Forty-Eight Hours To “Fame Game”

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Guys, I actually jumped the gun a bit on Friday with the hardcore preview of the latest NakedSword Original Fame Game. Think of it as having been the first Halloween treat of the year.

“Fame” is the most infamous club in San Francisco where the worlds of go-go boy’s, seedy club owners, and sexy Brit rockers converge in a sexual odyssey of discovery, revenge, and power. As you have come to rely on from NakedSword Originals, “Fame Game” is one steamy encounter after another. But Fame Game takes advantage of NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor’s considerable musical talents as well.

This isn’t just sex stuffed into a story. Fame Game is an erotic tale where sex is the story. And everyone has a story, don’t they? That everyone means joining Mickey Taylor are fellow NakedSword Exclusives Bray Love and Killian James, Falcon Studio Group Exclusive Boomer Banks, Leon Fox, Adam Ramzi, Kyle Kash and the much anticipated return of Topher Dimaggio.

[Visit The NakedSword Original Theater]

scene 1 famegame tease
Scene 1: “I’ll Do Anything” with Adam Ramzi and Leon Fox

scene 2 famegame tease
Scene 2: “Incriminating Evidence” with NakedSword Exclusive Killian James & Kyle Kash

scene 3 famegame tease
Scene 3: “Selfie Sabotage” with NakedSword Exclusive Bray Love & Topher Dimaggio

scene4  famegame tease
Scene 4: “Taste of Revenge” with Falcon Group Exclusive Boomer Banks & NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor

Consider that a preview of coming attractions!

See you Wednesday for the Fame Game World Premiere!

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