1988, Casey Jordan was this cute-ish little insatiable bottom boy. He did a couple movies for Falcon ("Out of Bounds", "Perfect Summer", "Spokes II") and then he went away.

casey jordan free gay porn

In 1994-95 he re-appeared in New Pledgemaster and "The Backroom" (both also Falcon), but when he returned, he looked somewhat ... surgically enhanced ...

casey jordan free gay porn

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Falcon Studios unveiled another delicious exclusive today named Tyler Hill, who will be appearing in their upcoming "Up All Night". Here's the twist though: He did a handful of movies in 1998 ("Desert Hart", "Stock - Sentenced", "Stock - Released") when he was merely a baby-faced twink.

He's seen here from back then. To see the hunky piece of man-meat he's matured into, click "Continue Reading ...".

Here's the Before:
tyler hill gay porn star

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I'm sorry Kane, but I think I have a new favorite Falcon Exclusive. Their newest contract player is named Ethan Kage and he's nothing short of breathtaking. Their announcement today sent torrents of drool and shockwaves across the gay porn world.


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Mark-Dalton.jpgGay porn agent-manager-Svengali David Forest has broken news that muscle-cult favorite Mark Dalton will star in upcoming Falcon project Super Soaked directed by Chi Chi LaRue. No word on whether Mark will have more than a solo, or if Super Soaked bears any relation to the Falcon Studios successful 2003 Drenched franchise (Soaked to the Bone, Soaking it In). More Mark Dalton pics to come...

-- Mike

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Hammer top Travis Wade is confused when superhung best friend Colby Taylor comes out to him as a gay. Travis is confused and forced to the forest where, as if in a gay fable, he stumbles upon a bunch of guys, including Texan Cameron Fox fucking the cum out of each other. This confuses him more.

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The (Occasional) Weekly Report returns to with appearances by Falcon's Josh Weston and big-dicked newcomer Barrett Long (the episode was shot in December). Plus a January episode with a Hawaiian theme show. Check out the HUGE arms Josh Weston has built over the winter months!

The Weekly Report goes Hawaiian! Join Tim and Roma! as they celebrate NakedSword's 2004 Cybersocket award for Best Pay-Per-View Site. Directors Steven Scarborough and John Rutherford join the Weekly Report team to celebrate Tim's birthday: he turns the big three-oh! And, as always, we've crammed the episode full of porn-tastic stuff. Special hot guests include two yummy porn stars: newcomer Diego De La Hoya, who can be seen in COLT Studio's latest release "HOG, The Leather File" and Collin O'Neal from Hot House Entertainment. Did we mention that the taping of the Weekly Report was being taped by a German television film crew?

56k | 150k | 350k

It's a party. No it's a soir�e, or is it a fiesta! Whatever it is, it's BIG and it's Roma!'s birthday. In honor of her "sweet sixteen" we have assembled quite a collection of porn stars and industry elites. Be sure to check out this special birthday edition of the Weekly Report with special guests: Josh Weston, Barrett Long, Doug Jeffries and new Falcon director Mike Youens!

56k | 150k | 350k

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Last night I watched Big Timber from Falcon Studios. It's a recent 2003 release starring one of my dreamboats, Josh Weston.

I've been reviewing a lot of movies and Banana Guide, and I thought I'd "seen it all", particularly in story lines, but I'd never seen this topic covered before. Big Timber took a bit of a political bent in that it concerns a group of environmental activists that chain themselves to redwood trees to prevent the butch lumberjacks from chopping them down. The dialogue at the beginning was kinda clever with a bit of irony thrown in, but I was hoping for more political fireworks to wrap it up at the end.

Big Timber also stars Clay Maverick, Leo Bramm, Justin Dragon, Joe Foster, Jack Ryan, Trey Rexx, Brad Benton, Jerek, Paul Johnson, and Ross Stuart.

I really liked Big Timber, but given the choice between the Sierra Club Sissies and the butch lumberjacks, I'll take the loggers, especially after seeing the 3-way with Clay Maverick, Jack Ryan and Justin Dragon in the back of a truck.

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A new movie just got added to NakedSword called "Billy's Tale: A Modern Day Fable" from Falcon Studios, and I'm proud to say that I'm in it!

The movie was shot sometime in the early 90's when I had a friend named Miss P working at Falcon as a production assistant. I brought Miss P to party at a friend's gorgeous designer house on Potrero Hill. Miss P convinced Randy to let them use the house for a Falcon shoot (so he could earn a little finder's fee).

"Billy's Tale" is a Cinderella story about a sullen, trod-upon little twink and his evil (yet incredibly hunky) step brothers. The brothers abuse the boy emotionally and physically by repeatedly plowing Billy's "Tail". Billy gets his revenge when he meets his Prince Charming.

They used the house for just an outdoor party scene and some still photography inside. Since I was also instrumental in getting the location, they called me to be an "extra" for the party scene. If you look closely about a third of the way into the movie, you'll see the side of my head in the background standing around drinking wine and wearing suspenders.

Look Ma, I'm in a Falcon movie!

Since there was no sex scenes shot there, I didn't get to see much. I recall the gossip of the day was that the original Prince Charming was a no-show, so they had to scramble for a replacement. Prince Charming 2 showed up looking like a lumberjack, but an hour later the hair and makeup department had done their magic. Fans of chest hair would have been absolutely shocked at the transformation after he got all his fur removed!

By the way, a ton of new Falcon movies just got added to NakedSword this week. If you've been waiting to join, now's the time to do it!

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