Aden Arrested For Hitting Jordan

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And so now Aden takes his place in our ever-growing gallery of Gay Porn Mugshots: TheSword is reporting that Aden Jaric was arrested for hurling a glass paperweight at Jordan Jaric while they were doing a live appearance in Portland this past week. Despite ending their five-year relationship in April, the two have been doing joint club appearances and a photoshoot together and were even seen making out the night before the incident. Falcon recently renewed Aden’s exclusive contract, but not Jordan’s.

After the jump, a free hardcore clip of The Jarics from happier times — in Falcon’s Morning Wood.

Morning Wood — Falcon Studios
Aden Jaric runs his hand down boyfriend Jordan Jaric’s muscular body and stops at the crotch to grab his morning wood. Both men now awake and completely aroused, they start to kiss. Aden sucks his lover’s dick, making him coo with appreciation before Jordan responds in kind and swallows cock himself. The taste of Aden’s sausage is ample nourishment right now and he wants his fill of it. Then with Aden’s head hanging over the side of the bed, Jordan starts to facefuck him. He next swings him around and onto his back so he can rim his ass. Jordan licks and slurps the hole before he gets up to fuck it hard. With a hint of mischievous adventure, Jordan shoves a hefty manrammer and then a steel dildo into Aden’s crack. Aden is excited and resumes sucking his darling’s ding-a-ling while sliding the latex toy inside his hole. He climaxes and cums first; then Jordan blasts his satisfied partner with his spooge.Directed by John Bruno CLICK HERE

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