American Idol Gay Porn Scandal

Posted March 15, 2005 6:41 PM by with 4 comments

Gay Porn Idol.jpgGay-ish American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is busting a nut over American Porn Star host Jason Sechrest … and he’s taken the case to the court of Celebrity Justice! Jet Set Production’s hugely popular American Porn Star recently walked away with the GayVN Award for Best Renting Title (that means cash money, folks), but the case against it is hardly new. American Porn Star producer Brett Drysdale assured Gay Porn Blog that any issue of copyright infringement was settled more than a year ago — after an infamous gay porn “popcorn summit” with Fox and the producers of American Idol. American Porn Star’s gay porn send-off on the American Idol series drew rave reviews for its reality-style contest with gay porn stars like Jason Adonis and Tag Erikkson competing for the “American Porn Star” title.

It’s unclear why the blonde-tipped Ryan Seacrest would think he would have any case against Jason Sechrest, who’s been doing swinging his own schtick for years on Perhaps Sechrest’s notorious “silent ‘h'” pushed the American Idol host over edge, but more likely it’s that while Ryan Seacrest is sidelined watching mid-level karaoke, Jason Sechrest is getting a front row seat to much more stimulating porn-formances.

While they’ve deftly avoided mention of this story, you can check out more Jet Set gossip at the newly retooled or watch American Porn Star on NakedSword


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