The “Real” FraternityX Fucked Up Big Time

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Alpha Tau Omega sex party

No guys, this isn’t a scene from SketchySex of FraternityX: this was taken from what used to be the Alpha Tau Omega chapter at Indiana University:

The “used to be part” comes from this:

Gawker is describing it like this: “It’s unclear who leaked the 29-second clip, now circulating on Twitter through an account called “ATO Video,” or when the events therein took place. It appears to show a crowd of shirtless men crouched around two women and a group of clothed male onlookers, while another man is kicked as his head is between the second woman’s legs. All that’s heard above the cheering is one man yelling “Scotty” repeatedly. According to the tweet source, the woman apparently receiving oral sex (forcibly or otherwise) is a stripper.”

The DailyDot adds this statement from the University:

Indiana University has just been informed by the national leadership of Alpha Tau Omega that it has revoked the charter of the local chapter on the IU Bloomington campus and ordered the chapter to cease all activities and disband immediately.

The university applauds the national chapter’s swift and strong action and is in full agreement with this decision. The office of the Dean of Students and IU Police Department are prepared to work closely with the national ATO organization to facilitate this action.

Indiana University’s Office of Student Ethics will continue to investigate this issue as it relates to potential violations of the university code of student conduct.

Not to ruin anyone’s wet dreams, but before the cameras roll at FraternityX and SketchySex, there are model releases, id checks and a lot more planning and permission than the finished product would have you believe. It’s unclear if the stripper(s) in the video consented. Sure, fun is fun and sex is sex. But a “rape” culture of objectification isleading to an unsafe environment on college campuses that most unfortunately, doesn’t end there.

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