2006 GayVN Award Pics: Part 1

Posted March 12, 2006 5:17 PM by

I had every intention of snapping hundreds of pictures of the GayVN Awards this year as well as the Channel One-sponsored after party.

But there was one little problem: An open bar. Things started to get hazy as soon as I arrived, but I did manage go get a few good snapshots, I think. Mike will be posting his blow-by-blow soon, but until then here’s what I have to offer …Troy, Erik Rhodes and the rest of the Falcon boys arrive in style.

It didn’t matter who you were — you had to wait in a big ass line to get in.

The awards commence with Chi Chi at the helm.

Falcon Excusive Roman Heart graciously accepts his “Best Newcomer” award.

A dazed Gus Mattox chomps down on his Performer of the Year to prove to himself he wasn’t dreaming.

Talk about classy! How many awards shows have their own custom ass paper?

Here I am sharing a quiet moment with Buck Angel on the veranda.

Meanwhile, at the afterparty, porn hopefuls were vying for the paparazzi’s attention.

The two Michaels — Lucas and Stabile — with the irrepressible Lisa Bang.

You know it’s not a party until Celebrity Fat Club’s Bruce Vilanch shows up and starts groping Chad Hunt.

Here’s fash photographer Greg Thompson snapping Hot House exclusives Robert Van Damme, Marco Paris and Alex Fuerte.

It was devistating to show up for work the next day and find out the office had been closed down!