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With barely a hair to be seen, we’re not talking about the three bears.

Austin Wolf Gabriel Cross Alexander Volkov hot houseIt’s actually Alexander who is his knees first — and that’s not with an empty mouth. Gabriel takes his cue, then takes his place. That “atta boy” pat of approval isn’t for show. It was earned.

Austin Wolf Gabriel Cross Alexander Volkov hot houseBent over the bar stool with a mouthful of English cock, Austin Wolf does the one handed jab-and-stab deep inside Alexander, tweaking his nips and licking his neck.

Austin Wolf Gabriel Cross Alexander Volkov hot houseThe stool becomes a lazy susan of sex as Gabriel gets spun back and forth and impaled at every turn. After Austin and Alexander pummel the jizz right out of Gabriel, he hits his knees again and his tongue becomes the landing strip for two heavy loads.

[Watch Gabriel, Alexander, & Austin in “Depths Of Focus” scene one]

[Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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