Gay amateur porn: Randy Blue’s Johnny Castle

Posted November 7, 2005 6:54 PM by


Randy Blue never ceases to amaze me. Even after spending a whole day watching video, Randy can get me off with a handful of photos. He’s one of the few people in the industry who’s position fills my heart with envy and my balls with cum. There may be eight million stories in the naked city — but I’ll settle for a few of Randy’s tales. The hot, hot, HOT guys stopping by to hustle a quick buck, their dirty little secrets and the myriad of other feelings and fluids the young bucks stop by to unload.

His latest, Johnny, is from my home state — New Jersey — and he’s got plenty ‘burbs left on him to prove it. Designer jeans, muscles nearing on plump, hair in the crack and a curious smirk that could mean either horny or dumb. He’s the kid that’d bring your groceries to the car. Or shine your car at the wash. Or, hell — cliches be damned — deliver your pizza. All while smoking a Marlboro Light and listening to “Cotton Eye Joe.”

Hold your hand out for the tip, son.randy-blue-gay-amateur-porn-johnny-03.jpg